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Thread: The Dark Cult Of Massassi Event - 01/24/15

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    The Dark Cult Of Massassi Event - 01/24/15

    The Dark Cult Of Massassi Event - A 10k Facebook Likes Celebration

    SWGEmu Event Team

    The Dark Cult Of Massassi

    A dark cult of renegade force users, aided by Black Sun operatives is said to have taken control of the Massassi Temple on Yavin IV. Contact with local Imperial Commander Byrne was lost a few days ago but one scrambled message that did manage to get out spoke of dark rituals and sacrifices being made inside the temple.

    The cult appears to be in possesion of a very powerful artifact that acts as a ‘force collector’. Some force sensitives on Dathormir explained they felt a shift in the force and said they were worried the cult is attempting to summon and restore the ancient Massassi race. Many fear that the resurrection of the Massassi would cause a terrible shift in galactic power.

    Brave combatants from across the galaxy have been called upon to set their factional differences aside and gather on Yavin IV for an all out assault on the temple to stop the Massassi threat.

    Event participants will be granted the Accolade: Live Event Badge if they succeed in averting the dark cult's plan.

    *Players who have received this badge previously will not be eligible to receive it again

    What, Where, When?

    Basilisk Event
    'The Dark Cult of Massassi'
    A 10k Facebook Likes Celebration

    Massassi Temple, Yavin IV (-3160 -3502)
    Saturday, January 24th at 4pm EST
    Click here to check your local time

    Combatants report to the deployment area at wp -3160 -3502
    Medical & Entertainment personnel are encouraged to support the combatants in this area during the temple invasion.

    Area Buffs will be provided by EC staff during the event.
    A Cloning Facility and Scout Camp will be available at the deployment area during the event.
    Rez/Heal services will NOT be provided by EC staff at the event.

    ~SWGEmu Event Staff
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