• 01/27/2013 Weekly Update

    Weekly Update

    The SWGEmu Development Division

    There is a Crucible+FishEye view of the latest and upcoming revisions. It operates similarly to the Assembla Timeline but may provide a more fluid approach that many may find more useful for keeping up-to-date.


    Total Commits: 6,328
    Last Commit: 21 Jan
    Commits this week: 7
    Total Lines of Code (LoC): 3,795,441
    Net change in LoC this week: 10

    (Stable) = Commits are now on Basilisk
    (Unstable) = Commits are on TC Nova and are still being tested


    Revisions: 6322, 6323, 6327, 6329, 6332
    • (stable) [fixed] stability issues x3
    • (engine) [added] AtomicLong::add
    • (unstable) [fixed] PlayerObject::add/removePermissionGroup


    Revisions: 6326, 6328, 6331, 6335, 6336, 6337, 6338, 6339, 6340, 6341, 6342
    • (unstable) [added] rudimentary dynamic spawn areas. Need to be updated after the new AI has been implemented.
    • (unstable) [added] getArea method to area shapes.
    • (unstable) [added] Statistics manager.
    • (unstable) [added] Statistics for number of completed missions and the number of credits generated as reward for those missions.
    • (unstable) [changed] Statistics manager to track number of completed missions and reward from missions per mission type.
    • (unstable) [added] reset command to the statistics manager.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Bert: Fixed Mind Heal to be more like 14.1, Mantis 3645
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Ivojedi: Fixed green cubes to have integrity on them. Fixed yellow cube to have correct armor base effectiveness. Fixed Geonosian Sword Core to require Master Weaponsmith skill.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Ivojedi: Added interwoven bone armor segment schematic.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Bert: Fixed faction healing.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by rommelrommel: Fixed stats on mandalorian armor.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by rommelrommel: Fixed creature area DOT attacks.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by rommelrommel: Fixed Donkuwah and Ewok loot and attacks.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Naikoi: Added insurance terminals to player city cloning centers.


    Revisions: 6324, 6325, 6330, 6333, 6334
    • (unstable) [added] Added lua configuration file support for GCWManager
    • (unstable) [removed] Patch by Naikoi - Removed duplicate spawn from Rebel Detach HQ
    • (unstable) [fixed] Patch by TJay - Fixed some NPC locations
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by TJay - Rebel recruiter added in Tyrena
    • (unstable) [fixed] Patch by Ivojedi - Warcry and Intimidate now only work on creatures
    • (unstable) [removed] Reverted DatabaseCommand?
    Noteworthy contributors:
    • Naikoi
    • rommelrommel
    • Ivojedi
    • TJay
    • ​Bert

    ~ The SWGEmu Development Division