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"For over a thousand generations the Jedi were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Until the dark times. Until the Empire."

In Star Wars Galaxies, you too can quest to become a Jedi Knight, or for the especially skilled, brave, and lucky few: A Jedi Master. Below, you'll find a simple FAQ dedicated to the Jedi in Star Wars Galaxies, detailing exactly how the system works.

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  • What do I need to do to become a Jedi?
  • What kind of quirks are there about the FSCS?
  • Does the FSCS get locked again when I die?
  • How do I unlock the FSCS?
  • What happens if I use the Force in public?
  • How powerful are Jedi Knights?
  • Can I become a Jedi Master?
  • How hard is it to climb the Jedi ranks?
  • What are some of the Jedi powers?
  • Can I turn to the Dark Side and become a Dark Jedi?
  • Why is there Perma-death and a FSCS?
  • What about lightsabers?
  • Will my race have any effect on my chance of unlocking the FSCS?
  • Will there be Ranks? Like Padawan, Jedi Adept, Jedi Knight, etc?
  • Can I pursue non-Jedi professions in the FSCS? Is it still perma-death?

    What do I need to do to become a Jedi?
    The major requirement of following the Jedi path is to unlock your Force Sensitive Character Slot (FSCS). After that, you can use the force sensitive slot at any time to create a force sensitive character. This force sensitive character is the only one who can become a Jedi. Once you have started a character in your FSCS, that character can train and pratice skills using the Force, and eventually become a Jedi. Unfortunately there are a few quirks with the FSCS.

    What kind of quirks are there about the FSCS?
    Any character created in the FSCS has an ailment called "perma-death." That means that if your character dies, he or she is deleted and you are forced to start over from the beginning. To account for disconnects or unexpected gameplay bugs, your character is allowed 2 or 3 normal deaths (where you can come back to life via a clone) before the Perma-death kicks in.

    Does the FSCS get locked again when I die?
    No, your FSCS remains open forever after it is unlocked. When you die, the only thing you have to do to attempt the Jedi path again is create a new character. The catch is, of course, that the new character starts out as a newbie again, and any skill or XP you gained the last time through is lost. So this means that if you play a character in your FSCS for 6 months and get him or her up to Jedi Knight status, then get eaten by a Rancor too many times, you have to start all over again from scratch. That certainly adds a bit of risk to becoming a Jedi, but you will never completely lose the chance after your FSCS is opened.

    How do I unlock the FSCS?
    Nobody knows. The process is thought to be tied to your account, and slightly different for everyone. According the the devs, a casual player might unlock their FSCS within a year or so of starting a regular character. When we know more, we will certainly post it (in a big spoiler-protected area)

    What happens if I use the Force in public?
    When you use the Force in public, or display any sign of your Jedi Heritage outside of the chat channels, you will automatically gain a Temporary Enemy Flag (TEF) from all Players and NPCs who witness it. This means that any of those Players or NPCs can attack and kill you without repercussions until the TEF runs out. Thusly, it's suggested you only reveal your force sensitive nature to those you trust, and never, ever use the force in a crowded, public place.

    How powerful are Jedi Knights?
    It has been quoted by the devs that a Jedi with the correct skills and competence could likely take out a fair sized group of players with not too much trouble. In other words, attacking a Jedi Knight by yourself would not be a good idea.

    Can I become a Jedi Master?
    Yes. Jedi Masters are a special case scenario in Star Wars Galaxies. Once you have become a Jedi, death is no longer as "Permanent" as it would be prior to that. Instead of having your character deleted after he or she dies, the character instead becomes 'blue glowies.' That is, they take on the form of Ben Kenobi in The Empire Strikes Back, or Yoda, Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker), and Obi-wan at the end of Return of the Jedi. In this form, the Jedi Master cannot fight or affect the physical world.

    How hard is it to climb the Jedi ranks?
    With perma-death, the constant risk of attack by anyone who spots your Jedi Traits, and the pure amount of danger present in the Star Wars Galaxies, climbing the Jedi ranks to even the title of Knight will likely be an accomplishment of great merit. According to the devs, becoming a Jedi Master will be the toughest thing in the game to do, and is viewed by many as the "You win" moment of Star Wars Galaxies.

    What are some of the Jedi powers?
    We're not sure yet, but we're guessing that Jedi will be able to use previously seen skills like speed, push, pull, healing, persuasion, absorption, grip, etc.

    Can I turn to the Dark Side and become a Dark Jedi?
    No. Unfortunately this feature was cut from the initial release. There are plans, however, to add it back into the game after release through patches.

    Why is there Perma-death and a FSCS?
    The answer to this question is two fold. First off, the intent from the very beginning of development was to keep Jedi rare. During the time period in which Star Wars Galaxies is set, there are very few Jedi left in the galaxy. As such, the systems were put in place to keep the number of Jedi per Galaxy low, which not making them impossible.

    The other answer is, of course, the reasoning behind the specific systems. In a way, they are both intertwined. One could not exist without the other. Perma-death was included to make being a Jedi have a bit of risk to it. Players must weigh the chance of losing all of their hard work against the chance of becoming very powerful before every action they take. This leads directly into the second system: the FSCS. If a player gained Force Sensitivity on his main character, and he was suddenly perma-death, he might lose not only all the time he spent becoming a Jedi, but also all the time spent developing the character. Many players may not want to become a Jedi, also, and gaining all of the drawbacks of Force Sensitivity without a desire to reap any of the rewards would be unfair. Thusly, Jedi are perma-death to keep them rare, and FSCS to keep it fair. Also, I never give up a good opportunity to rhyme.

    What about lightsabers?
    Those players who chose to become Jedi will be able to build lightsabers. Only Jedi will be able to use lightsabers proficiently, and they will likely decay very quickly without proper maintenance, which again, only Jedi can supply. There will be multiple gems and thusly multiple colors for lightsabers. Yes, players will be able to construct and use double-bladed lightsabers, but likely not be able to use two lightsabers at once.

    Will my species have any effect on my chance of unlocking the FSCS?
    No. Species will have no bearing on your chances of unlocking your force sensitive character slot. All species have an equal chance of unlocking the FSCS.

    Will there be Ranks? Like Padawan, Jedi Adept, Jedi Knight, etc?
    Yes. Ranks will be drawn from the movies and expanded to fit Star Wars Galaxies' unique system.

    Can I pursue non-Jedi professions in the FSCS? Is it still perma-death?
    Yes, you can chose to pursue any profession or do anything in a FSCS that you could do in a normal character slot, but the FSCS will always be perma-death. So if you were to work up to a bounty hunter or squad leader, he would be perma-death, the same as if you actually pursued the Jedi path. Also of note, you can pursue other professions at the same time as becoming a Jedi. For example, you could become a Master Marksman and Jedi Knight at the same time.

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