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A Guide to the Species   [ Edited ]
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I'll be adding information to this over time. If you have anything to suggest where I have missing information, feel free to reply to this or PM me. I am currently figuring out the stats on regen rates for hitpoints, action and mind. If you have any of this information, please direct me to it or send it to me. If you know of any URLs specializing in cultural information or networking for species, please PM me or post here & I'll add it to that species.

Thanks & Hope you find this helpful and interesting!


Height: 1.5m

Lifespan: Child 1-11, Young Adult 12-16, Adult 17-45, Middle Age 46-65, Old 66-84, Venerable 85+

Home: Bothawuii (cosmopolitan planet), Both System, Bothan Space, Mid Rim

SWG Stats: HP range 900 - 2900, Camouflage +15, Cover +10 (don't believe that this functions since the CU, can someone confirm?), 10% faction discount (stacks with smuggler bonus), starting languages Basic & Bothese

Imperial Faction Penalty: 2x

Basic Info/Stereotype: Bothans are a humanoid species characterized by stocky builds and fur-covered faces. The fur acts as an emotional indicator, as different moods trigger different rippling responses on a Bothan's fur.

Bothans hail from Bothawui, a cosmopolitan planet spared from the Galactic Civil War due to its neutrality. Bothans also have numerous colony worlds scattered throughout their small patch of indigenous space, like the planet Kothlis.

Bothans arrange themselves in family clans, and the apostrophe in their surname separates their immediate family name with their clan name. For instance, Borsk Fey'lya is of the clan Alya. Family is very important to Bothans, and clan loyalty is paramount; Bothans proudly display their clan sigils. Between clans, however, it is a different matter altogether. Bothan politics is known for subtle backstabbing maneuvers. While the Bothans aren't a violent people, their skills at character assassination are unparalleled.

The Bothans are renowned for their information-gathering techniques. For over 300 years these aliens have been cultivating a vast network of operatives dedicated to gathering useful data. The Bothan spynet remained independent during the Galactic Civil War. At least, it did so on the surface. Much of the intelligence gathered was siphoned to the Alliance, but the Empire and criminal organizations also took advantage of Bothan services.


Height: 2m

Lifespan: Child 1-11, Young Adult 12-15, Adult 16-40, Middle Age 41-59, Old 60-79, Venerable 80+

Home: found throughout the galaxy

SWG StatsHP range 1000 - 3000, Leadership +10, Artisan Experimentation +15, starting language Basic

Imperial Faction Penalty: none

Basic Info/Stereotype: Humans were one of the first species to develop the hyperdrive (Corellians being the first to do so). By this time humans were already present on a few scattered worlds throughout the galaxy, which implies that they had a slower means of interstellar transport for a while earlier.

The human origin is kept in the dark, and they have no clear original home planet. The most probable homeworld seems to be Coruscant, which later became the center of galactic government; this theory has never been substantiated, and is considered controversial.

Star Wars humans live on many different worlds throughout the galaxy, with many populations living alongside aliens on other worlds, or together with several other species - something which is most common either on the cosmopolitian worlds at the core, or on the frontier at the outer rim of the galaxy, such as on Tatooine.

Other mostly human worlds include Corellia, Alderaan, and Naboo.


Height: 2m

Lifespan: Child 1-13, Young Adult 14-17, Adult 18-44, Middle Age 45-69, Old 70-84, Venerable 85+

Home: Ithor (tropical planet), Ottega System, Mid Rim

SWG StatsHP range 1300 - 3300, +10 to Defense vs. Dizzy/Stun, Creature Taming Bonus, Melee Defense, Chassis, Shields & Advanced Assembly, Power Systems, starting languages Basic & Ithorian

Basic Regen Rates: Standing ~ 6HP/second

Imperial Faction Penalty: 2x

Basic Info/Stereotype: Ithorians speak Basic, albeit with a peculiar twist. On the sides of their curling necks, Ithorians have two mouths. This creates a disconcerting stereo effect when they speak Basic, and a difficult yet interesting sounding native language. Ithorians are commonly called "Hammerheads" throughout the galaxy because of their most prominent feature: a long, curving neck ending in a t-shaped dome of a head.

