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Dantooine mission guide

Mission terminals

Dantari chief outpost9515000cr5 mobs (8K - 10k HAMs)
Kunga scout outpost6519000cr2 scouts (10k HAM)
Janta scout outpost7020000cr2 scouts (12k HAM)
Janta shamen camp7020000cr5 mobs (8k - 13K HAMs)
Janta hunter lean-to65-7020000cr2 hunters (12k HAM)
Janta hunter lean-to9520000cr3 hunters (12k HAM)
Mokk hunter lean-to6515000cr3 hunters (11k HAM)
Mokk soothsayer camp6516000crSoothsayer (10k HAM), 2 harvesters (8k HAM), herbalist (8K HAM)
Mokk shamen camp6520000cr2 shamen (13K HAM), loreweaver (11k HAM)


The Warren
[-580, -3763]

One of the Empire's top secret research facilities. Recently through, all communitications with the facility has halted and the Empire fears the worst.


Static NPC Missions

Lt Nilsson
[-605, 2537]
Mining Outpost

Planet Record Keeper

Converse with Lt Nilsson to be able to re-do the NPC missions on Dantooine that you have already done in order to aquire the new mission rewards

Luthik Uwyr
[4275, 5353]
Jedi Temple Ruins

The Dark Prophet

Temple Guardian
Seek out and destory the guardian of the Jedi temple
The Dark Brother
Deliver the holocron shards to a dark side initiate
The Last Jedi
Kill the last Jedi, an untrained Padawan, and prove your worth. (Reward: A Sith Holocron)
Kelvus Naria
[-615, 2539]
Mining Outpost

Corrupt Mining Facility

Deliver the reports
Deliver the reports to commander Lytus' courier. (Reward: 2000cr, 150 Imperial fp)
Rescue the kidnapped miner
Rescue Kelvus' kidnapped assistant. (Reward: 4000cr)
[-4216, -2424]
Imperial Outpost

Imperial Scout Trooper SG-567

Malfunctioning Droideka
Hunt down an old Droideka that's run rampant and escaped the garrison. (Reward: 5000cr, 400 Imperial fp)
Scout Trooper Rendezvous
Rendezvous with SG-619, and head back to the outpost. (Reward: 3000cr, 600 Imperial fp)
[-4181, -2386]
Imperial Outpost

Imperial Storm Trooper Sergeant LX-466

Investigate a rumour
Investigate a rumour that Rebels are making a new base, make a quick search of the area and kill any Rebels you encounter. (Reward: 480cr, 300 Imperial fp)
Dantari Tribesman
Deliver LX-466's reward to the source of the rumour. (Reward: 620cr, 100 Imperial fp)
Corrupt Commander
Deliver LX-466's recording rod, it contains proof of the commanders' lack of loyalty to the empire. (Reward: 745cr, 500 Imperial fp)
Xaan Talmaron
[-4184, -2406]
Imperial Outpost
Medical Centre

The destruction of Alderaan

Alderaan Fragment
Xaan is investigating the cause of Alderann's destruction, meet with Ezawo Wagli, his contact, who has aquired a small fragment of the destroyed planet. (Reward: 4000 cr)
Orip Erchi, pirate of Alderaan
Orip Erchi, a space pirate, may hold vital information about the destruction of Alderann, escort the pirate back to Xaan for questioning. (Reward: 6000 cr)
Death Star Transmissions
Eni A'Yka, a Bothan information broker has obtained a transmission sent from the Death Star shortly after the destruction of Alderaan, retrieve this vital piece of information. (Reward: Imperial Prototype Shield Generator Schematic)
Jatrian Lytus
[-4203, -22426]
Imperial Outpost


. (Reward: 200 Imperial fp)
. (Reward: 500 Imperial fp)
. (Reward: 5000 cr)
. (Reward: Lytus' Family Artifact)