Jedi Knight Trials


1.) 19 Tusken Raiders -- Easily accomplished at Fort Tusken

2.) 8 Ancient Bull Rancors -- Not commonly found in Rancor Heaven (located 2 lairs in an hour at the NE quadrant about 2500 due NE of Dath outpost) * also rumoured to hang around the dath imp prison

3.) 8 Stintaril Prowlers -- SW Quadrant of Yavin IV (near labor outpost) Took some time as they spawn one or two to a spawn.. No lairs..
1/2 way in between Geo Lab and Labor outpost worked great for me

4.) 3 Blurrg Raptors -- Endor (sighted 1500 M NE of Smuggler post, 2000 M South of smuggler post, 1500 N of smuggler post, and 1000 M South of research post) (also check near the Deathwatch Bunker... NW endor)

5.) 3 Enraged Kimogila - LOK (sighted 4500 SE of Nyms Stronghold, 2000 M SE of Droideka Cave, near the mountain SE LOK)

6.) 2 Peko Peko Albatross - NABOO ( Northern Bayside.. found them before near kadaara..almost always on the Bay Cliffs)

7.) 2 Graul Marauders -- DANT ( NW corner of Dantooine, Western side of planet, 500 M around Imp Outpost as well)(***Both times i have seen these spawn, has been South of the Imp Outpost... Last known spotting was 2200 Meters South Southwest of the Imp Outpost)

*At this point you choose direction you would like to go as far as light side or dark side.

8.) 47 Rebel/Imp Commandos - For rebels -- Rori Rebel outpost has arax? do his 3rd mission for 5 to spawn each time.. wash mission/rinse repeat..Random Spawns throughout galaxy. Dark Black Imperials

9.) 22 Rebel/Imp Generals - Player Bases, spawn every 20 mins.. clear em and hope surface marshall,High general, or general spawn

10.) 4 Rebel/Imp Rear Admirals/Nova Troopers - 190,000 HAM..Heav y Armour... Corvette..Top FLoor at Start..2nd room on the right... with the yellow shoulder pa protruding off his right shoulder...

11.) 1 Acklay -Boss Spawn at the Geo Lab Cave of Yavin IV

12.) 1 Nightsister Elder - Dathomir SW quadrant, near POI Nightsister Stronghold

13.) 1 Kiin'Dray- Boss Spawn at the Spiderclan Cave on Dathomir (north Dath)

14.) 1 Giant Krayt Dragon - Krayt Graveyard, Tatooine

*Important note, as soon as the Krayt is killed, you are perma overt.. CAREFUL out there