Haha! I know what you mean! I've noticed the problem with the crafting as well. I get hung up on the "booting crafting station" dialog. It's obviously VERY touch and go at the moment but, it is a test server so that's to be expected. I was able to start crafting a swoop however, when I tried to get the resources from the free crafting crate it started hanging up again. On a side note, and I realize this goes hand in hand with everything not running at 100% right now, the bazaar isn't working :P Haven't had any actual crashes or fierce graphical issues but again time will tell. I'll start keeping a log of all the bugs I do find but that will have to wait till later tonight. Shoot me your email or something if you wanna tackle this together. Now I'm being dragged off to see the new Angel and Airwaves movie. Later SWGEmu!