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Thread: Publish 6: AI Strikes Back

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    Great job as always Dev Team!
    Its only when you see a list written like this that you realise just how many little quests there were in SWG

    Quote Originally Posted by fear_town View Post
    I'm more sad that Tusken Rifles when crafted now are energy weapons. They were kinetic. That's why they added the one kinetic weapon to the class missing one a few months after live started. Because every profession had one but the one, now rifleman are left out in the cold because the tusken can't be proven to have kinetic.

    Someone needs to do some digging..
    Maybe that someone could be you??
    Seriously, you wont find evidence that Tuskens were Kinetic at 14.1 because they were energy damage. As much as it would be nice to have a kinetic rifle available, it was just not the case.
    A while back I looked into this pretty thoroughly, found plenty of evidence of pre-14.1 energy tuskens, none of kinetic versions
    The Tusken King Rifle.... thats a different matter!

    Quote Originally Posted by tarsh View Post
    i thought that only applied to in game mails from the bazaar and vendor were no longer in color.
    nope, all colouring is removed from item names now. Annoying, but this is how it was at 14.1 so has to be in here.
    The reasons SOE removed this ability in the first place stand out as evidence that the old dev team (or at least members of it) valued the subs money of idiots more than others! A small amount of cerebrally challenged people were fooled into thinking crafted items were rare loot because the crafter gave them a yellow name. Sounds more like a tax on stupidity to me. :P
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