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06-09-2011, 03:41 PM
SWGEmu Recruitment

Updated: October 05, 2019
Development Division

We are looking for passionate programmers who can dedicate some of their free time to volunteer for this project.

Required Skills

- Intermediate knowledge of C++ and/or Java
- Minimum experience with the Unix/Linux environment
- Familiar with scripting languages such as LUA

Recommended Skills

- Object oriented programming and design patterns
- Understanding of transactional systems and client/server architecture
- Concurrent programming (threads, mutexes)
- Experience with SQL
- Reverse engineering skills
- Game modding experience

How can I contribute?

Contributing is easy if you have set up the environment (https://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=85624) and git (https://www.assembla.com/spaces/swgemu/wiki/Git_Gerrit_and_Jenkins) you just commit reviews to http://review.swgemu.com as simple patches. After we approve some of your patches and we see that you're comfortable with the framework you get git access so you can commit directly.
If you have questions about the implementations you can directly ask one of our staff on Discord through personal messages or in the #opendev channel.

~ The SWGEmu Development Division