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Mon Calamari

Mon Calamari are bipedal, amphibious humanoids with fishlike faces and huge eyes. Skin coloration ranges from salmon pink to coral blue. Respected for their technology, especially the Mon Cal starships, the species is largely peaceful and highly intelligent. Mon Calamari are native to the watery world of the same name and can survive underwater for extended periods of time. Mon Calamari in Star Wars Galaxies will be among the most intelligent characters. They will also be able to make long underwater treks with only minimal equipment. Although strongly associated with the Rebel Alliance, Mon Calamari characters will not be limited to the Rebel faction.


The predominant species in the galaxy, humans can be found in virtually all walks of life and on most habitable worlds. While no two humans are alike, the species as a whole is adaptable and resilient. Humans also dominate the political landscape, comprising most of the Galactic Empire. Humans in Star Wars Galaxies will have a wide range of abilities, but will generally serve as the norm against which all other species are judged.


A species of humanoids recognized by their bumpy skin, multifaceted eyes and flexible snouts, Rodians also have pointed ears, short antennae, and long fingers that end in suction cups. On their homeworld, Rodians live in clans that often wage war against one another. Due to their violent culture, Rodians often make excellent bounty hunters and mercenaries. As depicted in Star Wars Galaxies, Rodians will be relatively quick and agile. They may also gravitate towards skills dealing with combat and bounty-hunting. However, Rodian characters can also be Jedi, explorers, shopkeepers, or anything else players wish.


A common species throughout the galaxy, Twi'leks are similar to humans in many respects, but can be identified by the twin head tentacles that grow from their skulls. Native to the planet Ryloth, Twi'leks also have a wide variety of skin coloration, ranging from pale white to dark green. In general, Twi'leks are non-violent, but they are also diverse: members of the species have become Jedi Knights, pilots, crime lords, and politicians. Twi'leks, like other species in Star Wars Galaxies, will be highly-customizable. We also plan to incorporate the species' secret head-tail language, which only Twi'lek characters will be able to learn and understand.


Towering, fur-covered humanoids native to the planet Kashyyyk, Wookiees are exceedingly strong and prone to fits of rage. However, they are also intelligent, loyal, and trusting. Among the species, bravery and honor are considered paramount. Although their culture is not warlike, Wookiees do make fierce warriors and deadly opponents when angered or threatened. In Star Wars Galaxies, we will strive to capture the best of the Wookiee species: expect Wookiee players to be strong, tough, and bright.


Mysterious humanoids with vestigial horns, Zabrak have well-developed mental willpower that allows them to withstand extreme physical pain and suffering. Several races of Zabrak exist, each exhibiting different horn patterns, and Zabrak further differentiate themselves through strange facial and body tattoos. The Zabrak homeworld is said to be a frighteningly harsh planet. Zabrak in Star Wars Galaxies will have a wide range of customization options. In terms of physical abilities, they'll be similar to humans, although we plan to implement their mental willpower through a combination of skill enhancers and attribute bonuses.


Feared throughout the galaxy, Trandoshans are large, reptilian humanoids with great strength and natural regenerative powers. Viewed as tough and often brutal, Trandoshans have a warlike society and place heavy emphasis on activities such as hunting. Trandoshans are also infamous for their persecution of other species, particularly Wookiees. Trandoshans in Star Wars Galaxies will be strong and resilient creatures. As a result, Trandoshans will make excellent combatants and explorers, but expect to see a wide range of Trandoshan characters.


Stocky humanoids with fur-covered faces, Bothans are widely known as the galaxy's most proficient spies, thanks in part to the famed "Bothan Spynet." Physically and mentally adept, Bothans make excellent scouts and soldiers. They also have a significant impact on the political landscape of the galaxy. Star Wars Galaxies is drawing heavily on the Expanded Universe sources to create the Bothan species, which is only mentioned in passing in Return of the Jedi. Although known as spies, Bothan player characters can excel in many other areas as well.

Added in version 5.1 -Biophilia