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Thread: Publish 4: DNA sampling, Themeparks, Player City Maintenance, New Loot

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    Publish 4: DNA sampling, Themeparks, Player City Maintenance, New Loot

    Publish 4: DNA sampling, Themeparks, Player City Maintenance, New Loot...

    • Improved server stability
    • Added several unit tests for code verification
    • The server now recognizes where terrain has been modified (no more getting stuck when exiting a faction base)
    • Behind the scenes AI updates have begun
    POI/Cave/World - Added spawns to the following locations:
    • Corellia: Kor Vella, Rebel Hideout
    • Dantooine: Lizard Cave
    • Endor: Jinda Ritualist Cave, Ewok Tree Village x2
    • Lok: Nym pirate cave
    • Naboo: Mordran POI, Kaadara, Abandoned Imperial Outpost
    • Rori: Narmle, Rebel Outpost, Restuss, Hyperdrive Research Facility, Poachers vs. Creatures battle
    • Tatooine: Mos Taike, Ruined Village, Jawa Traders, Imperial Detachment HQ, Several static spawns
    • Yavin4: Light/Dark Jedi Enclaves
    • Fixed resources, resists, attacks, weapons, and loot on several mobs
    • Marauder and Jinda clan NPCs now have loot
    • Non-GCW faction points are now awarded from kills
    • Static spawn creatures that are milked and killed will now be milkable again after they respawn
    • Ragtag npcs on Corellia are once again attackable
    • Fixed some npc type lairs that were incorrectly marked as creature lairs for spawning purposes
    • Junk dealers should now buy many types of looted junk (newly dropped junk only)
    • Zero resists and vulnerabilities were being displayed and handled backwards. This is now fixed.
    • Creatures will now heal their lair for an amount based upon their level instead of all creatures always healing their lairs for a static amount
    • NPCs with lairs no longer heal the lair
    • Tusken Banthas now appear with saddles
    • Some static spawns now have a randomized respawn timer
    • Force choke has been reworked and re-enabled
    • There are no longer missions for every type of creature that spawns in the wild
    • Fixed descriptions on faction missions
    • Added missions for many types of npc targets
    Theme Parks/Quests
    • Added support in the themepark logic for a new type of mission
    • Added the Imperial Themepark
    • Added Marauder Themepark
    • Added Diktat Quest
    • Added Zeelius Kraymunder quest
    • Added Biribas Tarun quest
    • Hedon Istee's quest is once again available and should function more reliably
    • Weapons and armor given out as reward will now have full condition
    • Jabba's themepark: tweaked several missions, added faction rewards, and entry restrictions
    • Themepark/task mission targets should no longer spawn inside buildings
    • Made adjustments to decrease the likelihood of a themepark/task mission failing to spawn
    • Updated appearance, attacks, weapons, loot, and position of many mobs in the Geonosian Lab
    • Rebreathers now properly protect from gas clouds in the Geonosian Lab
    • Rebreathers can now be looted in the Geonosian Lab
    • Added destructible debris to the Geonosian Lab
    • Test spawns have been removed from the roof of the Death Watch Bunker
    • Fixed certification for executioner's hack
    • Tusken rifles now deal energy damage
    • Backpacks and weapons with skill mods will now show the mods, and they'll properly be applied/removed when the item is equipped/unequipped
    • The Gamorrean Battleaxe, jagged vibroblade, and grooved two-handed sword now have their dots
    • Nyax necklace now has it's skill mod
    • Newly crafted generic crafting tools can now be used to craft furniture of low enough complexity
    • Fixed max range on featherweight fwg5 and modified republic blaster
    • Featherweight fwg5 now has it's skill mods and correct damage type
    • Newly crafted modified republic blaster, enhanced E-11 carbines, and nightsister energy lances will have their dots
    • Added locked containers, satchels, and cargo pockets, and some other types of junk loot
    • Armor, grenades, and heavy weapons can now drop as loot
    • Looted weapons now have a chance to have a DOT (or even two or three) on them
    • Looted weapons and wearables now have a chance to have skill mods on them
