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  • Guide to Aurilia (v2.0)
    By: StGabriel, Posted at: Thu, Feb 3rd 10:44 PM 2005
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    Greetings all, this is going to be a guide on Aurilia, the Forse Sensitivity (FS) quests therein, and the FS skill branches. At this point it will necessarily be somewhat incomplete and some of the information it contains will be of a speculative nature. And of course, because of the fact that this is still on Test, any and all of it could change at any moment.

    Let me know if you have information not contained in this guide, if you think it contains errors or if you don't find the answer to your questions within.

    Also by its very nature this guide will of course contain lots of:

    *** SPOILERS ***
    *** SPOILERS ***
    *** SPOILERS ***

    0. Sections
    1. The Journey to Aurilia
    2. The Village of Aurilia
    3. Training FS Skills
    4. XP conversion
    5. Taking Quests & Village Phases
    6. Leaving the Village
    7. Holo-grinding Perks
    8. Jedi & Extra Character Slots
    9. Quest Descriptions

    1. The Journey to Aurilia
    To begin your journey to uncovering the latent FS powers you may have and even Jedi abilities you will have to discover and enter the Village of Aurilia. Those not invited to Aurilia are not welcome and thus you have some work to do even to enter Aurilia and get started.

    The beginning of the path to Aurilia begins with a strange visit from an Old Man. He will ask if you were aware of your Force Sensitivity and offer you a crystal to protect -- so that you may determine the extent of your FS abilities. He won't visit just anyone though and so it is important to know just how can you entreat this man to visit you. It is believed firmly at this time that the correct path is obtaining badges. You will need to obtain a certain set of badges and finally the Old Man will visit you. Many badges seem important: theme parks, POI's, the Corvette badges and even perhaps racetracks. There has been speculation however that certain badges may weigh particularly high such as the Jedi-related POI badges. There may also be some other requirements such as mastery of an elite profession. There is no known shortest path but in general: when in doubt, get more badges.

    The command /checkforcestatus (/che for short) will allow you to determine your progress. It indicates your current level of Force Sensitivity which will increase as you obtain new badges. The levels of force sensitivity are [note I didn't have these all handy so I will have to fill them out completely later]:
    • You feel no connection with the force.
    • You barely notice something different about yourself.
    • You feel a faint sense of the force.
    • You have a strong sense of the Force within you.
    • You feel the Force surge within you.
    • You feel an inner glow. The Force is with you.

    When you reach an inner glow you will only need to wait for a while and the Old Man will visit you eventually.

    After speaking with the old man and obtaining your crystal you will have to wait for a bit. Eventually you will be visited by two aggressive strangers. They will demand your crystal and attack you. You must defend yourself and kill one of them. On them you will find a Shadowy Datapad (or two -- but only one is necessary). They are fairly easy and are doable even by a prepared non-combatant. However, if you should fail, you will have your crystal taken from you and will have to await a new visit from the Old Man.

    You will then want to learn more of these mysterious attackers who appear to be, of all things, Sith. You will have to use one of the shadowy datapads on the prior thugs in order to locate their camp. At the camp you will be required to kill a few more of these fellows. Doing so you will loot another shadowy datapad that has a waypoint on Dathomir.

    The waypoint is inside the Science Outpost on Dathomir and here you will meet Jamilla. Jamilla invites you to the Village of Aurillia and asks you to visit the Elder there (Rohak).

    2. The Village of Aurilia
    The village itself is a farming community located to the southest of the Dathomir Science Outpost (5300, -4000). This small community of force sensitive folk have tucked themselves away and hidden from most (but not all) of their enemies. The village is protected by a very special shield that prevents entry from those who are not welcome in the village. There is a local group of shadowy Sith however that are very determined to do the village in -- and you will encounter these folk as you progress through the village's content. The village has several notable personages:

    • Rohak -- The village elder. He will introduce you to the village and tell you how you might aid the village.
    • Captain Sarguillo -- In charge of defending the village, the Captain may ask you to aid in protecting Aurillia.
    • Silvarra -- the village's medic. She offers opportunities to prove your worth to the village by healing and caring for its defenders and citizens (Senses quests).
    • Quharek -- this NPC offers most of the crafting FS quests.
    • Eozlin -- this Ithorian NPC offers a pair of surveying quests that can unlock FS senses branches.
    • Alpoka -- NPC of unknown background. Offers a collection-oriented crafting quest.
    • Whip -- NPC who gives some of the FS Reflexes quests. At other times he can be found bemoaning the fate of his "master".
    • Paemos -- A very important NPC, Paemos will allow you to transfer your experiences and learnings outside the village into understanding of your Force Sensitivity. Also known as the XP converter (see XP conversion below). Paemos is also the person that holo-grinders will want to visit for "free branch unlocks" (see Holo-grind Rewards below).
    • Noldan -- Another very important NPC. When you are ready, Noran will train you in new Force Sensitive skills. (see FS training below)

    That is Aurilia in a nutshell -- where you will undertake various quests and be able to uncover your latent FS abilities. The next sections will deal with how you learn FS skills and how you undertake the quests that the village has to offer.

    3. Training FS Skills
    You are of course in the village to learn FS skills, so let's discuss how that happens. First of all there TWO parts to this. Each FS skill box provides some small benefit and costs 1 skill point. There are 4 FS trees each containing 4 branches or lines:
    • Crafting Mastery
      • Technique
      • Assembly
      • Experimentation
      • Repair>

    • Enhanced Senses
      • Healing
      • Surveying
      • Persuasion
      • Luck

    • Enhanced Reflexes
      • Melee Defense
      • Ranged Defense
      • Vehicle Control
      • Survival

    • Combat Prowess
      • Melee Accuracy
      • Melee Speed
      • Ranged Accuracy
      • Ranged Speed

    The first part involves questing. You will need to quest in order to unlock the branches of each FS tree. Unlocking a branch does NOT mean that you have all of its boxes. It only means that you are now able to train these boxes. Training the actual boxes requires using FS experience a special kind of experience that can only be obtained in Aurilia by converting regular experience (see XP conversion below). As an example, to train FS Melee Accuracy you will first have to do a quest for Captain Sarguillo which will unlock the FS Melee Accuracy branch. You will then have to spend FS Combat Experience to train the actual boxes.

    The costs for FS skills are currently like those of combat boxes: 175k, 250k, 350k, 450k. Novice boxes cost 50k apiece.

    4. XP conversion
    So you have to undertake quests to unlock each FS line. After you do this you will spend a special sort of FS experience on the lines that you have unlocked. Each tree has its own sort of experience: FS combat xps, FS reflex xps, FS sense xps and FS crafting xps. To obtain these xps you will need to convert experience that you already have from your normal professions. This can be done through the NPC Paemos. Each sort of FS experience can be converted to from several different experience types. Combat and Reflexes xps are obtained from weapons xps (2h, rifles, etc.), combat xps, Bounty Hunter investigation and Squad Leader xps. Crafting xps can be obtained from all crafting experiences. Sense xps are obtained from everything else. When last checked BE xps and Slicing xps were the only xps that could not be converted.

    When you convert you turn in some number of regular xps that you have earned and saved up and you gain some fraction of that in FS xps. The ratios of exchange were recently changed (most were tripled). Here are current known exchange rates (I'll add the rest in as I can -- if you have CURRENT data let me know):

    Combat & Reflex XPs
    • Weapons xps -- 30->1
    • Combat xps -- 3->1
    • Squad Leader xps -- 90->1
    • Investigation xps -- 1->1

    Crafting XPs
    • Armor Crafting -- 5->1
    • Bio-Engineering -- 4->1
    • DNA Sampling -- 3->1 [does this go in crafting or in senses?]
    • Medicine Crafting -- 5->1
    • General Crafting -- 8->1
    • Spice Crafting -- 5->1
    • Structure Crafting -- 35->1
    • Weapon Crafting -- 5->1

    Sense XPs
    • Image Design xps -- 7->1
    • Dancing xps -- 10->1
    • Musician xps -- 10->1
    • Entertainer Healing xps -- 10->1
    • Scout xps -- 8->1
    • Trapping xps -- 25->1
    • Survival xps -- 5->1
    • Medical xps -- 10->1
    • Surveying xps -- 10->1
    • Merchant xps -- 4->1
    • Creature Handling -- 9->1 [can someone confirm that this is sense and not combat?]

