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Thread: Publish 6: AI Strikes Back

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    Just awesome.

    Very proud to have been a tiny part of these updates and extremely impressed with this team.

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    awesome. looks like a tonne of hard work has gone into that. Does that mean the story quests are available or did i miss read it

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    long time SWGEMU returning player, been checking in on the updates every couple months even though i haven't been playing.

    very glad to see public 6! this update had more than enough to bring me back. thanks for your continued hard work devs! it's much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fear_town View Post
    And your post was pointless as others have already took the time to chime in that I was. Add to the top the fact that I pretty much straight up said I was likely wrong. Let's just agree that you are an ******* and move along shall we.
    You didn't say it straight up, despite numerous people tellin you you're wrong.

    You're wrong.

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    Awesome work on the latest Publish, my in-game time is limited but have been making the most of it... the AI improvements have added that much needed "living dimension" that made the game so amazing back when it was new and it was my first MMORPG. Have mostly been waiting for the CH changes being a long time fan of ranged combat/ranger classes it's fun to have a faithful tank by my side again ready to charge into the fray, and with the AI/Factions changes it keeps the game fresh when even the yellow NPCs decide to take potshots at you when stepping out of the Starport because you managed to work your faction standing with them into the negative thousands... have also stumbled over a couple of the newly implemented quest chains... for any of the folks new to the game they are a nice way to get a little RP vibe going and earn some credits in the process (saved 2 gals from those nasty slavers on Tatooine, think sending in the Purgosis was overkill, but very satisfying...)

    Keep up the great work! Looking forward to a lot more fun with those critters and maybe seeing what odds and ends those NPCs can cough up to avenge the Cries of Alderaan! (in live I missed chapter 1, got into it in 2 and 3, still remember running with noob PUGs trying to blow up those bunkers on Dathomir and visiting the cloner over, and over and over... good times!)

    Thanks SWGEMU Team!
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    wow, this is just so awesome! Keep it up everyone, much appriciated

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    Publish 6 has enough to bring me back.
    Confused about the veteran reward system. What constitutes someone as a veteran in this game to receive the reward? Or is there something I need to do in game?
    ign: Brutalis

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    The length you have been on Basilisk I believe.
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    So are all the Vet rewards working? It says i have 395 logged for it and i accepted a few rewards looked in my inventory and now have 4 holonet tracking terminals.

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    Last edited by nee2earth; 12-06-2014 at 12:11 AM. Reason: moot post

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    Thank you much for the reply, little busy lately it will be a minute till i log on again... Should getting 4 Holonet Tracking Terminals even be possible from selecting rewards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muphincaykes View Post
    Thank you much for the reply, little busy lately it will be a minute till i log on again... Should getting 4 Holonet Tracking Terminals even be possible from selecting rewards?
    Yes. Most rewards may be selected multiple times. At each milestone, you get to choose from a list of new rewards, plus rewards from any prior milestones.
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    I posted this in Development updates, but perhaps it is better suited for this thread.

    Is anyone tracking to see if Natural AI behaviors such including herding, stalking and lair defending are working? I have been out in the wilds a few times since Pub 6 was merged. I see that static spawns tend to act like lairs, in that the mobiles are tethered to a spawn point rather than having dynamic movements across the landscape.

    I also have not seen any faction wars between animals, for example (cats stalking, and attacking roaming herds of herbivores (Humbaba for example)) on Corellia.

    I am wondering, can anyone confirm that they have seen this behavior yet?

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    I think the mobs are still tied to their respective spawn point. The "AI able to attack other AI" may have been referring to the pets.

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    Just as a note, and I am sure it must be common, Since the patch I have been seeing at least 10X more desyncs.

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