    • Many stormtroopers have been seen carrying wanted posters
    • Janta knives can now be found
    • Many new loot schematics are now available
    • Added firework packager and parts
    • Added some painting/posters
    • Added picture/viewscreen printers and parts
    • Reinforced kliknik shells now only drop from the Geonosian klikniks
    • Loot can now be found in yellow named variety, which have one or more increased stats
    • Looted weapons and weapon components can no longer have a higher minimum damage than maximum damage
    • Added skill buff enhancements to loot
    • Skill mods on looted items should now be somewhat more appropriate to the item type
    • Added some gungan loot
    • Added some jawa loot
    • Legend tells of the existence of a bracer that imbues great power into a nightsister (at least that's what the fashion mavens say)
    Player Cities / Politician
    • Garage service fee can now be collected, and displays on the city status report
    • Property tax can now be collected
    • Removed unnecessary radial menu options from civic structures' structure terminals
    • Removed everyone but the mayor from all civic structure permission lists
    • Civic structures now have a 250 item storage limit
    • Politicians can no longer place civic structures in a city where they are not the mayor
    • Shuttleports will now function right away if moved
    • Streetlamps, statues, and fountains can now be placed as outdoor decorations in cities
    • Fixed max treasury withdrawal
    • An email is now sent to citizens when a mayor withdraws credits from the city treasury
    • Cities can now be renamed
    • City Specializations can now be removed
    • City expansion/contraction will now add/remove citizens
    • Player whose residence is a commercial structure should no longer arbitrarily lose citizenship
    • City maintenance is now charged for City Halls, registration, civic structures, mission terminals, skill trainers, and decorations
    • Emails are now sent for city maintenance and when a structure is repaired
    • Maintenance report now show the cost for decorations
    • Placing a skill trainer or mission terminal now costs an up front fee from the city treasury
    • When a city contracts, amenities outside the new radius are now properly destroyed
    • A city that contracts to below rank 3 will automatically be unregistered
    • An area attacks will now only consume 1 charge of a powerup
    • Accuracy from food (snow cake) no longer gives twice the expected bonus
    • Armor Rating and Penetration are now properly ignored when the target is vulnerable to the attacker's damage type
    • It should no longer be possible to attack while knocked down
    • Lairs, turrets, and other attackable non-creature objects will no longer always take 10X damage. Creature lairs will still take increased damage after spawning all their mobs
    • Special attacks with damage multipliers will now use them when calculating damage vs. lairs and turrets
    • The strength of dots from special attacks is no longer reduced by the armor/resists of the target
    • Fire dots will now add battle fatigue along with wounds, and the number of wounds inflicted increase as the target's battle fatigue increases
    • Dots will no longer automatically clear when a player logs off (but persist for their duration just as buffs do)
    • Jamming an uplink terminal now correctly requires the investigation 2 skill
    • Slicing a security terminal now correctly requires the slicing 1 skill (and no longer gives you the success message twice)
    • Override terminal slicing now grants 1000 dna sampling xp
    • Fixed turrets resists
    • Turret's armor rating now works and an attackers armor penetration now works versus turrets
    • Invalid deeds are no longer listed when choosing a defense to donate to a base
    • faction bases will now only appear on the planetary map to a member of the same faction
    • When a player faction base is destroyed, it's mobs should no longer continue to respawn
    • Several world GCW bases are now randomly populated with either rebel or imperial forces
    • Four of the world GCW bases now count toward planetary control and player can "bust" them to change which side controls them
    • The faction cost penalty for not having planetary control no longer applies to both sides in the case of a tie