    Note that these just changed and who knows -- they may change again.

    Example: Say I want to learn FS Combat Prowess Novice which costs 50,000 FS combat experience. I have 900k 2h experience and 90k combat experience saved up from fighting whatever. I can go to Paemos and convert those into FS combat experience. The 900k 2h experience will convert into 30,000 FS Combat xps. The 90k combat xps can also convert into 30,000 FS Combat xps. I can then learn the novice box and have 10,000 points left over to spend later. To then start learning Melee Accuracy I I will first have to do a quest to unlock that branch and then obtain 165k more FS combat xps.

    5. Taking Quests & Village Phases
    So to unlock branches of FS skills you will need to talk to various NPC's in the village and obtain quests. There are several NPC's offering a range of interesting quests at any time. However it is important to note that it appears that you can only have one quest at a time and that the quests being offered depend on "phases" of the village. The Village goes through different phases and at each phase different quests are offered. It may also be that you can only take 1 total quest per phase. Each phase lasts 3 weeks (this period of time was determined from a comment made by JustG and may not be accurate). This is a an extra gate on obtaining the FS skills. This phase on TC1 we have obtained two skills from one quest. However if, in general, you obtain one branch per phase then you will have to wait at least 5 phase changes to obtain the 6 branches needed for Jedi (see Jedi & The Extra Slot below). This will be a span of at least 12 weeks or about 3 months.

    The phases themselves also involve various changes in the village. During the second phase several Sith bases are scattered around Dathomir and can be raided for a quest. During the 3rd phase the village will be under attack by Sith raiders. During some phases certain NPC's may not be there at all.

    The quests themselves are fairly interesting and appear to have some nice rewards above and beyond the FS skill unlocks. They have multiple stages and some have a bonus for those who do them grouped. The Quest Details section at the end of the guide holds all known information about the quests for each phase. All the quests that you obtain will show up in a quest journal. You can check these quests using the /ui action questJournal command or by selecting "display journal" from your crystal. The quest journal displays both completed and uncompleted quests.

    6. Leaving the Village
    After a lot of hard work it will come time for many to leave the village and, if they wish, to persue the path of the Jedi. This will happen you have completely unlocked and trained 6 full branches of FS skills (24 total boxes).

    Some time after completing your 6 branches you will receive another visit from the Old Man. He will inform you that it is now time for you to destroy Mellichae, the leader of the mysterious Sith who have plagued Aurilia. Wherever you are at that time, he will give you a wp about 1km away leading to Mellichae's camp. If you lose this wp or need to start over, relogging might fix it.

    Mellichae can be quite challenging and it would be a good idea for most to bring along some friends. The camp itself is surrounded by four crystals which heal the camp inhabitants and each other. Inside the camp you will see Mellichae himself, a red-eyed, cybernetic-arm wearing zabrak Jedi with a lightsaber. He is accompanied by about 8 generic Sith NPC's and his henchman, Daktar Bloodmoon. The henchman are easy, but Mellichae and Daktar both have decent HAM's (40-60k), 80% resists and medium armor rating.

    Your first obstacle is the crystals. These heal the people in the camp and each other -- but each crystal heals different targets. You will have to destroy all the crystals to prevent all the camp inhabitants from getting full heals. At least one crystal will not be healed by anything else and thus it is vulnerable. At any time at least one crystal should not be healed by any other. You will probably want to destroy all 4 crystals and the generic siths before confronting Mellichae and Daktar. If Mellichae or Daktar attack, you can simply run them around for a bit until you lose them or until your friends have finished the crystals.

