• SWGEmu Finalizer Server Launched

    SWGEmu Finalizer Server Launched

    December 2021
    SWGEmu Team

    SWGEmu Finalizer Server Launched

    Welcome to our new play/test server! It is finally time and it has launched! Don't have time to post a lot, need to level!

    Best of luck on your fresh start, must the loot gods favor you and your XP be swift!

    Happy Holidays!

    ~SWGEmu Team
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  • SWGEmu Server Status


    Status: Online

    Population: 580
    Online accounts last 7 days: 1,837

    Highest Population: 581 since reboot.

    Uptime: 1day 9hrs 39min 18sec

    Last updated 12sec


    Status: Online

    Population: 13
    Online accounts last 7 days: 257

    Highest Population: 17 since reboot.

    Uptime: 3day 11hrs 26min 19sec

    Last updated 13sec


    Status: Online

    Population: 0
    Online accounts last 7 days: 68

    Highest Population: 3 since reboot.

    Uptime: 8hrs 49min 28sec

    Last updated 13sec