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TKA guide
By: Chimero

1. Step: Unarmed XP for Novice TKA

The first thing to do to make it much easier to get this Unarmed XP is to get Novice Pistoleer first. Reason is that you will get Healthshot 1 and 2 that will help you a lot killing stuff faster and easier. The Bleeds and DoTs (Damage over Time) specials are not assigned to any experience and that means when you hit it with one time with another weapon all the XP will be assigned to this other weapon (also works for Combat XP, just throw a grenade to kill the creature after their Healthpool is drained enough). Healthshot 1 and 2 stack and that means 800-1000 additional damage every 30 seconds what will you help a lot. It is also a good and save way to pull the creature single without coming too close to the lair and when they are not too close together (and no scout creature).

I always used this macro:

Pistol equipped;

/pause 2;
/pause 2; (depends on weapon speed)
/pause 2; (depends on weapon speed)

This makes it possible to bleedshot 2-3 creatures before the first creature will agro on you and come in melee range because they will not agro on the shots, only when they take damage. If possible, try to get a good (High Damage, Speed not too important) Striker, Scout, Tangel, FWG5 and DX2 Pistol to get pistols with different damage types. Put a damage powerup on them and they will be good for 100 Healthshots (50 creatures) with that. Also get a Vibroknuggler (dont spend to much money on them and dont bother to get them sliced, because they will decay very fast when you are not certificated) and use it even when you are not certified for it. They will make you attack faster and hit the creatures harder (Light Armor Piercing).


Hunt from mission terminals in player cities because the distances are lower then from normal cities. Take on
"low level" missions with creatures (no NPCs) that you can tank easily. Try to get in distance of all creatures when you get there and then use the macro I wrote above. Hit (tap) the lair only with your unarmed and stop attacking short before they spawn because you want to get Unarmed XP and not Pistol XP.

Always hunt try to get someone to group with you or to group a pet (mount or faction perk) to get the addition group XP. There is a big difference if you get 3100 XP or 3900 XP a kill (Savage Quenkers, Dantooine). Let it stay in the Outpost though, to avoid getting it agroed and killed or sucks your XP.

2. Step: Novice TKA XP

First of all get a couple of good Vibroknugglers. Good ones have 2.2 Speed and a maximal damage around 147. Find a smuggler you trust with slicing 4 or and get them sliced. Best would be one high speed and one high damage slice so you have one for every occassion (PvP, PvE).


I got all my TKA XP till 4/1/1/2 on Dantooine at the Imperial Outpost. Take Savage Quenker missions (6900 credits a mission and 3900 XP a killand no deathblows). Use the same macro with the pistol as for the unarmed XP so you can kill faster. That makes it possible to get around 50000 XP points and 15000 credits in 30-45 minutes. Later on you can also hunt Hurton Huntresses for 7388 credits and 4450 XP a kill.

3. Step: Advanced TKA XP

As I got 4/1/1/2 I "decided" to group up with a Novice TKA (Raz ) and we went to Endor (Smuggler Outpost). There are a lot of lairs and spawns on this planet that makes it dangerous but also very good to get XP. Just take two missions in one direction and kill every creature on the way that you can take. Most of the creatures there have very high kinetic resistance so you have to choose carefull.


Take Bloodstained Merek (9448 credits) and Handarak Rock Smasher (10500 credits) missions because this ones give very good XP and go down very fast. They dont like the kinetic damage you throw out much. When you spot an Earthen Mount (a wild lair, not the mission ones) on the way with a lot of Crayzed Gurrecks around, take a minute time and send a prayer to god for this blessing. They go down very fast and give very good XP. But this is not the best thing. The spawn rate is incredible high so when you hit the lair the first time you will get 10-15 spawns and the same after you tap it the second time. That makes it 25-30 creatures to kill very fast that gave me 100 000 TKA XP in less then 20 minutes. If you are a scout, take them time to harvest the hide of the Gurrecks. They have a shock resistance in the 900 hundreds and the other stats are also very nice. Good for every Armorsmith.

A good macro you should always have on your hotbar is:

/harvest hide; (meat, bone)

Makes looting, harvesting and killing in PvP much faster.

4. Step: Skills and Training

So, now you earned a lot of XP but how to spend it in the best way? Here my tip:

Meditation/Balance/Power/Precision (Precision is Combat XP so it just zips by)

Novice (VK certificate, Unarmed Hit 2 special, damage/speed, Center of Being increasses)
1/0/0/0 (Helps meditating poisons and deseases away faster)
2/0/0/1 (Gives you Power Boost ability and helps meditating)
2/1/0/1 (Gives you resists, the Knockdown 1 special and Melee Damage Mitigation 1)
2/1/1/1 (Gives you speed/damage and the Dizzy special)
3/1/1/2 (Longer Power Boost duration and helps meditating)
4/1/1/2 (Longer Power Boost duration, Heal Wounds by meditation and Force of Will ability)
4/2/1/2 (Resists and toughness)
4/3/1/2 (Resists, toughness and Melee Damage Mitigation 2)
4/3/2/3 (Gives you speed/damage and the Unarmed Combo Attack 1)
4/3/3/3 (Gives you speed/damage and the Unarmed Spin Attack 2)
4/3/4/3 (Gives you speed/damage and the Unarmed Combo Attack 2)
4/4/4/4 (Toughness and Knockdown 2 special)
Master (Gives you damage/speed, accuracy, better CoB, Unarmed Hit 3 and Melee Damage Mitigation 3)

Precision tree:
1-Body Hit
2-Action Hit
4-Head Hit
Also gives unarmed accuracy, better CoB, defensive acuity and Range/Melee defense.

In the next step I explain why to choose this order.

