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Thread: SWGEmu half-year financial report (first half of 2014)

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    I can honestly say, that I would donate quite often if the server had JTL. I been watching this website off and on for 6 years now.
    $3 per month? try $200 a month for me alone. I miss it so much it makes me not care about money, but then again I never really did care for money.
    What I do care about, was the JTL multi-crew ship mechanics and blowing up Star Destroyers, and Corvettes.

    1 of 2 things WILL happen from this point forward, let me list them now for you.

    1. This server continues to fail more than succeed at monthly costs, due to the lack of JTL and eventually shuts down.


    2. JTL gets re-birthed a ton of cash flow comes in, and then ****** shuts it down.

    I will leave the future of the game up to the devs at this point, but seriously 1700 people online minus alts.. is pry maybe 400 ish players.

    P.S. ****** would NEVER pay the devs ANYTHING for the re-code period, Only shut it down and hire 20 times as many coders to get it done quicker.
    The only money to be had here for all the swgemu staffs work is release JTL. Plus there is a new SWG coming but not in the Star Wars universe which makes me personally not want to play it.. EVER

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