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Combat Guide - Accuracy Modifers, Mobs "lvl" , Sta

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 4:59 am    Post subject: Combat Guide - Accuracy Modifers, Mobs "lvl" , Sta Reply with quote

This is a little gugide for peaople who didnt play in pre cu or just forgot what some things mean Wink

>>>Evaluating Enemies<<<

Whenever you target a creature, NPC or another player, you will see a small starburst icon next to the target's ( on the right side) onscreen HAM bars. This icon is colour-coded to let you know if the target is too easy or too difficult for you to defeat in combat, as follows :

Green : Well below your skill level, and very easy to defeat. You'll receive very small XP rewards for targets than Con green for you.

Blue : Slightly below your skill level. Blue targets will put up a fight, but you should win nearly all of these battles. But be warned : if you take on two or three Blue targets, you could find yourself in serious trouble.

White : Equal to your relative toughness. Defeating such a target will be difficult and may be impossible if you rely on auto-attack. However, defeating enemies that Con white for you provide larger XP rewards

: Slighty above your skill level. You should avoid such fights unless you have superior weaponry, incredible tactics, a supply of healing devices or a few friends nearby

: Well above your skill level. Red targets are incredibly dangerous and will almost always defeat ( and most likely kill you ) you, unless yo're part of a much larger and more powerful group.

You can gain more detailed information about your target's relative strenght by typing /con in the chat input bar.

>>>Accuracy Modifier<<<

Your base chance to hit a target is determined by your skills. However, every attack is modified by distance betwen combatants, whether or not either combatant is moving, the combatant's postures, the weapons being used, any states applied to either combatant, and any special moves being used. All of these modifiers are distilled into a Accuracy Modifier.
The Accuracy Modifier is a general indicator of how easy or difficult it will be to hit your enemy with the weapon you have equipped. A positive modifier ( # with + ) means that your odds of hitting a target have increased; conversely, a negative modifier ( # with - ) indicates that it's going to be more difficult to hiht your target. If the modifiers reads "---" you are out of range to attack with your chosen weapon.


A posture is your character's stance in combat. Postures impact both your attack modifiers and the attack modifiers of your enemy.

Standing : Your character is only moderately accurate with ranged weapons, but provides a good target for enemies with ranged weapons.
NOTE : Standing is the default postutre; it does not apply any modifiers to your accuracy.

: Your character becomes more accurate with ranged weapons and presents a smaller target, but you are far less mobile and more vulnerable to melee attacks.
While kneeling, you recive bonuses to your Accuracy Modifier when using ranged weapons. At the same time, any opponents with ranged weapons recive a negative modifier, while those attacking you with melee weapons recive apositive modifier.

Prone : The most effective posture for ranged combat. The prone position significantly increases accuracy and decreases your chance of being hit by ranged weapons. Unfortunately, your movement is slowed to a crawl, and you are extremly vulnerable to melee attacks.
When prone, yourecive large bonuses to your Accuracy Modifier when using ranged weapons. Any enemy attacking you with a ranged weapon suffers a significant negative modifier to hit. Enemies using melee weapons enjoy a significant positive modifier to hit. In addition, if an enemy closes to melee range, you will need to change to kneeling or standing posture to continue attacking.


States are another important component of combat. They provide you with short-term positive or negative modifiers when fighting, or cause other effects, such as an inability to move. Most states are somehow connected to special moves and abilities. If you fall victim to a Flurry Shot, you will suffer Dizzy state for short time. In most instances, when you enter a state the State icon will apper next to your HAM bars. During combat, you should keep an eye on your own states and those of your opponent, as they greatly affect how a fight might progresses. States can prevent from executing different commands, alter how much damage you take, protect you from or make you vulnerable to particular kinds of attacks, and affect how well you can hit a target. All states are temporary.

Aggresive : Increases chance of delivering a successfull counterattack and decreases chance of getting hit in combat.

Aiming : Provides a bonus to hit on the next attack.

: Counters Suprise Attack special move.

Berserk : Provides a bonus to hit, faster attacks and damage bonus, but also applies a penatly to defence.

: Applies penalties to both offense and defence.

Dizziness : Creates chance of falling down when changing postures.

Evading : Provides chance of dodging an attack.

Immobilised : Prevents movement.

In Combat
: Indicates that the character is involved in combat.

Incapacitation : Character is incapacitated ( any HAM bars dropped to 0 ) and is vulnerable to a deathblow.

Intimidated : Increases chance of being hit by attacks.

Rallied : Provides both a bonus to hit and a bonus to defence.

Stunned : Applies penalties to defence.

Taking Cover : Provides defence bonuses.

Tumbling : Provides defensive bonuses while changing postures.

Remember there is always reason and result, the result of combat for you are wounds.


A "wound" is a special kind of damage to one of your Primary Attributes. Wound damage does not heal over time, and will reduce your effectiveness in combat. A wound basically handicaps an atribute, making it imposible to regenerate that attribute to its maximum value.
Wound damage can only be healed by characters with the appropirate skills and equipment ( Entertainers, Medics, Doctors and Combat Medics, specifically), and only in special locations ( such as a cantina, campsite or hospital).

Battle Fatigue

The final type of damage is called "battle fatigue". When you have been badly wounded in multiple campaigns, you may begin suffering from battle fatigue. Essentialy, battle fatigue occurs after you accumulate a significant number of wounds. The more Battle Fatigue points you have, the more difficult it becomes to heal your other wounds.
Battle Fatigue points are not removed when your wounds are healed; they can only be erased by relaxing in the company of skilled Entertainers. When you find an Entertainer performing, tarhet that character, access their radial menu and select Listien or Watch (or type in chat /listien or /watch). The longer you spend enjoying performance, the more Battle Fatigue points you will lose.

<<<Healing Wounds>>>

If you recive a wound to your health or action pools, you will not be able to fully recover from damage to these attributes. You can reviev your cyrrent wounds in your Character Sheet ( Ctrl+C).
To heal wounds, you need the aid of a Medic, Combat Medic, or Doctor. in addition, these wounds can only be healed at campsites, hospitals or other special structures, or while in the company of a medical droid. Also you can just sit in hospital and wait for heal wounds itself but it takes much time, Teras Kasi Artist have also skill that can hea wounds for them.

Healing Mind Wounds And Battle Fatigue

Mind wounds have the same effect as Action and Health wounds, but can be healed by Entertainers. Entertainers also heal battle fatigue, wich accumulates after you recive a significant number of wounds. Battle fatigue prevents you from healing attribute wounds, so it is vital that you remove all of you battle fatigue periodically. To heal Mind wounds or battle fatigue, you must be in a campsite or special venue like cantina. To start healing Mind wounds or battle fatigue simply just start wathc/listien Entertainer.

If some one need some more "basic" giudes pls post it what you want to know Smile .

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