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Thread: Chat System Spam Rules

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    Chat System Spam Rules

    Chat System Spam Rules

    The SWGEmu Support

    SWGEmu Community,
    We are currently having too much spam in the chat system in the Starports and surrounding areas. The rules are very clear, if you want to use the chat system to advertise, emotes or anything else, it needs to be with a /pause 180 delay between any spam before repeating. As the rules are not being followed voluntarily, consequences have now been put in place and they will now apply to anyone that uses the chat system. Here is what will happen to all that disregard the rules:
    • 1st offense--A Staff member will send you a tell and you will have 5 minutes to change your macro. If you do not answer and let us know or we do not see a change in your macro your character will be muted and you will get kicked from the server resulting in a 10 minute ban.
    • 2nd offense--A Staff member will send you a tell and you will again be asked to change your macro. If after 5 minutes we do not see a change or get a tell from you your character will be muted and account will receive a 3 day ban.
    • 3rd offense--Since two warnings have already been issued, no warning will be sent and your character will be muted and receive a 1 week ban.
    • 4th offense--No warning will be sent. Character will be muted and your account will receive a 3 week ban.
    • 5th offense--No warning will be given. Character will be muted and your account will receive a 90 day ban.
    • 6th offense--No warning will be given and your account will be permanently banned.
    We have asked multiple times to please watch/change pause in your macros. I understand everyone wants to promote their vendors, cities, events or use emotes but we must be considerate of others. Spamming at a Starport, surrounding areas, Cantinas, Med centers and planet chat causes server and/or player crashes. These rules as stated above will now apply to ALL players that use the chat system. Upon return to the game after ban you will need to come to live chat and have your character unmuted by a Staff member.

    It does not matter where the spatial is going off. These rules now cover everything Cantina's, Med Centers, Starport's, shuttleport's, player cities, out in the middle of no where, planet chat or in a house it doesn't matter. The macro should look like this:

    /say ;
    /pause 180;
    /say ;
    /pause 180;

    It doesn't matter how many bubbles you have in your macro there needs to be a /pause 180 between each bubble. If you are an ent or a doctor you can always place your chat in tells or group when you are buffing. From the end of one bubble to the beginning of the other the pause needs to be there. Rather it be advertising, Buffing, inviting to group, emote or training. If you do not know how to add to group or send tells in a macro it is like this, group (/g ) and tell (/tt ) be sure you have the person targeted when sending the tell.

    **Barker Droids have recently been implemented in game, After some discussion the Staff have determined that they are not breaking the chat rules, The droids have a 60 second pause and that can not be changed by the player.

    If you see someone abusing the chat system you can send a mail to Niffer in game, submit a support ticket or come to live chat. We understand there are a lot of people not following the new set rules and we try to check everyday throughout the day. I just want everyone to understand we set these rules for a reason and they will be followed.

    ~The SWGEmu Support
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