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01-20-2019, 07:25 PM
SWGEmu End of the Year Update 2018

January 2019
SWGEmu Team

SWGEmu End of the Year Update 2018


Table of Contents

Project Update
Staff Updates
Quick Stats
Staff Round-Table
http://maxmcc.net/swgemu/icons/Tool-32.pngSWGEmu Project Updates

Major Additions/Changes

10/19/2018 - Lordkator magic (https://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=216469).
10/25/2018 - Finished moving everything to one server for the project (https://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=216584)
11/01/2018 - Highest donations for a single month in the history of the project ($8,510.00 USD)
12/25/2018 - Death and Taxes (https://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=218028)

http://maxmcc.net/swgemu/icons/Tool-32.pngStaff Updates

SWGEmu is Recruiting!

SWGEmu is an ever-changing and growing organization where new talent is always being sought out. We especially would like to mention the need for more developers, please see this thread (https://www.swgemu.com/forums/content.php?r=170-Development-Team-is-Recruiting) for more information.

SWGEmu is also in need of other positions filled. For anyone interested in spending some of there free time toward this project, please consider to join in on our SWGEmu Internship Program (https://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=22) . We are in need of CSRs.

http://maxmcc.net/swgemu/icons/Chart-32.pngQuick Stats

Developer Code Commits/Changes:

I'm sorry that I have nothing to display here, but I where not given the data in time for when this post had to be posted

Registration Statistics:


January 06, 2018 - 89 accounts registered
March 02, 2018, November 15, 2018, November 29, 2018 - 12 accounts registered


January 2018 - 1474 accounts registered
November 2018 - 633 accounts registered


2018 - 11,468 accounts registered; average 955.7 per month

User Activity Statistics (Users online in one day):

Most users online: August 09, 2017 - 1,597 users
New thread statistics (Posted threads):

January 2018 - 1636 new threads
November 2018 - 780 new threads
Most users online: 1,657 (05-11-2011 06:22 PM)
Most viewed thread: SWGEmu Timeline (https://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=36067)
Most replied thread: What are you listening to right now? (https://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=157)
Most popular forum: Basilisk Trade Forum
(https://www.swgemu.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=196)Top poster: Same one (32,819 posts)

http://www.maxmcc.net/swgemu/icons/Chat-bubble-32.pngStaff Round-Table

Lordkator - DevOps Engineer

This year we ran into some financial challenges and the community stepped up in a way that invigorated our staff. In my mind 2018 was the year of getting organized, thinking about where we are and where we are going. I see 2019 as the year of hope, we're starting to look beyond the 1.0 release and thinking about what comes next. I've been coding a bit more now and I'm playing the game with my wife and taking lots of notes on what sucks and what feels like fun.

I think my biggest observation from 2018 is that none of us played SWG. We all played our own game in a framework created by SWG. Many of us felt betrayed when that framework was broken and we lost the ability to carve our own story out of the game. As a team, we've done a lot of soul searching on this topic. I'm excited to think deeply on this topic with such a great team. I'm inspired by our staff and our community and that inspires me to invest more energy towards our future vision.
Farelli - Quality Assurance

Another year completed. Three years on the project now for me. Time really does fly when you're having fun.

Thanks to our community, which supports and rallies behind this project and the staff repeatedly. You all are the reason we do this.

Thanks to our staff, who make every day working on this project an absolute blast. I continue to learn from all of you.

Finally, thanks to our founders, without whom this project might never have existed.

To infinity and beyond!
Hakry - Quality Assurance

Though many community members have not yet seen the hard work that has gone into the project throughout 2018, there has been some amazing changes throughout the year.

It is an honor to work with the current group of individuals that make up our team and I expect only the best of things from us all as we move forward. Another year lays ahead of us, with the project ever drawing nearer to our long awaited goal.

Thank you everyone for your hard work, dedication, patience and perseverance. Also a big thank you for the community stepping up to support the project in the times of need, so we may continue to pursue the dream.

-HBigevil - Community Relations

Another year comes to a close and again the community has shown repeated solidarity and a desire to see their passion continue. Several times we were faced with difficult circumstances and odds that could have put us down. All of you showed your true colors as always and rallied around staff and other community members to prove what I have known for a very long time.... this community is solid. We may not be 100k strong, we may be fairly niche, but those that are here, are here are here for all the right reasons. Keep testing and playing and helping to refine the amazing product the staff and contributors have put together. We are getting ever closer!

