• New Archive Forum

    New Archive Forum

    The SWGEmu Team

    Basilisk is now close to its end of life. One of the steps toward that end, is archiving the Basilisk forum. We do this to stop needless necro posting in the Basilisk forum and to forus our forum toward the servers we actually have activity on.

    I have made a new archive forum where you can still see and read our Basilisk forum and sub forums. I've also moved our Liberator forums in to this archive + our first Basilisk "The Pit" forum.

    Some might appreciate reading through what we all where thinking and doing in the Liberator era and read all the nonsense going on in the first "The Pit", where we ended up removing the forum and not have a pit forum for a little time, this forum is the reason our current "The Pit 2.5" is called 2.5

    ~ The SWGEmu Team
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