    Daktar does not deal that much damage and shouldn't be much of a problem. Mellichae can deal a lot of damage, due to wielding a Lightsaber, but can be tanked with care. We were able to do the whole camp with 3 Swordsman (one a doctor as well), doc buffs, synthsteak and brandy (/cheer Dra'ak and Nairobi!). While certainly challenging none of us came that close to dying.

    Upon killing Mellichae, you will have qualified for the Padawan Trials. You must complete the Padawan trials to become a Jedi Padawan and to unlock your additional character slot. I will soon be posting a Padawan trials guide. In short however, the Padawan trials are fairly time consuming. You must completely arounnd 16 of them. To initiate each trial, including your first after killing Mellichae, you will have to meditate at a Force Shrine. You will get a waypoint to the nearest shrine everytime you finish a trial or after killing Mellichae. If you need to restart a trial you can do so at a shrine (and it is sometimes necessary to do this when an NPC fails to spawn). It is possible to fail trials (but they're not that hard). If you fail 3, you will have to restart the whole thing over. I was able to complete the trials in about 12 hours but your mileage may vary. Halfway through the trials you will become a Jedi initiate and will be able to make a training lightsaber (in fact this is a trial itself, as is locating and tuning a crystal to use in the lightsaber).

    7. Holo-grinding Perks
    Paemos will have an extra option for those who hologrinded (or just did a lot of professions). He offers "free branch unlocks". These are improved unlocks similar to those available in quests. They happen immediately and (very importantly) they give xps to train skills with. The number of unlocks you get will depend on the amount of hologrinding you did. Someone who unlocked before Publish 10 should have 6 unlocks allowing them to train 6 full branches of FS skills and thus qualify for Jedi Initiate. Currently you cannot unlock a skill that you have already unlocked with quests -- although you can still do quests for skills you have unlocked with your free unlocks. Upon unlocking the skill you will obtain 1,275,000 xps of the relevant experience type. If you unlock Enhanced Senses: Persuasion, for example, you will get 1,2750,000 FS sense xps. You don't have to spend these on the skill you unlocked. You could, for example, unlock persuasion and then train luck. The xps are enough to train novice and the relevant branch. It is important to note that you will cap your xps at 1,275,000. That means that any xps you had, for the relevant category and prior to unlocking, will poof. If you had 100,000 FS sense xps, for example, and unlock persuasion, you will have 1,275,000 xps -- the same as you would have had if you unlocked with 0 xps saved. This means that you should try to spend all of your experience before unlocking any branches that have the same experience type.

    8. Jedi & Extra Character Slots
    According to Thunderheart it is necessary to obtain 24 FS skills in order to begin the path to Jedi. It is also believed that this is the point at which you will obtain an additional character slot. It would make sense that you could then surrender your FS skills if you want to, and keep your additional slot -- but that has not been confirmed. It also seems quite likely that you can continue to do quests and obtain other FS skills if you so desire.

    9. Quest Descriptions
    This section will be separated by phases with specific details of the quests offered during each phase. As we still haven't done many of the phases on TC1 and not all quests are even working, this will be missing a lot of data. I will update as more is discovered.

    --- Phase 1 ---
    Rescue Missing Villagers
    Quest Giver: Whip
    Task: During recent raids on the village several inhabitants have gone missing. Whip asks you to aid the village by tracking down these missing villagers. You are asked to rescue 5 in all. Whip will give you a waypoint. When you reach the waypoint you will be alerted that you are close to a Sith encampment with a prisoner. The encampment will show up on the overhead map as a small bar (perhaps with a square next to it). It will spawn somewhere within about 250m of the initial waypoint. The camp will contain a Sith pirate and thug. Dispatch these and converse with the captured villager. He will follow you and you must take him back to the base (you must go the whole way with them).
    FS Branch Reward: Enhanced Reflexes: Survival
    Item Reward: Aurilian Sculpture Part 3/4

    Patrol Quest
    Quest Giver: Captain Sarguillo
    Task: You must undertake 10 patrols. You will be given 8 waypoints. You must visit each. If at a waypoint you find 3 or less Sith, you must kill them. If you find more than 3 then you will have to leave without engaging them. Do this 10 times and you're done.
    FS Branch Reward: Combat Prowess: Ranged Accuracy
    Item Reward: If you do the patrols twice (20 total) you will be awarded an Aurilian banner, a pretty banner that blows in the wind like those at the starports.