You guys and gals are great. :) Here's to a great year moving closer toward our goals! Ever forward!
Vlada - Admin

Another year behind us. Sigh...
Lolindir - Forums Lead Moderator

Another year done! We are so close to the end... I feel 2019 might be the year! Well, we will see


When the chips were down and we were in financial trouble the community stepped up and kicked donations into high gear. If we can continue to hit our 100% goal each month we will have a good financial foundation to keep our services running while we move the project forward. Thank you all for the vote of confidence. We realize not everyone can donate money and we appreciate all contributions monetary or not. We always need people to track down bugs, test new ideas, there are many ways to contribute. Think about how you could contribute in 2019 and reach out to us with your ideas.

Much of our progress this year has been quiet and behind the scenes, we've been able to make our deployment processes more automated; we've had amazing discussions about what we think SWG is to the community and each of us as individuals. We're thinking deeply about the future of this project beyond the 1.0 release. Many of us are reading books, forum posts, old posts from the CURB discussions, we are regularly looking for input that will help us shape the future of the game for our community. We've engaged industry vets on these topics and we've continued to hone our thinking.

In 2019 you will see us push out more pub's that will get us closer to the 1.0 release and we will engage the community in a discussion about our vision for what happens next.

PS: We will wipe Basilisk on April 1, 2019... "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

Happy New Year SWGEmu!

~The SWGEmu Team

01-20-2019, 07:39 PM
Hmmmm... why does everything of importance seem to be scheduled for April 1st???? Odd...

01-20-2019, 07:44 PM
I would have figured 9/9/2019, cause #Suncrusher2009/2019

01-20-2019, 10:00 PM
****ing hilarious pre announcement to the april fools joke.

edit: no, its definitely, 110 percent bull****. even if you do it for the day i refuse to believe you won't restore the db on the 2nd.

prove everyone, myself included, wrong.

01-20-2019, 10:11 PM
hur hur gud won

01-20-2019, 11:06 PM
Thanks gents (and lady). Your hard work is appreciated even if we don't always show it.

01-20-2019, 11:59 PM
It would be nice to see TA, Oru, Miztah, and especially Ivo's Take on everything over the year if they have time to chime in as well.

01-21-2019, 12:03 AM
It would be nice to see TA, Oru, Miztah, and especially Ivo's Take on everything over the year if they have time to chime in as well.

If they wanted to, they would have.

01-21-2019, 03:50 AM
It's only 2019? I've been writing 2023 on all my tax papers

01-21-2019, 03:51 AM
Excellent progress! Thank you so much for all you do Team SWGEmu!

01-21-2019, 06:58 PM
Scared me for a second in the P.S. Nice one, ya got me for a second! LOL

01-21-2019, 11:28 PM
If they wanted to, they would have. wheres miztah?

01-22-2019, 12:15 AM
wheres miztah?

If they wanted, they would have. As Vlada said.

Mitzah often talks in discord and occasionally answers questions that he might know on code and devolpment.

01-22-2019, 12:40 AM
wheres miztah?

He is around, I'm guessing he is just staying away from forums for the time being.

01-22-2019, 04:37 AM
Great job people, almost there. Thanks for all the effort you've poured into making this a reality.

01-22-2019, 09:06 AM
It would be nice to see TA, Oru, Miztah, and especially Ivo's take on everything over the year if they have time to chime in as well.

It's an understandable desire, but one could also say that their work...


...over the past year+ really speaks for itself.

p.s. 'SunCrusher 2019' has a nice symmetry and ring to it. Just sayin'. :cool:

01-22-2019, 11:40 PM
Well done team. Another great year!!! It’s still astonishing how far we’ve come over the years!

What’s trending?


01-23-2019, 01:54 AM
Great job to all involved :cool:

01-23-2019, 06:42 AM
#SunCrusher2019 :D

It has a ring to it and only 10 years after #SunCrusher2009!

01-23-2019, 08:11 AM
#SunCrusher2019 :D

It has a ring to it

As does #SunCrusher2139, lets just stop confusing people.

01-23-2019, 10:23 AM
Would be funny if they actually did wipe on April 1st lol. When everyone thinks it's a prank

01-23-2019, 05:36 PM
A wipe on April 1st..
At least nobody is "dying (https://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=209493)" this time.
*knock on wood

01-23-2019, 07:07 PM
SunCrusher - crushing suns since 2009

01-23-2019, 11:21 PM
SunCrusher - crushing suns since 2009

This made me laugh!!

01-24-2019, 01:43 PM
Pretty cool.

01-25-2019, 02:21 AM
Im very proud of every single one of you, that includes the player base. We may be a small group of players, but collectively we are making things happen!

To a GREAT 2019!

01-26-2019, 04:55 PM
I'm so happy that it's coming along so well. Can't wait for the day when it's finally done and out and everyone can come back home!

01-30-2019, 04:54 AM
Another year of progress in the books! I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to every one of you for the time contributed, the sacrifices made pertaining to, the effort put
forward and the dedication to the project. Here's looking forward to the next twelve months. Cheers!

Very Respectfully; Sound