Ithorians worship the "Mother Jungle," a spiritual entity of Ithor embodying the lush, tropical ecology of their world. Most Ithorians never set foot on their own planet, instead they lived in floating cities above their world. Only three of their continents had been developed, the other two never having been touched by Ithorian hands.

Ithorians are gentle and peace-loving, devoting much time to contemplating their ecology, and respecting all living things. Ithorians are curious and gregarious, and many have found their way to the stars. Their floating "herd" cities also have space-worthy counterparts, traveling the space-lanes like huge caravans. Each Ithorian herd-ship has a complex life-support system that replicates the environment of Ithor, complete with jungles, wildlife, and even weather patterns.

The people of Ithor practice a communal form of government. Each herd is autonomous and self-supporting. Once every Ithorian season (about five standard years), the herds gather for "the Meet." A grand site above the surface of their green world, the herd ships would join each other in a festival and regal ceremony.

Due to their pacifistic nature, Ithorians do not tend to become involved in the larger strife of galactic intrigue. They have no reason to favor one side over the other, as long as they are allowed to continue their activities in peace.

Mon Calamari

Height: 1.7m

Lifespan: Child 1-11, Young Adult 12-16, Adult 17-40, Middle Age 41-57, Old 58-79, Venerable 85+

Home: Mon Calamari (watery planet), Calamari System, Outer Rim

SWG StatsHP range 900 - 2900, +10 to Alertness, Weapon & Structure Assembly, starting languages Basic & Mon Calamari, (seem to be able to loot while swimming when other species cannot)

Imperial Faction Penalty: 3x

Basic Info/Stereotype: The Mon Calamari hail from the watery world of the same name, which they share with the squid-headed species called the Quarren. While both species speak the same native tongue, the Mon Calamari have adopted Basic as their language. Mon Calamari and Quarren are very different in their outlook on life, as the Mon Calamari tend to be idealists and dreamers while the Quarren are pragmatic and realists. During the waning days of the Republic, Quarren politicians represented the the various communities of the water world in the Galactic Senate.

The Mon Calamari are shore-dwellers, land beings with an affinity for water. The Mon Calamari developed slowly, building an advanced technology around them. They contacted the Quarren, and after some confusion, developed a symbiotic relationship. The Quarren would provide the raw materials and metals while the Mon Calamari refined them into useful items of technology. Foremost among these items was the Mon Calamari's formidable fleet of exploration vessels. The Mon Cals (as the Quarren call them) began leaving their world to explore the islands in the stars.

When the Empire came to power, it began seizing property on the Mon Calamari homeworld, and the peaceful aquatic species countered with passive resistance. The Empire would stand no defiance, and used massive Star Destroyer weapons to destroy three floating Mon Calamari cities. The response was unexpected. The Mon Calamari took up tools as armaments, and what little weapons they had, and fought back. The Empire fled Mon Calamari, and after their short victory, the Mon Cals joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The Mon Calamari converted their beautiful exploration ships and space liners with weapon mounts and armor plating, turning them into the Mon Calamari star cruisers.

The Mon Calamari had been fighting the Empire for years before they joined the Alliance. They were instrumental in creating a diversion while the core Rebel group abandoned their base on the fourth moon of Yavin. When they joined, not only did they bring their star cruisers, but the leadership of one of their finest council members, Ackbar.

The Mon Calamari are able to descend to depths of up to 30 meters below sea level without requiring breathing or pressure apparatus. Though they can breathe water, they find it somewhat uncomfortable, and use organic gills whenever possible. A panicked Mon Cal, particularly a young one, could still potentially drown underwater. They do not need to decompress when resurfacing. The Mon Cals can stay underwater for an indefinite length of time, although they cannot sleep underwater due to various physiological and psychological reasons.


