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Tatooine mission guide

Static NPC Missions

[??, ??]

Planet Record Keeper

Converse with ?? to be able to re-do the NPC missions on Dantooine that you have already done in order to aquire the new mission rewards

Wilhalm Skrim
[-1184, -3610]
Bestine Capitol Building

Prove yourself

Return the datadisk
Rebel spies have stolen one of Wilhalm's reports, retrieve it. (Reward: 2000cr, 100 imperial fp)
The unreasonable informant
Retrive the information from the informant, for an appropriate reward. (Reward: 5000cr, 200 imperial fp)
Arrest the defector
A clerk has decided to join the rebels, arrest her before she causes the Prefect considerable embarrasment. (Reward: 7000cr, 400 imperial fp, allows progression to see Prefect Talmont.)
Prefect Talmont
[-1166, -3582]
Bestine Capitol Building

Protect the prefect

Eliminate the fabricated evidence
An Inperial offical has fabricated evidence implicating Talmont in a bribery scandel. Intercept the courier of this evidence (reward: 1000cr, 50 imperial fp)
Kill the traitorous droid engineer
One of Talmont's droid engineers has been implicated in an assassination attempt on the Prefect himself, kill the traitor. (reward: 2000cr, 100 imperial fp)
Kill the intermediary
The prefect has identified those responsible for bribing the engineer, carray the war against the Hutt straight to their doorways. (reward: 4000cr, 150 imperial fp)
Tour Aryon
The planetary governor wishes to complicate Talmont's life. Eliminate the informant who lied to the ISB officer. (reward: 6000cr)
The officer's bodyguard
Dispose of an Imperial Intelligence officer's bodyguard that Talmont can work his will with the officer. (reward: 8000cr)
Intercept the inquisitor's informant
There is one man who must not be allowed to be captured by the inquisitor, terminate this individual at once. (reward: 10000cr)
Pfilbee Jhorn
[-1134, -3910]
Bestine Imperial Fort

Pest removal

Kill Womprats
Womprats remind Pfilbee of Ewoks, exterminate the furry creatures. (Reward: 2000cr, 50 Imperial fp)
Kill Mynocks
Mynocoks are eating the silica right out of Pfibee's walls .. kill them all. (Reward: 3000cr, 100 Imperial fp)
Kill Dragonets
Dragonets are prowling around the trash compactors growling at the troops, kill them off. (Reward: 4000cr, 150 Imperial fp)
Kill Dune lizards
An Imperial officer got eaten by a dune lizard, kill 'em -- the lizards, not the troops. (Reward: 6000cr, 150 Imperial fp, a painting of the forest moon Endor's landscape)
Melios Purl
[-1315, -3490]
Bestine Medical Centre

Gray Rot Plague

Maikeen Storn
Escort the moisture farmer back to the medical centre. (Reward: 1000cr)
A Diseased Womp Rat
Retrieve the hide of an infected womp rat for Melios to analyse. (Reward: 1000cr)
Aroy Sekun
Deliver the vaccine to Aroy Sekun, a representative of the Affiliated Moisture Farmers. (Reward: 4000cr, small stimpack A+ schematic)
Lilas Dinhint
[-1086, -3686]
Bestine Museum

New Art For Bestine Museum

Vanvi Hotne
Vanvi can be found in a small square near the Lucky Despot in Mos Eisley. (3312 -4655)
Klepa Laeel
Klepa can be found towards the back of the starport in Mos Espa. (? ?)
Kahfr Oladi
Kahfr can be found near the bank in Mos Eisley. (3474 -4975)

Vote for one of the artist's works once you have spoken to all three. No immediate reward.

To purchase a (2 use) schematic for the featured work of art converse with Lilas converse with Lilas after completing the above missions.

If you already have one or want to know when the next schematic is due ask "How long until you look for another work of art to feature?" and he will reply by giving you some sort of time frame.

Farias Gletch
[-1333, -3886]

The Cleaner

Eliminate Greenfingers a Rodian thief trying to skip town. (Reward: 2000cr)
Gordul Koga
Eliminate Gordul, one of Farias' enforcers who has decided to go into business himself. (Reward: 3000cr)
Eliminate Ripper, one of Jabba's muerderous swoopers. (Reward: 4000cr)
Professor Whisper
Eliminate Whisper, an insane assassin who 'believes' he was hired by Farious to kills the Prefect. (Reward: 6000cr)
Kormund Thrylle
[-1043, -3530]

A Taste for Espionage *Rebel mission*

Urgent Message
Deliver and urgent message to Reen Loruk. (Reward: 30 cr)
Find Rodius Tharn
Find Rodius Tharn, a male Rodian. Bring him back here to pick up the information that Kormund lifted from the Imperials. (Reward: 30cr)
Tour Aryon
[-1136, -3562]
Bestine Capitol Building

Bestine Elections

Sean Trenwell
Vote for Sean to see an improved market place in Bestine. (-1200 -3583)
Victor Visalis
Vote for Victor to see an increased Imperial presence in Bestine. (-1127 -3582)
Hedon Istee
[1390, 3200]
Mos Entha


(Reward: 3000cr)
(Reward: 6000cr)
(Reward: Ancient holo map (scythe blade schematic), guarded by a Krayt dragon.)
Ikka Gesul
[1390, 3195]
Mos Entha

Mon Cal In Distress

Orgi Presari
Kill Orgi and his bodyguards before they can locate Ikka. (Reward: 100 Rebel fp)
Taln Solwind
Deliver a message to the Rebel agent (Reward: 200 Rebel fp)
Blerx Tango
[1692, 3038]
Mos Entha

The Dewback Ramblers *Rebel only*

Stranded Band Member
One of his Band members got stranded out in the desert after falling for the old cheap ride to Bestine scam and he would like you to escort him back to the Lucky Star. (Reward: 1500cr)
Escort Mission
Escort Mission
Ic-Cigaw Smocebo (a commoner)
[1187, 2996]
Mos Entha

Touch a Krayt Nose

Vardias Tyne
[Under Bridge]

Some Crazy Dim U monks

Kill the Bounty Hunter
Kill Rhalia Jinsari (7k HAM), a bounty hunter hired by 'some crazy Dim-U monks' in retaliation for Vardias' murdering a sacred beast .(Reward: 4000cr)
Deliver the Bantha Statue
Vardias has a peace offering for the Dim-U monks, deliver it to Brother Chonar and ask him if they're willing to forgive and forget poor old Vardias. (Reward: Shellfish Harvesting Tool Schematic)