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( Or, There And Back Again, by Ell' Kabong )



- Table Of Contents -

SECTION I [ Introduction ]

SECTION II [ Getting Started/Prepping For Your Adventure ]

SECTION III [ Getting In ]

SECTION IV [ Quests ]

SECTION V [ Rewards ]

SECTION VI [ The Death Watch ]

SECTION VII [ Mandalorian Armor ]

SECTION VIII [ The Jetpack ]

SECTION IX [ Bounty Hunter Armor ]

SECTION X [ Updates ]

SECTION XI [ Credits ]






The goal of this FAQ is to provide clear, concise information on the Death Watch Bunker and all things related to it to the general player base of Star Wars Galaxies. I'm totally open to suggestions for things that should be included. If you have a question that's not included/answered here, please send me a PM and I'll try to answer it to the best of my ability. This guide, while initially comprehensive, cannot possibly include everything on Death Watch Bunker (I'm sure I'm forgetting things), so it will constantly be evolving-- getting updated, edited, etc. Be sure to check back often. I'll try to log everything in the patch notes in Section XI.



Getting Started/Prepping

So, you think you've got what it takes to tackle the hidden, most elite sect of mercenaries in the galaxy? Well, all I can say is, you've got not idea what you're going up against!The Death Watch Bunker is, in this humble Mariachi's opinion, the most difficult dungeon in all of Star Wars Galaxies (yes, it even beats the Corvette, and no, you can't walk through it. . . well, you can, but don't expect to get very far. ;) ).

All the MOBs are on a 4 minute respawn timer, so keeping on the move is a must. You cannot rebuff inside the Death Watch Bunker, and you cannot pull pets while inside. If you don't have a group of at LEAST 10 Master Elites, you'll have a hard time making any progress at all (note I say 'any', not 'fast' progress). To be frank, I'm afraid massive zerging by one or two groups of 20 is the only way to crack this place apart.

Recommended classes include: BHers, Pikemen, TKMs, Swordsmen (Bring Your Scythes), CMs, Riflemen (Leave your AOEs at home), Doctors. . . you know, all the standard professions you bring with you when you're going for heavy PvE. Buffs are a must, as well, of course, and Composite is highly recommended.



Getting In

Coordinates: | - 4671 4327 | Endor, NW of Smuggler's Outpost

Access: The Death Watch Bunker is locked. In order to gain access, you'll need to speak with Boba Fett-- the only guy who'd really know about this place, anyway.

Neutral - Boba Fett | It's a POI. . . Use Your Datapad | Jabba's Palace (Throne Room), Tatooine (Note that you will need to do at least the first 2 NPC's quests to gain access to Boba. While you cannot enter the throne room to speak with him till the 3rd is done, a /conv from the doorway will spark the conversation with him you need to be given access.): Anyone may speak to Boba Fett (with good Jabba faction, I believe). He simply wants you to go take a look instead of hanging around the palace wasting space. /shrug Taciturn muchacho, that Boba. . .

NOTE: If you're in a group (o course you are, right?), only the leader needs to have spoken with Boba-- they can flip the initial Terminal Switch and get the whole group inside the dungeon.




Imperial - Commander D'krn | -1160 -3527 | Bestine, Tatooine: Imperials may speak with this NPC. The good Commander wants a vial of blood from the leader of the Mandalorians to use as a sample for a batch of improved Stormtroopers. Hop to it, soldier!

Rebel - Lutin Nightstalker | -215 -4446 | Coronet, Corellia: Rebels may speak with this NPC. The Rebellion needs you to rescue a VIP kidnapped by the Death Watch. Extraction of the scientist is of the utmost importance! Think you have what it takes? May the Force be with you.

IMPORTANT: There are rumors that the rewards for the Imperial/Rebel Quests are the elusive 5th Jetpack Part (if such a thing exists). However, at this time, the quests are only awarding 30 Rebel/Imperial faction, so this is speculation at best.



( Hereby known as 'teh ub3r l3wtness' )

Loot: DE-10 Pistol Schematics, Executioner's Hack Schematics, DE-10 Pistol Barrels, Binary Liquid, Protective Liquid Coating, Rebreathers, Alum Mine Gel Packets, Art Crates, Data Storage Units, A Vial Of Blood, Injector Tanks, Fuel Dispersion Units, Ducted Fans, Section A Passkey, Section B Passkey, Mine Key, Mandalorian Wine schematics

Note: I've been receiving a lot of questions from players about where they can find the above items.. Let me specify once more, ANY of the items listed above are LOOT-- they are LOOTED off of the various MOBs inside the dungeon. Other things (like Alum mMnerals) which are NOT listed here are the result of quests and are referred to as rewards in this guide.)