    • Garden schematics now have their additional templates
    • Crafting of crafting stations now uses artisan assembly and experimentation
    • Vehicle customization kits now function
    • Fixed powerups to always have 100 uses
    • DNA sampling is now available!
    • DNA templates can now be crafted
    • Pet deeds can now be crafted (but have no stats, and cannot be tamed)
    • Flavor tissues now work as expected
    Bounty Hunter:
    • All tiers of BH missions have more possible targets
    • Increased BH mission payouts somewhat to be more in line with 14.1
    • Adjusted droid tracking success calculation to better support higher level targets
    • Probe droids will no longer remain in the world when a player logs off, and now require you have a biological signature before they can be called
    • Burst shot 2 is now a cone attack
    Combat Medic:
    • Strength Area Disease Medpack C's can now be crafted
    • Dot packs are now affected by heal recovery food
    • Fixed the range at which a combat medic can throw their dots
    • Trying to throw a dot while out of range no longer delays the use of another dot pack
    • Examining a ranged or area stimpack should now list all of it's relevant attributes
    • Flamethrower specials now apply a fire dot.
    • Applying a stronger resist buff now reports the increase in strength rather than the new strength
    • Cure packs and state heal packs are now affected by heal recovery food
    • Always in motion, the future is
    • Dragging an incapacitated/dead player between a building and the outside world no longer warps the target to close to 0,0
    • Increased the power of first aid
    • Fixed injury treatment speed for stims, cures, and state heals
    • Fixed stim pack and wound pack use to properly consume a charge of heal recovery food
    • Vendors will now display maintenance rate and time remaining
    • An item's listed price on a vendor will now include any sales tax
    • Added /changeband, /stopband, and /startband
    • A group can now only have 1 song playing at one time
    • Static, outdoor instruments can no longer be moved
    • Pistol accuracy while standing skill mod now works (old skill tapes with the mod won't work)
    • Fixed movement during and after taking cover
    • Searching lairs, foraging, and medical foraging are now separate and can all be used in the same place without causing the others to find nothing
    • It is no longer possible to search an npc type lair
    • Slicing 1 is now required to slice terminals
    • Added Underworld 1 faction point discount
    • Faction perk costs will now reflect a smuggler's discount in the recruiter conversation
    Squad Leader:
    • Formup now always removes all stun and dizzy effects on group members
    • Retreat now only has HAM cost for the squad leader and not all group members
    Teras Kasi:
    • Power boost has been fixed and re-enabled
    • Some species now have eating sounds
    • Passive wound regeneration (such as in a med center) will now also heal wounds on secondary stats
    • Spice downers are 100% yuckier
    • Clone request windows no longer offer cloning at every facility on the planet (only closest and pre-designated)
    • Closest cloning facility should never list one in a city in which you are city banned
    • Guilds can now be added to structure permission lists
    • PA halls now have medical modifier like other player houses
    • Structure Status will now display time remaining
    • Planetary chat is now available!
    • Quality on fishing poles should now matter
    • Windows during fishing should now close when they're supposed to and not stack up on the screen
    • Starting to fish without bait on the pole no longer creates free bait
    • Event Coordinators can now buff, area buff, and area rez players during events
    • A renamed waypoint can now have just as long of a name as a newly created one
    • Certain locations will now automatically eject players who log out inside of them (Geonosian Lab, Death Watch Bunker, Warren, Bestine ID Tent, and Mos Eisley Med Center)
    • Examining a vehicle now shows the owner
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    nice updates

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    10 char
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    You guys are Awesome
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    w00h00 thanks!!!
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    Wow update yet...cant wait to add the guild to our structures instead of one by one...

    Great job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hamiltonguy420 View Post
    Wow update yet...cant wait to add the guild to our structures instead of one by one...

    Great job.
    I made a macro for various add perms needed.. yay me wont need to use the guild one now!

    Can honestly say that's a ton and a half up updates to the game. So can't wait to get back on and have some fun!

    Thank you all so very much for all the hard work you all put into our beloved game I very much appreciate it

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    Awesome job, thanks!
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    Nice work. Excited to check out the new stuffs!

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    awesome, can't wait to get back on.

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    Excellent work. Can't wait to get back on with the new additions.

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    ecellent!!! )

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    this is a very very nice update i like dat planet chat good keep it up

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    How do I logon to Nova TC when I only have one server listed in my LPE?

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    Are there any updates for Droid Engineers? DE is not listed under Professions.

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