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    Basilisk Fishing Tournament

    Basilisk Fishing Tournament

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    • The player checking in with the largest fish will be the first place winner.
    • The fish can not be filleted.
    • When registering your fish at the end you must also present your pole purchased from "Fishing Hut".
    • Keep the 2 largest fish you caught in case of a tie breaker.
    • You will automatically be entered once you purchase a fishing pole from the vendor in the "Fishing Hut" (-3660, 5892) or Theed Bazaar both located on Naboo. Poles will be named "Fishing Pole 99% Tour Edition" and will have a serial number of "c5sznjur".
    • Participants must register their catches from 8am PST- 4pm PST on Sunday February 23rd at the "Fishing Hut" (-3660, 5892) Naboo.
    • Everyone is welcome to join and you may use whatever fishing pole you like but you must have purchased the "Fishing Pole 99% Tour Edition" for your entry to be valid.
    • If we have enough participants there will be a second and third place winner.
    Contributions in the form of prizes or credits to the winner are gratefully accepted. Prizes for winners may be offered to the vendor "Poles and Bait" located inside the "Fishing Hut". If you donate please make it worth the winners' time and effort. We are accepting prizes such as House Deeds, Heavy Harvesters, Swoops, "Uber" Armor and Weapons. We will not accept anything that you would otherwise give to a junk dealer or destroy. If you wish to donate credits please contact Akeel/Deedia in game.

    • First Place winner will receive an automatic 500k credit reward.
    • Second and Third place winners will be determined by the number of participants.
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