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Thread: Publish 5: Pets and Race Tracks

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    Publish 5: Pets and Race Tracks

    Publish 5: Pets and Race Tracks

    The SWGEmu Development Division

    Publish 5: Pets and Race Tracks

    • Improved server stability
    POI/Cave/World - Added spawns to the following locations:
    • Corellia: Lord Nyax Cult (outside), Rebel vs. Imperial minor poi, Research Camp
    • Endor:Ewok Lake Village, Korga Cave, Dulok Village
    • Naboo: Emperor's Retreat, Gungan Sacred Place, Mauler Stronghold (inside), Theed
    • Tatooine: Tusken King quest area (no quest yet, just spawns)
    • Fixed and/or added a few no build zones
    • Open Magseal containers will now relock on occasion
    • Magseal containers should no longer double spawn loot
    • Adjusted respawn timer on many static spawns
    • Babies now spawn in the wild with varying rarities
    • Many common npcs will now have random names
    • Fixed stats and/or tamability on several creatures
    • Lairs should spawn on cliff sides less frequently
    • Lairs should no longer spawn quite as close to one another
    • Some lairs now have a chance to spawn a boss (just a few, more will come later)
    • Increased junk dealer payouts (newly looted items only)
    • Adjusted loot and loot chances on all Dathomir NPCs
    • Added clothing as possible loot from most NPCs
    • Several weapons that were not dropping as loot before are now able to
    • More varieties of armor can now be found in loot
    • Newly looted armors can now be sold to junk dealers
    • Many more types of items can now be found inside locked containers
    • Locked containers will now indicate if they are slicable or not when examined
    • Loot with negative value stats will no longer be worse from higher level mobs than from lower ones
    • Adjusted the possible stat ranges on Nightsister Armor Shards
    • Grouped missions now have increased payouts
    • Missions with npc targets no longer use the same titles/descriptions as creature missions
    Theme Parks/Quests/Dungeon
    • Added the Theed Palace Librarian with trivia quiz
    • Added Singular Nak quest
    • Fixed return waypoint for Han Solo in the rebel themepark
    • Added Nitra Vendallan quest
    • Added Lareen Dantara quest
    • Added Aaph Koden quest
    • Added Kathikiis Ruwahurr quest
    • Added conversations to 3 NPCs in the Geonosian Bio-Lab
    • melee toughness skill mods now only apply vs. melee attacks
    • Destroying a lair should now grant experience
    • It should now be possible to swap weapons with a full inventory
    • There is now a small chance to successfully /stand while dizzy
    • Weapons without a powerup will no longer artificially cap their speed at 1.0
    • Weapon powerups should now always adjust weapon stats as expected
    • Faction pets can now be purchased
    • Fixed some recruiter conversations

