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    by Published on 09-28-2014 05:51 PM   

    TC: Nova Event - Scavenger Hunt

    SWGEmu Staff

    ***Basilisk will be offline for the duration of this event***

    Greetings SWGEmu Community,

    We need your help!

    As you may know, our QA & Dev teams have been working tirelessly towards completing the Publish 6 checklist. Development and testing on TC:Nova has come to a stage where a large scale test of the new features under significant serverload is desirable. To achieve this we would like to invite you to participate in a galaxy wide TC:Nova Scavenger Hunt which will help to stress test new features such as the improved AI and abilities like mask scent, conceal & taming.

    By participating in this event, you will not only be doing your bit to help out with testing, you will also be able to earn TC:Nova exclusive rewards and have fun competing in an adventurous scavenger hunt.

    What, where, when?

    TC:Nova Scavenger Hunt
    Coronet Base Camp, Corellia
    WP -180 -4900 (close to Cnet SP)
    Saturday, October 4th 2014, 8pm-11pm EST
    click here to check your local time

    ***Basilisk will be offline for the duration of this event***

    Scavenger Hunt?

    Participants in the Scavenger Hunt will gather at the Coronet Base Camp. We recommend you arrive some time before the event starts so you can make use of the facilities (Blue Frog, terminals, crafting stations, etc) and prepare for the hunt. Also note that
    camo kits will be provided to rangers for conceal buffs.
    After a short briefing by staff, hunters will leave base camp to a planet/area of their choice for a 2 hour hunt which will give them the opportunity to earn points towards the various available rewards.
    The hunt will begin at 8pm sharp and participants are to report back to base camp no later than 10pm for points tally and to collect their rewards. This event is expected to end at about 11pm.

    What will I need?

    * Some combination of the following professions; Bio Engineer, Creature Handler, Ranger, Scout
    * To expect the unexpected (you might break the server)
    * Purple hawtpants (optional)

    How will points be awarded?

    Points will be awarded for creatures tamed or DNA extracted from depending on the creature level of the tamed pet and the difficulty level of the mob DNA was extracted from.
    Tamed vicious babies and DNA from vicious creatures will be worth double points You can use this spreadsheet for reference.

    The Rewards?

    Total Score > xx points =

    Total Score > xx points =

    Total Score > xx points =

    * awards expire at next TC:Nova server wipe

    ***Basilisk will be offline for the duration of this event***

    ~ The SWGEmu Staff