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Thread: Red Dragon Swoop Race

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    Red Dragon Swoop Race

    Red Dragon Swoop Race

    The SWGEmu Events Team

    We will be holding our monthly swoop race here in Red Dragon on
    November 22th at 10pm Eastern.
    check local times:Here

    Contestants should report in at the Crash N' Burn Cantina and register with the Chalk vendor.

    The Entry fee is 5000 credits.

    Players must race to each checkpoint picking up the markers in numerical order. Taking a marker out of order will result in a disqualification.

    Racetrack Vendors are listed on the planetary map under the "vendor ships" category for Checkpoints 1 through 4. The Crash N' Burn will act as checkpoint 5. The vendor there is listed under "vendor equipment" and is named "Chalk and Rules".

    The race winner will be determined on a points systems. Each Marker will be given a point value. Buying the same marker with different values is not allowed(for instance you could not buy marker 1 with a 50 point value and marker 1 with a 25 point value). Whoever has the most points wins.

    Awards will also be given out to 2nd and 3rd place. Those who wish to observe are encouraged to do so at the Crash N' Burn. This event is scheduled for 2 laps.

    Prize Money is as follows:

    1st place: 50k
    2nd place: 20k
    3rd place: 10k

    20k Season points leader bonus will be bank deposited after points totals
    are added in the Red Dragon Tribune.

    Any questions feel free to contact Ghida Dut or Bisxo Trosco.
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    The Race season continued tonight as the 2nd race was held. The competition was fierce but Balsh was able to pull it out. New improvements to the track made for a smooth race despite several pre-race glitches. The standings for the race was as follows:

    Balsh: 1st 400
    Amnezia 2nd 280
    Northstar 3rd: 105
    Jako 95

    The season points totals are as follows:

    Balsh: 400
    Amnezia: 280
    Paragd 230
    Niglydate 195
    Underworld 195
    Requis 185
    Northstar: 105
    Jako 95
    Villie: - 70
    Pib - 15

    Congratulations to all the racers

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