• SWGEmu Finalizer Server Launch

    SWGEmu Finalizer Server Launch

    December 2021
    SWGEmu Team

    SWGEmu Finalizer Server Launch

    I'll keep this short and sweet. We are happy to announce that we will launch our new server Finalizer the 18th of December at 16.00 UTC (Your Time Zone).
    We are really looking forward to see what the first few days will bring and how this server will evolve.

    Please remember to report any and all bugs you might come across on your journey (of course, search for other reports to see if the issue has already been reported. How to report on Mantis can be found here). It will benefit us all if you do. Finalizer have its own area in Mantis for you to send in reports

    Now, good luck everyone and I hope you will have a great new start!

    ~SWGEmu Team
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  • SWGEmu Server Status


    Status: Online

    Population: 469
    Online accounts last 7 days: 1,865

    Highest Population: 470 since reboot.

    Uptime: 6hrs 18min 17sec

    Last updated 21sec


    Status: Online

    Population: 14
    Online accounts last 7 days: 249

    Highest Population: 15 since reboot.

    Uptime: 2day 8hrs 5min 19sec

    Last updated 22sec


    Status: Online

    Population: 0
    Online accounts last 7 days: 51

    Highest Population: 2 since reboot.

    Uptime: 8hrs 18min 58sec

    Last updated 21sec