@ Austin: I thought you GUARANTEED the Imps were going to win? Lawl.

@AZ: I wasn't there at the start of the battle, but I was told you guys came very close to winning within the first few minutes.

@Kreen: Don't worry too much about complaints. You've been upfront in advance about how the battles are structured and what bonuses are being given to each side. Everyone knows going into these battles how it will function. The important thing is to just keep structuring them where no side is given a distinct unearned advantage. If one side keeps losing, it's not your fault and it's not your responsibility to try and 'even' it up. The duty in on the players and guilds to do all they can to get their faction out and fighting.

This is the GCW guys. You don't win it with tears.

You win it with coordination and teamwork among factionally aligned guilds.