Height: 1.6m

Lifespan: Child 1-12, Young Adult 13-15, Adult 16-35, Middle Age 36-49, Old 50-59, Venerable 60+

Home: Rodia (polluted planet), Rodia System

SWG StatsHP range 900 - 2900, Defense vs. Blind +15, +10 to One-handed weapon accuracy, Two-handed melee accuracy & Weapon Assembly, starting languages Basic & Rodese

Imperial Faction Penalty: 3x

Basic Info/Stereotype: Rodians evolved as hunters, killing much of the wildlife and predacious species on their planet to extinction. The Rodians grew restless with nothing to hunt, and turned to hunting each other in gladiatorial combat. One of the greatest of the Rodian Grand Protectors called an end to this self-slaughter around the time that Republic ships made contact with the species. The Grand Protector saw the expansion into the galaxy as an opportunity for the Rodians to hunt new species and targets.

As a result, many Rodians have taken to bounty hunting. Many take on contracts as part of grand games and contests, caring nothing for the concept of law enforcement. Rodian society awards bounty hunting in a wide variety of categories -- Longest Trail, Most Notorious Capture, Best Shot and more. Because some Rodians have taken to padding their hunts by allowing their quarries to commit further crimes, increasing their bounties, these aliens have a shady reputation. This, combined with the pungent pheremones that Rodians naturally exude, has fomented an increasingly common intolerance towards their kind.

Despite the Rodian thirst for violence and a history marked by interclan wars, the Rodians have a rich culture. Harido Kavila, a renowned Rodian Grand Protector, further attempted to steer the violent tendencies of the Rodian people into a more constructive direction by encouraging the production of drama. Rodian theater works are now among the most poignant, well-respected, and violent productions in the galaxy.

Some Rodians are enlisted in the public service of the Hutts and tend to fare better then others of their race. Any association with the Hutts often brings great rewards but sometimes can bring heavy consequences.


Height: 1.5m

Lifespan: Child 1-9, Young Adult 10-14, Adult 15-39, Middle Age 40-55, Old 56-69, Venerable 70+

Home: Sullust, Outer Rim

SWG StatsHP range 1050 - 3050, +10 to Engine & Booster Assembly, Weapons Systems, Trapping & Creature Harvesting, starting languages Basic & Sullustese

Imperial Faction Penalty: 2x

Basic Info/Stereotype: Sullustans live in vast subterranean caverns beneath the surface of their homeworld. Sullust is a volcanic planet, with a harsh atmosphere. The underground caverns teem with small life-forms that the Sullustans hunt for sources of food and clothing. The few predators that wander the planet's surface rarely venture underground.

Sullustans speak a chattering language and are known throughout the galaxy as capable pilots and navigators. Sullustans have perfect direction sense and memory, allowing them to remember the paths they have traveled, and maps they may have seen. This sense is a necessity in the labyrinthine caves of Sullust. The people of Sullust have achieved a high-level of technology, and their underground cities are popular among traders who visit the cobbled streets and the wide variety of shops.

SoroSuub is a massive Sullustan corporation specializing in mineral processing. Divisions and subdivisions handle everything from energy mining to food packaging. The company's tech division develops and produces weapons, droids, sensors, vehicles, and other common technological goods. SoroSuub employs about half the population of Sullust, and in the early days of the Galactic Civil War, even took control of the planetary government. Unlike many companies in the Star Wars universe, SoroSuub actually looks out for its employees. However, when SoroSuub took control of Sullust, they allied with the Empire, despite the fact many Sullustans supported the Alliance, secretly supplying them with equipment during the Galactic Civil War. After many acts of sabotage, led by former SoroSuub pilot Nien Nunb, SoroSuub switched sides, and eventually restored the Sullustan Council.


SWG Stats: HP range 1150 - 3150, +15 Unarmed Damage, +10 to Unarmed Accuracy, Melee Defense & Creature Harvesting, +5 Unarmed Speed, Regeneration +1, starting languages Basic & Dosh

Imperial Faction Penalty: 2x (penalty with Rebels, too - can someone tell me what the number is?)