    Aid Station
    Quest Giver: Silvarra Mecheaux
    Task: You are asked to create medicines with which to to treat 5 villagers. You will need to create and experiment upon various medicines. Different experimentation values will cure different symptoms. In general higher experimentation values will cure more serious symptoms but may leave smaller side-effects. You will have to work your patients down to full health. Currently requires master medic to complete solo.
    FS Branch Reward: Enhanced Senses: Persuasion
    Item Reward: Upon completing this quest you will have the option of doing it again. Doing so will net you an Icy Pendant, a +5 Combat Medic experimentation necklace. You can then undertake the quest once more if you wish. The reward for completing the quest a third time is a plant. This plant requires food and water (you will need to give it actual resources) and will actually grow into larger stages. At each stage its requirements may change. It is not yet known what happens when the plant reaches its final stage.

    Clean-up Crew
    Quest Giver: ?
    Task: ?
    FS Branch Reward: ?
    Item Reward: ?

    --- Phase 2 ---

    Quest Giver: Whip
    Task: You are asked to retrieve supplies from some downed ships on Endor. You will have to go to Endor and follow a waypoint. There you will find a ship with a few Sith guarding it and a crate. You can search this crate to obtain a "crate of supplies" which you must return to Whip. You will have to do this 5 times to finish the quest.
    FS Branch Reward: Enhanced Reflexes: Vehicular Control
    Item Reward: ?

    Search and Destroy I
    Quest Giver: Dageerin
    Task: You must use a radiation counter to track down and attack 8 enemy bases. For some of the quests you will simply receive a waypoint to your enemies. The radiation counter will go into your datapad where you can "use" it. This will bring a window that displays the current threat level as well as the current "delta". Delta, in technical terms is the derivative of the threat level. In laymen's terms, a high delta means you are moving towards your target. Note that if you are turning or slow down (due to hills or simply because you slow your movement) for a moment your delta will naturally be low for that update of the counter. What I recommend is to go in one direction until your speed levels out and then check your delta. Turn a bit to see if you can increase your delta. Keep doing this until it maxes out. The highest possible delta will depend on whether you are walking or on a vehicle and on what vehicle so I won't give an exact number. In general a higher delta is always better. Follow the highest delta or your waypoint until you come to an enemy camp. Your quest journal will update and you can kill the Sith that are there. Return to Dageerin after each search and destroy is completed.
    FS Branch Reward: Combat Prowess: Melee Speed
    Item Reward: A +30 speed melee powerup with 500 uses.

    Construction Foreman
    Quest Giver: Eozlin
    Task: You must find 50% concentrations for several resources.
    FS Branch Reward: Enhanced Senses: Surveying
    Item Reward: Resource containers and an inorganic survey tool.

    Clean-up Crew
    Quest Giver: Quharek
    Task: You are asked to create several items using some of the resource containers obtained from the Construction Foreman quest.
    FS Branch Reward: ?
    Item Reward: ?

