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10-30-2023, 10:51 AM
Finalizer 2023 Screenshot Contest


The SWGEmu Events Division

Finalizer 2023 Screenshot Contest

When: Wednesday the 1st of November at 00:00 UTC to Thursday the 30th of November at 23:59 UTC, (Check your finish time here (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Finalizer+2023+Screenshot+Conte st&iso=20231130T235959&p1=1440))

Where: Finalizer Server Wide

Entry Link: https://forms.gle/g1g5LyJktTwDoiNF7


Come together to show people how good and goofy this game can look!

It's been a while since SWGEmu has seen a screenshot contest, and I was right, the last one I found was run by Mobyus1 in 2017, more than 5 years ago, so here is the 2023 Screenshot Contest.

As per the previously run contests, we will have multiple optional categories to enter. Donít feel like you need to enter every category, if you donít want to ruin your UI or mod your client, thatís fine. The categories are as follows:

- Best Landscape Screenshot
- Best Combat Screenshot
- Best Wildlife Screenshot
- Most houses in a single screenshot
- Most player characters in a single screenshot
- Worst UI Setup
- Community Choice

The Community choice award will include every entry where community members can vote on their favorite, with the top 5 going to a shootout to decide the winner. Winners of each category will receive a named painting with the name of the category they won.


- Screenshots must be taken on Finalizer
- Screenshots must be taken recently, so each entry will need a 2nd screenshot with your character saying "2023 Screenshot contest" in spatial.
- 1 entry per category, submitting more than 1 will result in disqualification

I hope to see your best photography skills at play over the next month and I'll be sure to share a few I receive over the coming months on discord https://discord.com/invite/JH3t7Qh


~The SWGEmu Staff

11-01-2023, 06:24 AM
Reserved for results

11-02-2023, 12:41 PM
Are mods supposed to be a thing ?

They change many items skin or UI ... are they allowed ?