"Friday" Fight Night!

When? Sunday, May 1, 2011 @ 3:00pm EST/2:00pm CST

Where? Mos Espa Starport, Tatooine

Buffs? Provided!

This Session's Badge: Jabba's Badge of Trust
...has earned Jabba's Badge of Trust.

This fight's Planet: Tatooine, Neutral Sector

For those who missed last week, here's a recap on what Friday Fight Night! is:

It's time for some weekly shenanigans to start happening! Tired of sitting around Coronet waiting for the silly Rebels to show their faces? Frustrated at the Imperial cowards who hide behind their AT-ATs?

Too long have there been "skirmishes" with various clashing Rebel and Imperial forces. It is time to put away your CDEF pistol and bring out the big guns. It's time for the Galactic Civil War!

Each Friday evening will be the weekly Friday Fight Night! at various locations across the galaxy! The "Where?" section is where you will congregate before taking portals to various battlegrounds hand-crafted by, yours truly, the ECs!

What can I expect?
Expect intense, fast-paced action! We will set up the event and portals to allow minimal lag-time for the server, as well as opportunities for you to clone, rebuff, and get back into the fight!

What do I get?
What do you get? Well you get good old-fashioned hard core PvP! Well besides that, let's cut to the chase of what you want (so come on, stop sending me hundreds of tells asking this, ok?): for each event, we'll notate whether or not buffing will be provided in the details. These buffs are meant for players who want to quickly get into the action or cannot afford doctors' buffs. They are not as strong as player-made buffs, so if you want the edge, bring your own doctors! We will provide as many portals to assist you in declaring your faction and warping to the appropriate recruiters to do so. We will NOT be changing your faction, so don't ask. Follow the various signs/directions.

What about prizes?
Here's where it gets interesting! At the start of every session, a "reward badge" will be displayed in the event post. This badge will be awarded to the winning side. But wait, you say. Can't people just switch sides? Why do some people get the badge in the fight? Well the badge WON'T be rewarded for a single fight. Any veteran knows that a single fight is nothing, but it's the WAR that matters!

At the end of a Friday Fight Night, the winning side gains control over one sector of the planet. There are three sectors per planet, a Imperial-favored battlefield, a Rebel-favored battlefield, and a neutral battlefield. The start of a planetary battle begins in the neutral battlefield, or the battlefield of the attacking side, and will progress either to the Imperial battlefield (should the Rebels win), vice versa, or to the neutral battlefield. In the end, to take a planet, one side must defeat the other in their favored battlefield. This means it could take as little as two, or as many as twenty battles to win a planet!

Example: If the Imperials attack Dantooine, a Rebel-controlled planet, the first fight will begin in an Imperial-favored sector. This means the Rebels only need to defeat them once to maintain the planet, and the Imperials must win at least three fights to take it away from them.

Example 2: If the Rebels attack Naboo, a neutral planet, the first fight will begin in the neutral sector, and either transition to the Imperial-favored sector if they win, or to the Rebel-favored sector if they lose. Either side would need to win two battles in a row to take the planet

The outcomes of a battle will be posted on each event thread. Once a battle has been won in the enemy's favored battlefield on a planet, the planet becomes that faction's planet, and the surviving soldiers will receive the session's badge, and a new one will be announced for the next planetary battle. So note, if you die and your side is close to winning, don't clone or you may miss the badge!

Additionally, the victor of a planet will have their flags displayed in the main starports of the planet! So what's the big deal about capturing planets? Well, more planets means more supplies and a better equipped army! Though the planet balance will start out as neutral, as one side gets more and more planets, they get more benefits in battle! These could range from extra-strength buffs, to special commando assistance, or to orbital strikes! It's well worth it to be the winning side in the Galactic Civil War!

Finally, ALL participates for EACH fight night will be awarded the Live Event badge (...has participated in a Live Event). We will award this badge at the end of a fight for a few minutes before we stop handing it out. If you miss it, simply come back next week, don't ask us for it!

Great! So how do I win?
The event will be monitored anywhere from one to two hours, in which the ECs will keep track of which side is doing the best. After an appropriate amount of time is up, we will declare a winner based on our observation, and the event will "end" in terms of the ECs will no longer rebuff, monitor, or give bonuses to various sides. But our involvement does not mean the fighting is over! The portals will remain operational, along with the battlefield, so there's nothing to stop you from fighting into the wee hours of the morning!