    --- Phase 3 ---
    Capture Enemy Leadership
    Quest Giver: Captain Sarguillos
    Task: For this quest you are asked to raid an enemy base and capture its commander. The base is defended by a strong shield, turrets, and a horde of enemy sith. In order to enter the base you must disable its shields. To do this you must go to the base and gank NPC's outside of it in order to obtain frequency codes for the bases shields. There are actually a number of bases and codes and you will have to find the right codes for the right base. The Captain will give you a remote device to turn off the shields when you hand him a frequency code. You can also locate waypoint datapads that will give you waypoints to the differen bases (again you must give these to the captain). After opening the shields you will need to kill 5 enemies in order to have the enemy commander spawn. You must then break your way into the base and "capture" the commander (he has a "capture" radial option). He will then follow you and you can take him back to Aurilia. It is not recommend that you leave him behind as this can cause a mission failure. The commander offers you the opportunity to do this as a partnership with one player lowering the shields and the other capturing the commander. If you do this you will get a bonus reward item. The following is a list of known waypoints to the enemy bases (from a post by meGunnett):
    Alpha Base = -2932, 738
    Delta Base = -1721 -4684
    psi base = 1311 1219
    nu base = -1017 -2873
    theta = -1977 2234
    eta = 4072 -1402
    tao = -1680 1703
    Kappa = 5315 -1145
    Mu = -1092 2343
    Lamda = 5315 -1145
    Iota Base= 700 750 thanks to Aryeth Rahn
    Kappa = 5315 -1145
    Mu = -1092 2343

    FS Branch Reward: This quest unlocks the Combat Prowess: Melee Accuracy branch.
    Item Reward: If you do this quest all by yourself you will receive a uniquely colored crystal. If you do it with a partner you will receive the color and a tightly focused crystal. The latter gives a +900 mind buff that lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. It appears to be infinitely reusable and has a long reuse timer (due to timer bugs on TC we're not sure how long that timer is).

    Search And Destroy II
    Quest Giver: Dageerin
    Task: This quest is exactly like Search and Destroy I except for having different rewards.
    FS Branch Reward: Enhanced Reflexes: Ranged Defense
    Item Reward: A buff item with 5 charges that boosts ranged defense by +10.

    Shield Upkeep
    Quest Giver: Quharek
    Task: You are asked to give resources to a droid in the village in order to aid the village's shield defense. These resources can be obtained through the survey quests or can be looted from Sith.
    FS Branch Reward: ?
    Item Reward: ?

    Survey Quest
    Quest Giver: (forgot -- he isn't there this phase on TC1)
    Task: You must survey for certain resources (starting with finding a gas spot of 50% or more).
    FS Branch Reward: Enhanced Senses: Luck
    Item Reward: An inorganic surveying tool which allows you to survey any inorganic.

    --- Phase 4 ---

    Village Assault!
    Quest Giver: Captain Sarguillos
    Task: You must defend the village from attacking enemies. You can unlock either Melee Defense or Ranged Speed with this quest -- at the beginning of this quest you will be given the choice of which you wish to persue. It's not known at present how this impacts the reward item that you receive. Enemies will attack the village throughout this phase (once every 2 hours). You will have to defeat two waves of: 50 sith outlaws and 25 sith lieutenants. When you do this the first time you will get "task completed" notification and will get another set of missions. When you complete it the second time you will unlock two FS branches. The captains dialogues are not working this quest as yet and we are not sure if there is a further reward or how to obtain this.
    FS Branch Reward: Combat Prowess: Ranged speed OR Enhanced Reflexes: Melee Defense
    Item Reward: An Aurilian Sculpture Piece (1/4 for Ranged Speed).

    Village Assault Support
    Quest Giver: Silvarra Mecheaux
    Task: You must aid in the defense of the village by assisting its defenders. Enemies will attack the village throughout this phase (once every two hours). You will have to aid your friends during 50 "encounters". At this time the quest appears somewhat bugged in that very little actual credit is actually gained. After literally hundreds of enemies have been slaughtered with a medic healing nonstop the results were credit for 2-4 actual "encounters". As yet no one has completed this.
    FS Branch Reward: Enhanced Senses: Healing
    Item Reward: ?

    Remote Tracking Device
    Quest Giver: Alpoka Olaseole
    Task: You are asked to construct a remote tracking device that can be used to lcoate the villages computer core. In order to to create this you will need to collect items for a loot kit. You need 6 loot items and 4 crafted items. The loot items appear to drop randomly from any NPC and the crafted items are MA items. This quest has not yet been completed on TC1 so we do not know what the rewards for it are.
    FS Branch Reward: ?
    Item Reward: ?

    More to come when we find out more!

    SWG: General: Guide to Aurilia (v2.0), by StGabriel
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