• Clone Wars, The Exploit. Housing

    As our investigation has continued, we have seen that we can leave duped houses/buildings in the gameworld as they are now, so no need to do anything if you have been notified about a building being a dupe. We will not delete any building/house that was deployed at the time of the email even though the deed or underlying components were duped.

    All other structures (factories, harvesters, etc.) and any building/house that was deployed from a duped deed after you received the email will be deleted.

    To be clear this also applies to City Halls, we will not destroy a City Hall or the city itself because of dupes.

    In all cases any deed that is not deleted but flagged as a dupe will be notrade forever.

    This is the safest middle ground we could come up with, please be patient with us as we continue cleaning up this mess.

    Thank You,

    ~SWGEmu Staff
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