• 09/12/2021 Weekly Update

    Weekly Update

    The SWGEmu Development Division

    We are using Jenkins & Gerrit. You can find all commits to Test Center Nova here. You can still report all bugs you find on Test Center Nova to the Mantis Bug Tracker. A helpful guide to bug reporting can be found here.
    Our current focus is the Publish 11 Checklist. Features planned to be in publish 11 can be seen in the SWGEmu Roadmaps

    Non linked Mantis reports are in the dev/QA area and can not be viewed with out dev/QA access.

    (Stable) = Commits are now on Basilisk
    (Unstable) = Commits are on TC Nova and are being tested

    Hakry (Developer)
    • (unstable)[Fixed] DotPack pool and oid not both being passed to apply commands when being selected from inventory
    • (unstable)[fixed] Issue allowing players to peace out of combat while they still were an active defender
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Eisley shuttleport GCW banner direction
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Certain combat log messages not being sent when a target has 100% resistance to a damage type
    • (unstable)[Changed] Method to prevent player peacing out of combat at improper times
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Combat delays and forced posture changes now delay combat loginstead of clear it. Mantis #8052
    • (unstable)[Fixed] cellToWorld collision check will fail if the cell is not connected to a world portal
    • (unstable)[Fixed] Cell Portal now properly loads targetCell

    ~ The SWGEmu Development Division