View Full Version : “Break From the Grind” On-The-Spot-Event at The Nika Marketplace!!

Misk Brebran
03-18-2022, 10:24 PM
Two races are ready, set go! Three day Lottery is waiting for you! 10k entry fee, lotto winner takes 100%! Free shirts too in chest at race droids and lotto droid. Come on out to Nika for a “Break From the Grind”!

Brought to you by The Nika Marketplace. Only one winner for the lottery, ends in 72 hrs. Lottery instructions can be read at the lotto droid. Race is for funsies only. Race droids are in front of the shuttle port. Lottery droid in in front of City Hall. Free shirts available in chests at race droids and lotto droid, but supply is limited. Please take only one. Race may change over the weekend. Come see us today and have some fun!

Misk Brebran
03-19-2022, 12:05 AM
Top for Vis!

Misk Brebran
03-19-2022, 01:20 AM
Top for vis this weekend!

Misk Brebran
03-19-2022, 03:34 AM
Lotttery is up to 570k now! 100% to the lucky SWGEmu'r!!! Take a "Break From the Grind", bring your friends, grab a consolation shirt, do a couple races and enter into the lottery! Were here to have fun!!!

See ya in a bit!!

Misk Brebran
03-19-2022, 05:49 AM
Take a “Break from the Grind”!!! Nika Marketplace, Naboo (6300, 6300) outside Kaadara! Lottery is up to 640k! 14 entries have 2.5 more days! Have a race set up for the next 7 hours and a free t-shirt for everyone! Come out and see us and join our discord for updates!

Misk Brebran
03-19-2022, 08:04 AM
Race up for another 5 hrs….have shirts in the chest and lottery droid for 2.5 more days! Come check it out and join our discord below. Will have another race set up asap tomorrow :)


Misk Brebran
03-19-2022, 02:22 PM
New race is up! Lottery is at 690k! Free consolidation T-shirts! Come out, bring your frens & take a break from the grind!

See ya soon!

Misk Brebran
03-20-2022, 12:23 AM
Take a Break From the Grind at the Nika Marketplace, Naboo (6300, 6300)! Two races up in front of shuttleport! Lottery in front of City Hall has 2 more days and is at 730k! Lucky winner takes 100%! Consolation t-shirts in the drum in front of the shuttleport (one only please)! Algebuckina is playing in the theater!

Come hang out, bring your frens, do the races, register for the lottery, and get your free shirt! Take a Break From the Grind, come out and have some fun! Or base your msns outta here for the evening and race for a break!

Join our discord below for updates!

Dont miss out! Its a blast!