• 01/13/2013 Weekly Update

    Weekly Update

    The SWGEmu Development Division

    There is a Crucible+FishEye view of the latest and upcoming revisions. It operates similarly to the Assembla Timeline but may provide a more fluid approach that many may find more useful for keeping up-to-date.


    Total Commits: 6,289
    Last Commit: 12 Jan
    Commits this week: 27
    Total Lines of Code (LoC): 3,795,424
    Net change in LoC this week: 380

    (Stable) = Commits are now on Basilisk
    (Unstable) = Commits are on TC Nova and are still being tested


    Revisions: 6263, 6265, 6266
    • (unstable) [fixed] lua and code issues
    • (stable) [fixed] stability issues
    • (stable) [fixed] removed some debug code


    Revisions: 6264, 6274, 6286, 6288, 6289
    • (unstable) [fixed] player being able to run on z coordinates below 0.
    • (tool) [added] support for rectangular spawn areas.
    • (tool) [added] support for rectangular spawn areas. Missed to commit the exe file.
    • (unstable) [updated] Spawn area map to support reading in both circular and rectangular area shapes from lua files.
    • (unstable) [updated] planet spawn files to new format.


    Revisions: 6267, 6268, 6269, 6270, 6271, 6272, 6273, 6275, 6276, 6277, 6278, 6279, 6280, 6281, 6282, 6283, 6284, 6285, 6287
    • (unstable) [fixed] Fixed issue with some installations being attackable unintentionally
    • (unstable) [fixed] Children objects (e.g. weapons) of persistent CreatureObjects? are now persistent
    • (unstable) [changed] Patch by Naikoi - Enable BE skills on the blue frogs
    • (unstable) [added] BuildingObjects? can now be placed with spawned NPC
    • (unstable) [added] Detach HQ now spawn faction troops and recruiter
    • (unstable) [changed] Same faction players can now enter HQ as Combatant
    • (unstable) [fixed] Fixed permission issue with ContainerPermissions? with no owner.
    • (unstable) [added] Added ability to configure default weapon for creatures in their template
    • (unstable) [fixed] AT-ST can now perform ranged attacks
    • (unstable) [changed] Removed lingering debug code
    • (unstable) [fixed] Stability issue - thanks Ivojedi
    • (unstable) [changed] Patch by TJay - Moved NPC spawn points out of walls
    • (unstable) [removed] Removed duplicate recruiter spawn
    • (unstable) [fixed] Missing file from commit 6270 - prevented NPC from spawning
    • (unstable) [added] Added additional checks for dead and incapacitated players for HQ Terminals
    • (unstable) [fixed] Player and HQ terminals now must be in the same cell/room in order to use
    • (unstable) [fixed] Added missing return statement for HQ terminals
    • (unstable) [fixed] Some droids can now do ranged attacks
    • (unstable) [fixed] Nym's droideka can now spawn

    ~ The SWGEmu Development Division