• 04/14/2013 Weekly Update

    Weekly Update

    The SWGEmu Development Division

    We are now using Jenkins & Gerrit. You can find all commits to Basilisk here, and all commits to Test Center Nova here. Nothing has changed with reporting bugs. You can still report all bugs you find on Test Center Nova here. A helpful guide to bug reporting can be found here.

    (Stable) = Commits are now on Basilisk
    (Unstable) = Commits are on TC Nova and are being tested

    TheAnswer (Lead Developer)
    • (unstable) [fixed] stability issue

    • (unstable) [changed] Database command now allows a query on character and deleted_characters table
    • (unstable) [added] Deleting a char now checks the deleted_char table before
      removing from characters table.
    • (unstable) [removed] removed invalid check from structurecontainercomponent
    • (unstable) [added] Added isDecoration method and DecorationDataComponent in order
      to identify decorations so they can be tracked
    • (unstable) [added] all gardens will now be classified as decorations
    • (unstable) [fixed] Override terminal no longer stops checking for matches when
      encountering a chain that has already been matched

    • (unstable) [Fixed] Mat Rags missing rewards. Mantis #3934
    • (unstable) [Fixed] Voracious rasps minimap display. mantis #3850
    • (unstable) [Fixed] Zabrak Vendors being Identical. Mantis #3120

    • (unstable) [Added] ability to set a travel point to outbound only
    • (unstable) [Added] Yavin4 imperial outpost starport is now available for outbound travel
    • (unstable) [Added] Method to PlanetManager to find the closest world floor
    • (unstable) [Fixed] AI in the open world to not always fall to terrain height when moving - mantis 3694, 3837
    • (unstable) [Fixed] Player characters to not always be set at terrain height when dismounting - mantis 3521 and 3752
    • (unstable) [added] Open world Z coordinate verification
    • (unstable) [Fixed] getting stuck in the air when dismounting in an area with a z
      coordinate below zero
    • (unstable) [Added] Resource recycler parts and schematics to loot
    • (unstable) [Removed] or replaced many npcs with bad names - mantis 2539
    • (unstable) [Removed] or fixed placement of all the mobs hanging out at 0,0 on
    • (unstable) [Fixed] Civic structures to only register on the planetary map if the
      city they are in is registered
    • (unstable) [Fixed] Bounty Hunter mission targets to no longer always spawn with the
      same X and Y coordinate - mantis 3689
    • (unstable) [Changed] camping bonus xp amounts to scale with the camp's duration the
      same as the base camping xp
    • (unstable) [Fixed] loot in static loot containers to always have a pickup radial
      menu option - mantis 3834
    • (unstable) [Fixed] Stability Issue
    • (unstable) [Removed] or fixed position on a few more mobs
    • (unstable) [Removed] duplicate screenplay for lok imp outpost
    • (unstable) [Fixed] An unsuccessful attempt to assume ownership of a camp will no
      longer remove ownership of the camp from the previous owner

    (Quality Assurance)
    • (unstable) [added] No build zones for dantooine.
    • (unstable) [fixed] Few errors in code for no build zones on tatooine.
    • (unstable) [added] No build zones added for Endor. Reference Mantis 3516
    • (unstable) [fixed] Changed location of one coordinate for no-build zones on lok.
    • (unstable) [added] No build zones for Rori, Reference Mantis 3516
    • (unstable) [added] No build zones added for Yavin IV. Reference mantis 3516
    • (unstable) [added] Cloning and Insurance terminals for adventure planets. Mantis
      3399, 1548, 2462 and 2953
    • (unstable) [fixed] Correct placement and direction of Ticket terminal in Coronet
      starport. Mantis 1795
    • (unstable) [fixed] Turret unmanned rate of fire and damage adjusted to reflect 14.1
    • (unstable) [added] No build zones for corellia. Reference Mantis 3516
    • (unstable) [removed] NGE era NPC from Talus nashal screenplay. mantis 3942

    • (unstable) [fixed] mantis 3930 enemy flag on woolamanders and corrected loot group on woolamander harrower
    • (unstable) [added] a few woolamanders to the outside of the woolamander temple
    • (unstable) [fixed] a few npc's stacked on to of each other at smc poi
    • (unstable) [fixed] placement of a few npc's stuck in walls at NS stronghold
    • (unstable) [added] spawns to outside of NS stronghold and in the main building
    • (unstable) [added] a few lairs to endor world spawner
    • (unstable) [fixed] resources on a few creatures
    • (unstable) [Fixed] respawn timers at nightsister stronghold
    • (unstable) [added] a few lairs to the lok world spawner
    • (unstable) [fixed] dantooine_huurton_matron_lair_neutral_none spawning above its
      level range
    • (unstable) [fixed] NPC placement at PVE faction bases at request of QA team
    • (unstable) [added] screenplay to populate dathomir crash site
    • (unstable) [added] 4 screenplays for static spawns on dathomir
    • (unstable) [added] screenplay for static spawns on the south half of talus
    • (unstable) [removed] loot from inappropriate lootable containers at the corellia
      stronghold poi. (the toolchests there should just be decoration, not
    • (unstable) [added] some creatures to the corellia world spawner
    • (unstable) [added] spawns to the veermok cave on naboo

    • (unstable) [Fixed] Rakir Banai quest, last mission drops needed item
    • (unstable) [Fixed] Stats on Nym Slug Thrower and Zixc bug bomb
    • (unstable) [Fixed] Duplicate listed mods
    • (unstable) [Added] Ewok village coordinates to spawn manager

    • (unstable) [fixed] Blind state accuracy reduction location
    • (unstable) [fixed] Combat Spam for Pikeman and Swordsman
    • (unstable) [fixed] Combat Spam for a couple creature attacks

    ~ The SWGEmu Development Division