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Veteran Rewards
By: Instigator, Posted at: Fri, May 19th 11:02 PM 2006, Last Edited: Mon, Nov 19th 3:44 PM 2007
Rated 4.33 by 6 people

Command: /claimVeteranReward
Veteran Rewards Info
These are given to players who have active accounts for the time listed below, and you are only eligible for said item, when your account has been active that long.

If you turn off your account, the timer stop's count'n toward said item, so if you have an account thats two years old, and only played & payed for it for like two months, then you won't be recieving any Veteran Rewards.
The account has to be paid and active to get any of the rewards listed below.

Use /claimVeteranReward or you can use /claim to get a box to pop up like this:

Then pick the item from the list, you have available.

Also, you can get a pop-up box like this, when you log on.

To check and see how long you have till your next reward, use /getvet command, it will tell you how many days you have been active.

Veteran Rewards

3 Month Veteran Reward
Also note that the Holonet Terminal, Holonet Tracking Console, Translation Terminal, and Control Array can be purchased from an Imperial Recruiter using Faction points.
Miniature Protocol Droid Replica
Miniature R2 Droid Replica
Make A Harvestor Self Powered
"Self Powered Harvestor - One Per Account Lifetime"
Holonet Terminal
Holonet Tracking Console
Control Array
Sample Readout Console

6 Month Veteran Reward
Crate Of Free Resources
"Crate Of Free Resources - One Per Account Lifetime"
Miniature Tie Fighter Replica
Miniature X-Wing Replica
YT1300 Modular Seating
YT1300 Passenger Lounge
Sorosuub Personal Luxary Yacht 3000
"The Sorosuub Personal Luxary Yacht 3000 is given to players as a reward for free if you have JTL, and don't count as a pick on this list"
And you can choose any of 3 month veteran rewards.

9 Month Veteran Reward
Decorative Houseplant
Display Stand
And you can choose any of 3 thru 6 months veteran rewards.

12 Month Veteran Reward (1 year)
Profession Restart Kit
"formerly the Anti Decay Kit - One Per Account Lifetime"
Miniature Jabba The Hutt Replica
Miniature Stormtrooper Replica
Database Input Terminal
System Readout Terminal
Holonet Databank
Main Systems Databank
And you can choose any of 3 thru 9 months veteran rewards.

15 Month Veteran Reward
Imperial Guard Hologram
Miniature Cu Pa
And you can choose any of 3 thru 12 months veteran rewards.

18 Month Veteran Reward
Imperial Rug
Rebel Rug
And you can choose any of 3 thru 15 months veteran rewards.

21 Month Veteran Reward
Jedi Starfighter Hologram
Jawa Sandcrawler Hologram
And you can choose any of 3 thru 18 months veteran rewards.

24 Month Veteran Reward (2 year)
DeathStar Hologram
And you can choose any of 3 thru 21 months veteran rewards.

27 Month Veteran Reward
Princess Leia Hologram
Dewback Toy
And you can choose any of 3 thru 24 months veteran rewards.

30 Month Veteran Reward
Jawa Hologram
Emperor's Chair
And you can choose any of 3 thru 27 months veteran rewards.

33 Month Veteran Reward
Yoda Hologram
Rancor Toy
And you can choose any of 3 thru 30 months veteran rewards.

36 Month Veteran Reward (3 year)
Miniture Boba Fett Replica
Miniture AT-AT Replica
And you can choose any of 3 thru 33 months veteran rewards.

39 Month Veteran Reward
A Deed For Increased Building Storage
A Respec Voucher
And you can choose any of 3 thru 39 months veteran rewards.

42 Month Veteran Reward
Darth Vader Hologram
Luke Skywalker Hologram
And you can choose any of 3 thru 42 months veteran rewards.

45 Month Veteran Reward
Miniture Salacious Crumb Replica
Miniture Tusken Raider Replica
And you can choose any of 3 thru 45 months veteran rewards.

48 Month Veteran Reward (4 year)
A Gackle Bat Familiar Pet. The gackle Bat comes with a precision and strength enhancement buff.
A Mouse Droid Familiar Pet. The Mouse Droid comes with a constitution enhancement buff.
A Mynock Familiar Pet. The Mynock comes with an agility enhancement buff.
And you can choose any of 3 thru 48 months veteran rewards.

51 Month Veteran Reward
A incapacitated Gungan trapped in Carbonite.
A incapacitated Ugnaught trapped in Carbonite.
A incapacitated Geonosian trapped in Carbonite.
And you can choose any of 3 thru 51 months veteran rewards.

54 Month Veteran Reward
Storyteller Token can be used to create one of these items: Super Battle Droid - Rebel Commando Vindicator - Stormtrooper
City Banner can be used to create one of these items: Imperial - Rebel - Corellia - Dantooine - Dathomir - Endor - Lok - Naboo - Rori - Talus - Tatooine - Yavin IV
Podracer Statue
And you can choose any of 3 thru 54 months veteran rewards.

----- Not In Game Yet, Info on the Official SWG Site -----

Veteran Rewards Info

From SONY:

Membership has its Rewards!

Veteran Rewards allow us to offer players rewards in recognition of their investment in Star Wars Galaxies. The intent of the Veteran Rewards program is to show our appreciation to players who have been a part of the Star Wars Galaxies community over time by offering them a selection of exclusive rewards.

Veteran Rewards will celebrate subscription milestones achieved by individual players. If you are a former player any active time you have accrued will contribute towards your veteran rewards if/when you reactivate your account. The program will give players a choice of exclusive in-game items at significant subscription milestones. The identified milestones that will be celebrated as part of the program will include 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months and every additional 3 months thereafter.

Players will get one choice per milestone per account.

We recognize some players may not be interested in rewards, so we are allowing players the option to trade/give the reward items to other players. This way, players who are not interested in a given reward can sell it to another player in-game and get credits for the reward item...

. Other Player Rewards/Gifts

Christmas 2003 SWG Rewards
Christmas 2004 SWG Rewards
Christmas 2005 SWG Rewards
Christmas 2006 SWG Rewards
SWG FanFest 2006 Rewards
Expansion Rewards
Publish & Chapter Gifts
One Year Anniversay SWG Rewards 2004
Two Year Anniversay SWG Rewards 2005
Three Year Anniversay SWG Rewards 2006
Four Year Anniversay SWG Reward 2007
Veteran Rewards
SWG: General: Veteran Rewards, by Instigator

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Innacurate Info
Posted: Sep 10th 2006 11:44pm | IP: Logged | Reply... Reply to this
20 posts
Score: Decent
Above where it says that if you close your account that the time stops counting but that is incorrect. I have stopped my account a couple times and I still receive the 36 month veteran rewards. The timer keeps counting no matter whether your account is active or not. You just need your account to be active in order to claim the rewards.
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