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02-29-2020, 06:02 PM
As mentioned in SWGEmu, The Next Decade... (https://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=228703) we are in the process of moving away from the Hungarian entity to a new US Based entity formed by the new on-going leadership of the project. That new company is called MMO Ashes, Inc. It exists to provide financial and legal support for the continued operations of the SWGEmu project.

Because of this change, we need to move to a new US-based PayPal account and away from the old account. The old account uses the email paypal@swgemu.com, and the new one uses contribute@swgemu.com.

To subscribe to the project for regular donations you need to revisit the donations page (https://www.swgemu.com/forums/awcoding.php?do=payment&sid=ds&sub=1) and choose an amount, and "Recurring Donation: [Yes]" and choose a frequency (e.g., Monthly):

https://www.swgemu.com/images/subscribe/new_sub-01.png (https://www.swgemu.com/forums/awcoding.php?do=payment&sid=ds&sub=1)

You will see the new entity on the PayPal screen "MMO Ashes, Inc." and the project "SWGEmu Project" as below:


Pick your payment method (Credit Card direct or PayPal Account). You should again see MMO Ashes, Inc. and a summary of your subscription:


1) Should show the MMO Ashes company; 2) Should show your username, if not stop and login to the forums first and restart the process; 3) Will show the email where you'll get confirmation.

NOTE: If you have an existing subscription, you should cancel the old one to the Hungarian entity!

How to cancel the old subscription

Visit your paypal account. As of this writing you can hit this URL to see your automatic payments: https://www.paypal.com/myaccount/autopay/

If you still have a subscription to the old entity you'll see something like the following:


Click on the Hungarian entity on the right (Not you might see the US MMO Ashes one, do not click on that one), and click the "Cancel" button.

When you do, you should see a confirmation like the following:


NOTE: If you see "MMO Ashes" anywhere, stop, go back and check for the Hungarian entity, if you don't have it then you're fine.

If you see the confirmation with the old Hungarian name in it hit the [Cancel Automatic Payments] button.

You're done!

Thank you so much for supporting the project, we're looking forward to the next decade and what it brings for us all!

~~SWGEmu Staff

03-03-2020, 02:02 AM
Done, thanks!

03-08-2020, 10:35 PM
Thanks LK!