Pikeman Special Attack DPS Calculator

"same as 0.8, but moved" version 0.9 (01.25.2005)
by annelid0
Weapon Minimum Damage =
Weapon Maximum Damage =
Weapon Speed =
Player Speed Mod =
(Master Pikeman = +75, Master Pikeman/Master Brawler = +80)
Force Sensitive Melee Speed Mod =
(Only applicable if you've picked up the Force Sensitive Melee Speed line.)
Armor Piercing =
(LVA = medium, VL & NSEL = light, all others = none)
Mob/PC resistance =
% to the damage type you're using (use 0 for vulnerable)
Mob/PC armor rating =
(player armor is always light)
Include (experimental) PvP calculations?
Opponent's Melee Toughness =
(Ranged = 0, M. Pikeman = 26, M. Fencer = 32, M. Swordsman = 43, M. TKA = 57)
Opponent's Melee Damage Mitigation =
(Ranged = none, Novice Elite = Level 1, Master Elite = Level 3)

Quick and dirty speed cap calculator

Weapon Speed =

You will attack no slower than once a second at + polearm speed.
(always rounds up)

What speed weapon will I cap with?

Your speed mod =

You will attack no slower than once a second with a speed weapon.

Game Mechanics Stuff

I'm not aware of any errors in the calculations made here, but things change all the time. I don't guarantee accuracy.

I've just added in the Force Sensitive speed mod calculations. Unfortunately, this isn't something I've been able to test adequately on my own, so I'm basing it off what seems most credible from what others have posted. Once I've built up this tree to a better degree I'll confirm this for myself, but in the meantime take it with a grain of salt. Or if you're more trusting than I am, just accept it as fact.
I also want to note that I really haven't spent any time debugging that particular change, so if you want to be sure of accuracy just leave the FS box at 0 and use the sum of your polearm speed and your FS speed in the "polearm speed" box.

I've included calculations that take into account armor piercing and resists. The resist system in-game is a bit quirky. If the target has 0% resistance (a vulnerability) to your damage type, any armor it has and the armor piercing value of your weapon don't matter at all. There is no armor piercing bonus vs. a vulnerable target.

Action hit 1 and action hit 2 are action pool targetted bleeds. The damage done does seem to match the figures here, excluding any bleed damage. Interpret the DPS as the damage from the attack itself only, DoT bleed damage will be added later if I ever feel like it.

The calculator will allow you to come up with situations that can't currently exist in game. I'm leaving them because they're sometimes interesting.

Also added a PvP calculator. It's fairly accurate, but can't take every variable into account (synthsteak, PSGs, and so forth). I may add these as possible variables in future versions, but I need some serious code cleanup first.

Calculator / Site Stuff

This page utilizes Javascript to produce a new window containing your calculated DPS. I didn't include any error-checking because I'm lazy, so just don't screw up. If you get "NaN" displayed in your table it means you forgot something.

While it should work with most popular browsers, pop-up blocking programs (or the built-in blocking of Mozilla or Firefox or the new IE) may prevent the window from being created. The solution is to either disable pop-up blocking or add this page to your list of accepted sites.

Yes, Javascript sucks. If I had access to server space that could comprehend JSP I'd gladly rewrite it, but I don't.

If you have a correction PM me on the SWG forums, where my name is annelid0 (that's a zero, not an o), or you can send an email to me at annelid0@punkass.com.

This page could easily be converted to any other class, you'd mostly just need to change the three arrays at the beginning. You're free to do this if you want, but I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know first.

Revisionist history:
0.1 - hardcoded calculations
0.2 - added butt-ugly javascript popup, added AP calculations
0.3 - added min-max damage range
0.4 - added PvP calculations
0.5 - added lunge2 delay mod
0.6 - added speed cap calculator
0.7 - added weapon-oriented speed cap calculator
0.7.1 - code cleanup
0.8 - added FS melee speed