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Thread: Basilisk Publish 4 Merge - November 4th 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZarnSolen View Post
    I know most of this thread was positive. However, since it is the Publish 4 implementation/ merge thread, I will give my two credits here. I appreciate all the work here as well as all of the donations. Publish 4 has given me improvements in my game, making it more enjoyable.
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    Well I, for one, just love the fact that I can actually see the amount of days/hours left on my maintenance and power. I am also enjoying the fact that I can't take down a lair mission in 5 seconds and speed away on my bike anymore. The MOBs do more healing and spawn more even when you hit the lair indirectly with an AOE.

    I also noticed that the phantom LD has subsided a lot.

    It really don't take much to make me happy.

    Great work. There is a lot of good progress going on and I appreciate your hard work and dedication to this project
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    Thanks much for the updates, this is really making me want to stop doing Day z development and do emu work

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    Did you really fix slicing terminals for xp to get X1XX?! You guys are monsters...Slicing containers gives 250xp or 0xp. They're rarely found, and can't be bought. Why would you fix convenience...A server that runs a dead MMO and has max 1.9 player base means the economy is garbage. Locked containers sell for 10k a piece. That means you'd drop 100k for half of the needed xp for slicing 1, AT BEST. The economy is too busted to fix something so insignificant as smuggler slicing.
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