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    STM Server and Scrum

    STM Server and Scrum

    Jun, 2011
    The SWGEmu Development Division

    STM Server - Jun, 2011

    Quote Originally Posted by Oru
    We are trying to test a new system for the engine that might be a great help in the development process. TC: Nova shouldn't be affected by this, since feature wise they are identical.

    This version of the engine brought a lot of major changes in the underlying framework that Core3 is built upon. Core3 is not rewritten in any way, it mostly contains changes in Engine3 and some low level things that need to be changed in Core3. However there is no feature game logic change.

    We didn't have the capacity to test every part of the code so it is still crashing a lot. That's why we need a lot of testing by you guys in order to get it stable. Everyone is welcome to help.

    *Please note that you have to create new characters after every STM server crash because we don't save everything to the database yet.

    More info about STM Server

    Quote Originally Posted by Oru View Post
    When it is stable enough and the performance is acceptable, we are going to replace Nova by this and discontinue the locking based version which was a huge burden for developers to maintain. For you this will mean no more deadlocks and eventually as we add more features, the whole system will be able to survive crashes with no loss of data.
    Quote Originally Posted by Oru View Post
    Please don't report bugs from it yet, it is a few weeks older Nova code so there is no point reporting things as of yet. It will be merged later and there will be one common version.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oru
    The project management system is under revision. We don't have to remind you that this is a purely voluntary project and all work is being done in our free time. With that in mind it is clear that Scrum was overkill and not ideal for our purposes. I proposed to use something we have at work that is pretty easy and won't put any overhead on developers and might work better for us.

    ~ The SWGEmu Development Division
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