• [SWGEmu Event] Jabba's Eve Classic Celebration (December 31st to January 1st)

    Finalizer -Jabba's Eve Classic


    The SWGEmu Events Division

    PVE Celebration Event - Jabba's Eve Classic

    Starting Friday, December 31st, 2021 at 5pm PST/8pm EST/1am UTC (Check your time here)

    Where: Finalizer Server
    ; Mos Entha, Tatooine (Waypoint 1535, 3420)

    Come join the SWGEmu Staff for a multi-faceted celebration of the New Year and the New Server!

    Jabba has decreed that a new celebration will be called for kickoff the New Year of Mos Entha's Swoop Racing Circuit. This Jabba's Eve Classic will kick off with dancing, music, and celebration of Jabba's patronage of the sport. It may also be an opportunity for Jabba's enemies to make a move on the notorious Hutt Crimelord. It's even said a famous musician may make a special appearance at the crimelord's request.

    "Bring your best swoop, bring your best mandolin, bring your best gun to Mos Entha and celebrate the start this new year with the Jabba's Eve Classic!"

    ~The SWGEmu Staff
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