• SWGEmu Support team needs strengthening

    Support recruitment

    September 25th 2019
    The SWGEmu Support Team

    Our support team needs to be strengthened and we are searching for one or more interns that we can train to become CSRs to help our community in support about account and in-game issues.
    Some of the tasks that our CSRs handle are:
    • Approving multiple account applications
    • In-game issues like getting people unstuck or help them been able to log in a character
    • investigate reports about rule breaking on our servers
    • Help with Events and setting them up and/or execute them
    The work is done in two systems. We have a live support, where you can talk directly to players with issues, or we have a ticket system where you will answer the ticket, trying to solve the issue or answering questions about policies.

    Please follow this link if you are interested in contributing some of your time to the project and the community.

    ~The SWGEmu Support Team
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    Status: Online

    Population: 488
    Online accounts last 7 days: 1,903

    Highest Population: 633 since reboot.

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