5. Step: Abilities & Specials

Power Boost:
The first thing you need to make your whole hunting much better and faster is this ability. That is a free buff off your Health/Action/Mind pools that lasts from 6-10 minutes depending in your level of Meditation. All stats will be increased for 50% of your unbuffed mind stat (Additional to other buffs from food, doctors and entertainers).

Here my stats:

Without PB: With PB:

Health: 700 Health: 1200
Action: 700 Action: 1200
Mind: 1000 Mind: 1500

Remember that your mind is the most important pool because it is the only one you cant heal with a stimpack during a battle. Also your biggest enemy in PvP are the Rilfeman with their Headshots and the Bounty Hunters with their Eyeshots. Because they dont have to come to close to you to kill you like the Commando.

Knockdown 1:
Very usefull against creatures, NPCs and players. This attack tries to knockdown a target and delays it. You can only knockdown a target every 30 seconds.

Melee Damage Mitigation 1:
Helps you taking a lot less damage and you can tank higher and more creatures.

This special is ONLY usefull against NPC or player characters and DOESNT work on creatures. When you hit with this special it will make the target dizzy and in combination with Knockdown 1 it will be very difficult if not impossible for it to get up again before the dizzy wears off.

Force of Will:
Usefull when you get incapped and you dont want to get slain (Rules in PvP). This one will help you to get up from the incapitation right after you hit the button. Unfortunately you can only use it once an hour and after about 10 minutes after the using you will get a downer of 5 minutes that reduces your Healt/Action/Mind for 200 points.

Damage Mitigation 2:
Tanking is getting better and better. Now you can consider to put your armor into your bank and go for some decent Melee/Stun resist Bio-Enhanced clothes. Your HAM costs of your specials will be reduced a lot without armor. Still better to use one in PvP but against creatures where you do specials all the time and over a long time better with the clothes.

Unarmed Combo Attack 1:
Best style to hunt with because the HAM costs are low and deals a good amount of damage. I used this one mainly till I hit Master TKA.

Unarmed Spin Attack 2:
Only use when you tank more then one creature and best when they are low level . Damage lower then Unarmed Combo 1 and HAM costs 50% higher.

Unarmed Combo Attack 2:
Not usefull against creatures because there is no point in reducing all three HAM bars with one hit. Costs very high and only good if you are in PvP or when you want to suck XP in big groups.

Knockdown 2:
Very usefull in PvP and against NPCs. Knockdown and Dizzy with one attack. HAM costs to high for use against creatures because Dizzy doesnt work on them anyway so I keep using Knockdown 1.

Unarmed Hit 3:
Hit with most damage and mainly used after you get Master.

Melee Damage Mitigation 3:
That is the point where players start to fight without armor...and sometimes also without clothes *grins*.

Specials given by the Precision tree:
Never used the specials of this tree against creatures because they cost to much in HAM and Unarmed Combo 1 does more damage. Good for PvP though when you encounter an enemy that already has lowered HAM.

6. Step: Tips & Tricks

Using of Knockdown against creatures:
There is one good combination to increase the the duration of the Knockdown:
Depending of the level of the skills in Intim and War the creature will be delayed for 10-20 seconds and stay on the floor where you can finish it off easily. Here I want to thank Sara for this nice tip on the combination.

Center of Being:
Makes it more difficult for enemies to hit you and your defenses shot off more often. Worked good for me and I almost used it in every fight but I heared from friends that it makes no difference for them if they use it or not and so I believe there are a lot of things that go into that skill. Melee/Range defenses, Level of CoB, Defensive Acuity...etc...etc...
If someone know exactly, please add a post to this guide so this information can be shared.

Make one Hotbar for TKA for fighting creatures and one for figthting in PvP and NPCs. There is a big difference in the specials you use and you dont have enough room on one hotbar if you have another combat proffession.


Before I went to Endor I almost did all my missions only with my mount grouped with me that stayed back at the outpost. I tried a few groups but you are much faster if you just hunt on your own like I described earlier. So you dont have the people who keep attacking the Jungle Voritor Lair after the creature already spawned and you are jumped by 5 of them at the same time. Also as a melee you get hit most and sometimes you just loose the overview when you have 3 creatures (like Grauls)around you. You see nothing anymore especially when you got some Commando in group with a Launcher Pistol or a Flamethrower. So grouped on Dantooine only with a guildy that needed some Pistol XP and I just did the same as if I would have been alone. Worked very good, more missions at once, faster kills and very good for my guildy.

The best think what you can do group with another TKA. Why? Because you can take turns in tanking, heal each other, you have about the same downtimes and you get good XP. Also you can train each other and speak about the proffession and the specials. TKA specials are very fast and you do them almost at the same time when you hit the button, that means you have no long delay on heals when you need them and when you have two TKA in melee they are always in range. Get some skills in the Medic proffession (First Aid 1 and Diag 1 for exsample) so your XP cap is 10 000 points and after an hour of hunting and healing each other you can train your buddy 10 Times First Aid 1 (he has to surrender it after every train) and so you get 200 APP XP pts. Then you let him train you 10 Times First Aid 1 and he gets 200 APP XP. I think we all know how difficult it is do get APP points in this times where 90% of the people are Holo-Hunter/Grinders. Glad not being one of them and hoping it will be over soon.

7. Step: Dedication

I want to dedicate this guide to all members of the Imperial guild of THE NORTHERN STORM COMMAND that gave me a save and good home and a family. (Server: Ahazi, Planet: Naboo, City: Valoe). Hope we will last forever.

Special thanks to Raz who spent so many hours together with me on Endor that I know consider him as my closest friend here in this game. Thanks for baiting for me thoug, hope you make it soon to Master as well, I am going to help you :-).


Added in version 5.1 -Biophilia