Info regarding these resource tools:

There were two modified JnF resource management tools available during the final months of preCU. Sloejack released his modded version (1.66.9) on 12/13/04 and Strongbow released version 1.66.91 on 2/2/05, then version 1.70.01 on 2/4/05, then version 1.70.02 on 3/1/05. Strongbow modified Sloejack's version but both were used since Sloejack's was reportedly more stable in some areas.

I've included v1.70.01 instead of v1.70.02 because I simply couldn't find the newer version although from what little I've read it might not have been very stable. 

Fooman's original version 6.0, which was released on 3/6/04, is included along with the user's manual that he provided. This may help support usage of the subsequent versions.