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01-02-2011, 07:37 AM
SWGEmu Mission Statement

Updated on January 2014
The SWGEmu Staff

The mission of SWGEmu is three fold:

A) To maintain a community, develop and release vanilla* code of a Star Wars Galaxies Server, Publish 14.1 (or as close as we can get to 14.1) for use of anyone who wishes to use it.

B) To form a team that will deploy a server (SunCrusher) that embraces vanilla, yet builds upon it, and strives to show the community a server which has the potential that we all believed SWG had, but never got the chance to show during it's short life span.

C) Most important of all, is to bring back to life the game which people grew to love with such a passion.

* Vanilla refers to an exact replica of SWG live servers at a given moment in time.