• 01/06/2013 Weekly Update

    Weekly Update

    The SWGEmu Development Division

    There is a Crucible+FishEye view of the latest and upcoming revisions. It operates similarly to the Assembla Timeline but may provide a more fluid approach that many may find more useful for keeping up-to-date.


    Total Commits: 6,262
    Last Commit: 05 Jan
    Commits this week: 42
    Total Lines of Code (LoC): 3,795,044
    Net change in LoC this week: 0

    (Stable) = Commits are now on Basilisk
    (Unstable) = Commits are on TC Nova and are still being tested


    Revisions: 6231, 6232, 6233, 6234, 6235, 6236, 6237, 6238, 6242, 6243, 6244, 6245, 6246, 6249, 6250, 6251, 6252, 6253, 6254, 6255, 6256, 6257, 6258, 6259
    • (unstable) [fixed] rubber-banding when riding a vehicle during burst run or retreat being active.
    • (unstable) [fixed] incorrectly tripled speed when dismounting a vehicle when burst run or retreat buff is active.
    • (unstable) [added] 2 second cooldown between mounts and dismounts.
    • (unstable) [added] check for cooldown on dismount when storing vehicle.
    • (unstable) [fixed] incorrect timing of maintenance deduction for structures. Mantis 3613
    • (unstable) [added] apply swimming state when dismounting in water.
    • (unstable) [fixed] bounty target spawn points can no longer be in water.
    • (unstable) [fixed] bounty target spawn points can no longer be in water (level 2 and 3).
    • (unstable) [added] swimming state check on position updates.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Ivojedi: Emptying harvesters will no longer deselect the resource.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Cebot: Removed phantom shuttle at player shuttle ports.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Ivojedi: Fixed sampling while in combat, Mantis 3609. Added system message when using /sample in combat.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Ivojedi: Fixed glow-juice trap fail message. Mantis 3611
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by TJay: Populated Naboo Gungan Temple.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Light: Fixed wound healing and dots in taverns, Mantis 3367
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Ivojedi: Added Rakir Banai's quest line on Tatooine. Added generic mission descriptions and target spawn distance to theme park logic.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Nathan Klick: Fixed corpse despawn time to allow for group harvesting.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Bert: Added flamethrower and heavy acid rifle specials.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Metal: Updated hit chance.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Metal: Added missing milk, armor and update stats for creatures.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Ivojedi: Populated Borgle Bat Cave on Rori. Removed improper loot from borgle bats. Fixed Borgle Bat Matriarchs to be aggressive and enemy. Fixed Borgle Bat Protectors to be killers.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Ivojedi: Krayt graveyard tweaks.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Bert: Fixed typos in Talus creature lairs.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by Ivojedi: Added clothing bio tissues.
    • (unstable) [added] Patch by rommelrommel: Added Talus Detainment Center. Added Talus Corsec vs Flail Battle. Enabled loot containers on Corellia Rougue Corsec Base and Drall Cave. Fixed Corsec mobs to be attackable and have appropriate weapons.


    Revisions: 6221, 6222, 6223, 6224, 6225, 6226, 6227, 6228, 6229, 6230, 6239, 6240, 6241, 6247, 6248, 6260, 6261, 6262
    • (unstable) [fixed] Players that should be allowed access to Detach HQ are now ejected.
    • (unstable) [fixed] Fixed multiple HQ terminals so that only one instance can be opened per player.
    • (unstable) [fixed] Players now must be S.F. in order to slice security terminal
    • (unstable) [changed] HQ are now vulnerable for 2 hours every 2 days.
    • (unstable) Patch by Ivojedi : Populated Cobral Hideoout on Rori
    • (unstable) [fixed] InstallationObject? now reads installationtype again and now displays resources - Mantis 3610
    • (unstable) [fixed] Compile issues
    • (unstable) [added] Added TurretFireCommand? and MinefieldAttackCommand?
    • (unstable) [changed] HQ Destruction timer changed to 10 minutes. 5 minute cooldown for restarting a destruction.
    • (unstable) [changed] Players must be S.F. for 5 minutes before aborting a base shutdown.
    • (unstable) [fixed] stability issue
    • (unstable) [changed] Fixed formatting issues with CommandConfigManager?
    • (unstable) [changed] Loot rights now based off of group damage
    • (unstable) [fixed] Can no longer donate defenses to HQ while under attack
    • (unstable) [fixed] Fixed issue getting stuck in walls on Rebel Detach HQ
    • (unstable) [fixed] Patch by Light - Candidates can now unregister from election
    • (unstable) [added] Election registration is now locked in final election week
    • (unstable) [changed] Modified faction perk costs on some installations
    • (unstable) [changed] Admins can not add base defenses at any time

    ~ The SWGEmu Development Division