Craftable Items: Mandalorian Armor, Jetpack

Art Crate - The art crate is a generic item that you can get out of the loot chests that when used will create a Piece of Art in you inventory.

Alum Mine Gel Packs - These are used, in conjunction with Rebreather Filters, to modify a rebreather to allow safe travel through the Alum Mines. Only an Artisan with Engineering 2 can craft this at a special Workbench inside the dungeon. Note that Rebreathers are no-drop, and so are the modified ones, so only Artisans w/ Engineering 2 can benefit from this. Miners tend to carry these.

Rebreathers - Standard rebreathers, like the ones found in the Geonosian cave. Need to retrofit these in order to breathe safely in the dangerous Alum mines! OooooOOO! :O Miner have these things, too.

Data Storage Devices - Fun little 'broken datapads', basically. Each one has a small little document you can read on it, from how to cook krayt to excerpts from Bantam Star Wars EU books. 6 in all. Collect the whole set, kids!

A Vial of Blood - Drops off the Death Watch Overlord. Needed to complete the Imperial quest.

Passkeys - Needed to bypass the 'trap room doors' without setting off a security alarm. These are tradeable items that disappear after use. They can be used from your backpack if you flip the switch. They are looted from the named MOBs which appear when the security alarm is raised by flipping the door locks without possessing a passkey.

Jetpack bases were removed as a possible drop from the loot chests.

IMPORTANT: There are rumors that the rewards for the Imperial/Rebel Quests are the elusive 5th Jetpack Part (if such a thing exists). However, at this time, the quests are only awarding 30 Rebel/Imperial faction, so this is speculation at best.

IMPORTANT: Razor Knuckler schematics were supposedly pulled from the loot tables by the developers due to game balance issues. However, there are reports of these schematics being looted out of the chests inside the dungeon on Live. It is unclear at this time if the weapon has already been 'balanced' ahead of time (it was scheduled to start dropping again in Publish 10), or if the schematic dropping is intended or not. Awaiting developer comment to Player Correspondents.




The Death Watch

Enemies Include: Super Battle Droids (Stronger than the Corellian Corvette SBDs), Battle Droids, Death Watch Ghosts, Death Watch Wraiths, Death Watch Bloodguards, Black Sun Assassins, Black Sun Henchmen, Black Sun Thugs, Black Sun Guards, Mine Rats, Miners, Scientists, Technicians

Bosses: Black Sun Overlord (Drops A Vial of Blood), Rageon Vert (Drops Section A Passkey), Klin Nif (Drops Section B Passkey), Fenri Dalso (Drops Mine Key).



Mandalorian Armor

( Hereby known as, 'teh hawtness' )

This armor must be crafted in the special Forge Rooms at the bottom of the Bunker. You have 5 minutes to complete the crafting process before you will be ejected. Failure during the crafting process will forcibly eject the entire party to the Bunker entrance. Success will eject the crafter to the Bunker entrance (but leave the group to fend for itself, so be aware).

Crafting the armor is as simple as dragging the pieces onto the Crafting Droid in the Forge Rooms and following the instructions given. No experimentation is used in this process (at least, for the DE to make the Helmet). There is no color palette to utilize when making Mandalorian Armor. You may only craft one piece at a time.

Mandalorian Armor is vulnerable to Stun, Lightsaber, Electricity, and Cold. Turning BH armor into Mandalorian Armor increased the resistances of the Helmet we used by 6%, except for Blast, which was increased by 13% (A 52% to all helmet became a 65% Blast/58% all but Stun/Cold/Elec/Lightsaber helmet). The HAM was also very slightly increased. We have not attempted to slice it yet. We have not attempted to repair it yet; the Helmet became 40,000/40,000 condition after the crafting process; it's original condition was 28106/30294. Here's a pic.

Wearable by: Master Bounty Hunter

                      Master Squad Leader

                      Master Commando

                      Master Ranger

Crafted by: Master Droid Engineer (Doughbacca, DE Corr, has assembled a nice guide to crafting this armor based on his experiences. You can find it here.)

                 Master Armorsmith

                 Master Tailor


- The piece of BH Armor you wish to turn into Mandalorian Armor

- 1 Alum Minerals

- 1 Protective Liquid Coating

- 1 Binary Liquid




This vehicle must be crafted in the special Droid Engineer Forge Room at the bottom of the Bunker. You have 5 minutes to complete the crafting process before you will be ejected. Failure during the crafting process will forcibly eject the entire party to the Bunker entrance.

Crafted by: Master Droid Engineer (The Crafting Station is in the MDE Room)


- Jetpack Base

- Injector Tank

- Fuel Dispersion Unit

- Ducted Fan

- (5th part?)

