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Yeah @Maho- There was practically 0 tactics involved.. just a VIP swooping all over the place and hiding behind the OLD MAN Npc. There was no defensive stand or any protectors(unless killed in 2 shots)
There were tactics, and there was a defensive stand. We intentionally waited until there was 20 of us before we all spawned in at the same time in the hope that we could insert you light saber somewhere other than our own digestive tract. As for the old man, 6 Imp jedi vs 0 Rebel jedi (Silent Bob went back to the Quick Stop) was a bit much. Perhaps if the jedi would attempt to balance the fight instead of steemroll 1 team these PVP's would be even more fun. I'm not QQ about jedi, I enjoy you guys being there, but seriously DBing 20 people in 2 minutes must be as boring as being DBed after 30 seconds 7 times in a row.