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05-03-2019, 12:05 AM
On the Spot Rules and Guidelines

SWGEmu Staff

On the Spot Events Rules and Guidelines

On the Spot Events will be held anywhere throughout the Galaxy. Everyone is welcome to attend. No teleports will be provided to the event.
No announcements will be posted on SWGEmu forums or social media for On the Spot Events.
On the Spot Events will be announced in-game via server wide broadcast with location and details.
Broadcasts will alert players if aggressive NPCs/Creatures will be in the area of the Event. (non-faction combat only). AFK players will not be immune to hostile mobs; go AFK at your own risk.
Event Coordinators can spawn both attackable and non-attackable MOBs and NPCs that DO NOT drop loot.
Event Coordinators will not give rewards (Badges/Credits/Loot) for On the Spot Events.
Event Coordinators will not replace any equipment (Armor/Weapons/Foods & Drink) damaged or used during Events.
Buffs, Heals and Revives MAY be provided by the Event Coordinator in charge of the On the Spot Event.