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  1. SWGEmu Player Event Request Form
  2. SWG Player Run Event Guide
  3. SWGEmu On the Spot Event Rules & Guidelines
  4. SWGEmu Event Guidelines
  5. [SWGEmu] Remembrance Memorial
  6. [SWGEmu Event] Finalizer Anniversary (December 18th to December 28th)
  7. [SWGEmu Event] May 4th be with you (May 4th,2023)
  8. [SWGEmu Event] First Galactic Home Showcase
  9. [SWGEmu Event] Empire Day Celebration (June 26th, 2023 - July 5th, 2023)
  10. [SWGEmu Event] Something Wicked This Way Comes (October 21st to October 31st)
  11. [SWGEmu Event] 2023 Screenshot Contest
  12. [SWGEmu Event] Wookiee Life Day (December 1st to December 31st)
  13. [SWGEmu Event] Visions of the Past, Dreams of the Future (Dec 6th - Dec 16th)