    • Harvesters should no longer shut off prematurely
    • Harvesters should now shut off properly when the hopper is full
    • Harvesters resource selection screens will no longer list twice (or at all) resource spawns that have expired
    • The contents of creature habitats can now be released
    • Resource spawns that have expired can no longer continue to be surveyed and/or sampled for a time
    • Pet stimpacks and vitality packs can now be crafted and are functional
    Bounty Hunter:
    • An arakyd droid can now only be launched once
    • Bounty hunter mission fail messages are now sent to the mission owner rather than the one who kills the target
    • Bounty mission targets spawning on a planet other than the hunter's current planet should no longer spawn in water or buildings
    • /setintimidate and /setwarcry now function
    Combat Medic:
    • Willpower area B disease packs now affect willpower instead of strength
    • Area heals will now also heal yourself (if you are in the area)
    • Adjusted the amount healed by /healmind
    • /healmind can no longer be used on duel or guild war opponents
    Creature Handler:
    • The taming of babies is now functional. See pet section for more details on what pet functionality is currently working. *Note: Bio-engineered pet deeds are still non-functional.
    • Area cures will now also heal yourself (if you are in the area)
    • /healenhance and /healstate will now automatically choose an attribute/state if one is not specified
    Droid Engineer:
    • Droid Deeds can now be crafted
    • Droids can now be generated from deeds - see pet section for more details on what pet functionality is working. *Special Note: droid modules are not yet functional
    • Droid Repair kits and droid reconstruction kits can now be crafted and now function
    • Droid customization kits can now be crafted and now function
    • Fixed several schematics so they are now craftable and/or require the correct ingredients
    • Band flourishes can once again be used by any group member
    Image Designer:
    • Holo-emotes are now functional
    • Fixed action shot 1 bleed
    • You will now most likely fall down if you attempt to /takecover while dizzy
    • /tendwound should now cause the correct number of focus/willpower wounds
    • Vendor ad barking messages can now be up to 128 characters long
    • Shop signs can now be changed
    • NPC vendor appearance is now much more random
    • Access fees may now be placed on a structure by any admin with the correct skill rather than only by the owner
    • Access fees may no longer be set at more than 50,000 credits
    • Vendor item limit skill mod is now a total limit across all vendors rather than a per vendor limit
    • The contents of containers placed on vendors will now count towards a player's item limit. *Special note: all currently listed items will not be tallied correctly. To fix, withdraw and re-list your sales
    • Fixed a bug that would cause items on vendors to delete themselves under certain circumstances
    • Vendors in a structure that is destroyed will now properly be destroyed as well rather than ending up in the void
    • A merchant with vendors stuck in the void can now create new vendors (the missing vendors will be deleted when you start creating a new one)
    • The /bandflourish argument for chidinkalu horns is now "chidinkalu" rather than "flutedroopy"
    • Added additional rules to validation of player city names
    • City wide emails can now be sent by mayors to their citizens
    • Fixed ingredients required to craft Lok camo kit
    • You will now receive a system message when entering/exiting your own camp
    • Harvesting creatures inside interior locations now only yields 1 unit of resource
    • Using /destroystructure on a camp will no longer leave the no-build active area behind
    • Fixed a few schematics
    • Mission terminals now have a slice radial menu option
    • Fixed damage multiplier on Two Handed Area 3 attack
    • Fixed ingredients for Droidsmith's Toolkit
    • Fixed the grand ball gown so it will craft with sockets
    Teras Kasi Artist:
    • Increased the duration of the dizzy effect from the unarmed dizzy 1 attack
    Pets - The following is the current state of pets:
    • A non-Creature Handler can have two creature pets stored in their datapad and can have one non-aggressive pet active (max CL 10) at a time
    • A Creature Handler can store and control creature pets according to their current skill mods
    • A player can have up to five droids stored in their datapad and one active at a time
    • A player can have up to three faction pets stored and three active at a time
    • It should be impossible to trade a pet to someone who cannot control it (or if they are at their max number stored)
    • Pets can be called/stored in public buildings or outdoors
    • Droids require power to operate and can be recharged with droid batteries or power droids
    • Pets can be trained commands
    • The following commands are currently functional: follow, stay, store, follow other, group, recharge other (power droid only), trick1, trick2, transfer, attack (pets can only attack players for now)
    • Pets can be named
    • /tellpet is functional
    • Tamed babies will grow over time
    • Pet growth can be arrested if it will grow too large to be trained as a mount
    • Eligible pets can be trained as a mount
    • /gallop and /gallopstop are functional
    • Mounts will slow down when in combat (unless galloping)
    • Basic attacks can be done while mounted and not galloping (though a mount cannot attack while it has a rider)
    • Pets can be fed and will be buffed by pet restricted buff food
    • /emboldenpets and /enragepets are functional
    • Certain emotes when used with your pet as a target will elicit a reaction
    • Creature and droid pets will lose vitality upon death (Faction pets die permanently)
    • Pet owners have an "incapacitation recovery" radial menu option to revive incapacitated pets
    • You can now equip 2 rings (and anything else that should have more than one possible slot)
    • When boarding a shuttle, any active pets or vehicles will be stored
    • The following wearable skill mods are now disabled: medicine use, combat medicine use, additional pets, stored pets, creature taming bonus, Combat medicine effectiveness
    • Added a potential fix for certain characters' filling not reducing. If you have a character in this state, please log it on, wait 1/2 an hour, and let us know if your filling went down
    • A player is now limited to 3 vehicles stored in their datapad at once
    • A player must now be close to a shuttle to board it
    • /findfriend now only requires that you be the target's friend
    • You should no longer be able to overload your inventory when retrieving filled containers from a vendor/bazaar
    • You can no longer /addignore yourself
    • Ignoring a player will now block duel requests, trade requests, group invitations, planet chat, and auction chat from the ignored player
    • It should no longer be possible to trade no-trade items by putting them inside a container and trading the container
    • Shuttle ticket prices should now always display properly
    • Guild halls no longer need to be redeeded to recreate a guild (not retroactive)
    • Guild leaders can no longer be kicked from or leave a guild (temporary until guild elections are implemented)
    • Added the following race tracks: Agrilat Swamp, Keren City, Mos Espa, Narmle Memorial Rally, Lok Marathon, and Nashal River Race
    • Added galaxy-wide auction chat channel (/auction or /auctionsay)
    • /planet will now send chat to planet chat channel
    • /movefurniture and /rotatefurniture no longer work on players or pets
    • Many admin commands have been implemented/improved to better allow QA/CS personnel to enforce rules and diagnose problems
    • Added 100 million credit limit to housing maintenance and city treasuries
    • Fixed issue causing pholokite extrusive ore to only ever spawn on Lok
    • Using /waypoint will create a waypoint at the location of your target if no location is specified
    • When logging in you now should only see friend's list messages for online friends
    • Friend's list offline messages should no longer be sent each time a player is loaded from the database
    • Staff characters will now have their tag displayed when chatting in any channel or via tells instead of just in spatial

    *A special thanks to Ivojedi for putting the list together

    ~ The SWGEmu Development Division
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    Nice one, nice to play with pets again. Shame about the shuttle fix though, can we swap that for commando CA's? ;-)
    Big thanks to devs, good work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotok View Post
    Nice one
    How you managed to read that in one minute beats me
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    Good stuff!
    Retired SWGEmu Staff
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    4th .. 10chars

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    Nice. Front page.
    Kyada <BoS>
    Everything I ever did was about pushing the project forward.

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    Woot so ready for this one!

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    Its great to see everything you guys have done! Good Job!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolindir View Post
    How you managed to read that in one minute beats me
    haha scanned it, then went back for a slow read.

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    Some great stuff in there, keep it up folks!! One step closer
    IGN Lusec Mayor of New Mandalore - Talus - Vendor -642 -2478

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlada View Post
    What he said.

    Seriously... Cant wait to get in and check it all out!

    •Fixed ingredients required to craft Lok camo kit

    Does this mean camo is ingame now and functioning?
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    Awww yes. Great work guys, plenty of subtle changes and additions that I love.

    "melee toughness skill mods now only apply vs. melee attacks"


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    Village? Jedi? Nym's? Aren't these on Nova?

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