IMPORTANT: There were early rumors that there was both the jetpack AND a new vehicle inside the DWB in a interview. TH has stated that the developer's words were misinterpreted and the jetpack is the only new vehicle. The interviewer responsible for the original error has been poison/diseased and triple-grief-incapped by the very best of Ahazian PvPers.



Bounty Hunter Armor

Bounty Hunter Armor is wearable by any profession. It's stats (and conditions) on pieces vary wildly, from the low teens to 90%. Like all looted armor, the HAM is very low. It comes in one color. Legendary pieces may have 90% Resistances, Skill Modifiers, or exceptionally high condition (or all three.). It is sliceable. It is repairable, but whatever stats it is found with it will always have (even if it's max condition). So a 28.5% helmet at 8k/20k condition will still be 28.5k even if you repair it back up to 20k/20k condition.

Twi'leks can't wear the helmets (presumably because the developers hate them). Wookiees can't wear any of the armor ( definately because the developers hate them).

Drops off: Black Sun Thugs, Black Sun Assassins, Black Sun Guards, Black Sun Henchmen.

IMPORTANT: This armor only drops off these NPCs at their random spawns. These spawns have been confirmed to be on Yavin IV, Dathomir, and Endor (though NOT in the Bunker and NOT at 0, 0). There are also unconfirmed reports of Black Sun spawns on Dantooine.





Patch Notes - Tuesday, May 25, 2004

- Posted guide. Requested stickiness (and a /snog) from Test Center Correspondent.

- Fixed some typos and grammatical errors.

- Fixed an issue with the 'Getting In' section. Speaking to Boba Fett is the ONLY way to gain access to the dungeon-- the Imperial and Rebel NPCs simply give you quests. To compensate, a new Section, Quests, has been moved into the IV slot, and the factional quests have been placed here.

- Nerfed the clear domes on R2 units. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

- Added an explanation of art crates, added the certifications for Mandalorian Armor, answered some questions on it, too. :)

- Clarified a few sections at the requests of some players. Also, added information to answer a few commonly asked questions we've been receiving.

Patch Notes - Wednesday, May 26, 2004

- Laughed, uncontrollably, at playerbase feedback to Death Watch Bunker.

- Wiped tears from eyes; updated information regarding the Razor Knuckler.

Patch Notes - Thursday, May 27th, 2004

- Tired of reading Live Servers' complaints on the Death Watch Bunker. Decided to go show them how we roll out here on TC (also decided to bring along wookiees, just to prove how ub3r we are).

- Crafted first Mandalorian Helmet. Partied for hours.

- Updated Mandalorian Armor Section with new statistics and info, added a link to a screenshot, just to crash Osrix's hosting FTP.

- Clarified a bit on the Mandalorian Armor crafting process. Also tried to provide more information concerning the passkeys.

Patch Notes - Friday, May 28th, 2004

 - Added a link to Doughbacca's 'DE Guide to Crafting Mandalorian Armor' in Section VII, at his request.

 - By request, specified which bosses drop which passkeys.

Patch Notes - Monday, May 31st, 2004

 - Tore myself away from TC2 long enough to update the guide.

 - Finally found out the name of that 3rd 'miniboss'.

 - Requested permission to link to a map of the dungeon. If possible, we may construct a detailed guide using the map to aid adventuring parties.




( Hereby known as, 'teh shout-outs' )

Thanks to the whole Roughneck crew-- Chur, Omac, Joanna, Dra'ak, Jinks, Gaffyn, Fever, Zerion, Vorath, Kerry, Me-ke (The Original Queen of The Death Watch Bunker, who unlocked the secret of entry ;) ), Osrix (for showing us all that even 'sploits can't crack the Bunker) and Reeli.

Doughbacca, for being crazy enough to come down into the lower echeleons of this place with us (with no armor!), and being wholly dedicated to the Roughneck cause and the Completion of the dungeon. :)

Thanks also needs to be extended to: Kipper, for organizing the serverwide raids. Limbo, for spending hours analyzing the bunker, battle strategies, MOB HAMs, etc. Popojiju and Imap, our resident Jedi, for risking their lives in the name of ub3r l3wt. Okkoo, the craziest wookiee Combat Medic on Test Center, who was ready to roll on raids almost every time. Biiba, SWG QA, for her buffs on the dev-sponsored raids. Nesh, for dying for our sins. JustG, for caring how bad the lag in this place was, Pex, for showing up to wish us luck on our first real 'raid', and all the developers and other QAs for putting their body and souls into something some people have been waiting 27 years for.

And all the other folks I'm probably shafting by not mentioning them by name. You know who you are.

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