Basic Info



Height: 2m

Lifespan: Child 1-12, Young Adult 13-15, Adult 16-44, Middle Age 45-59, Old 60-79, Venerable 80+

Home: Ryloth (harsh planet), Ryloth System, Arkanis Sector, Outer Rim

SWG Stats: HP range 900 - 2900, Dancing Enhancement +15, Musical Enhancement +5, starting languages Basic, Ryl & Lekku (body language, other species must have Underworld 1 in Smuggler to comprehend)

Imperial Faction Penalty: 1.5x (can someone please confirm this as I'm a master smuggler & get a discount so I'm not sure if this is correct)

Basic Info/Stereotype: Twi'leks are tall, thin humanoids with skin pigment that spans a rainbow of colors. Their most distinctive feature is a pair of shapely prehensile tentacles that grow from the base of their skulls called lekku, singular lek - the left one called tchun, the right tchin. Often the lekku will sport a pattern of spots, circles, or stripes in a different color from that of their skin. Although it is most common for Twi'leks to have two lekku, it is possible (although exceedingly rare) for a Twi'lek to naturally have three or four lekku. They are naturally completely hairless, except for their eyebrows. Twi'lek females have conical ears, while males have human-like ears. Twi'lek females are prized for their natural beauty and gracefulness, and between genetic predisposition and social conditioning, are naturally submissive. As such, they are thus sold to slavery as dancers for crimelords and such, while others take jobs to dance at cantinas.

In the waning years of the Republic, the Twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth was represented in the Galactic Senate by the corpulent blue-skinned politician Orn Free Taa. Even a politician of high office was not above flaunting a pair of lovely Twi'lek aides as a sign of influence and wealth.

Twi'leks are omnivorous, eating cultivated molds and fungi, as well as meat from bovine animals called rycrits. They have a sly disposition of patience and adaptability. As the Twi'leks learned from evolving through the harsh storms of their world, strength does not always come from confrontation. Often, as a Twi'lek proverb says, "one cannot defeat a heat storm, one must ride it."

The Twi'leks have developed an industrial-level technology, with windmills and turbines providing power to their homes and industries carved into the Ryloth mountains. Each city complex is autonomous, and governed by a head-clan. Having no native space-faring technology, the Twi'leks instead rely upon neighboring systems (such as Tatooine), pirates, smugglers, and merchants for their contact with the galaxy.

The planet Ryloth provides the galaxy with ryll, a powerfully addictive recreational substance and mineral. Twi'leks have adapted to the criminal attention brought to their world by selling their own people into slavery. This way, the Twi'leks have something to give the criminals, and still retain control of the ryll mines. Unfortunately many Twi'leks, mostly female, bare the brunt of this despicable trade-off.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Twi'leks remained neutral, not wanting to become involved in the struggle. They viewed the Rebel Alliance and the Empire as two heat storms that would eventually dissipate. Only after the storm had cleared, could the opportunist Twi'leks emerge and prosper.


Height: >2.1m

Lifespan: Child 1-12, Young Adult 13-17, Adult 18-300, Middle Age 301-350, Old 351-399, Venerable 400+

Home: Kashyyyk (forest planet), Kashyyyk System, Mid Rim

SWG Stats: HP range 1350 - 3350, Trapping +15, +10 to Creature Taming Bonus, Rescue, Warcry, Wookiee Roar +1, starting language Shyriiwook & Basic comprehension (cannot speak anything besides Shyriiwook but can learn comprehension of others)

Imperial Faction Penalty: 3x

Basic Info/Stereotype: Though Wookiees do have a primitive appearance, they are quite comfortable with advanced technology. Wookiees are intelligent, sophisticated, loyal, trusting, have a varied culture, and are starfaring. They can repair and maintain modern starships. They have developed a unique projectile weapon called a bowcaster. Loyalty and bravery are near-sacred tenets in Wookiee society. When peaceful, Wookiees are tender and gentle. Their tempers, however, are short; when angered, Wookiees can fly into a berserker rage and will not stop until the object of their distemper is sufficiently destroyed.

Though Wookiees can understand Basic, and other galactic languages, their limited vocal apparatus can only produce their native tongues. The most common Wookiee language is Shyriiwook, a dialect of barks, growls, howls and roars. Wookiee language is very complex and liquid. Violence is such an everyday concern that there are 15 separate words for it in the Wookiee vocabulary. Wood and the crafting of woodwork and technology is so important that over 100 words exist to describe it.

Young Wookiees (pups) are large at birth (averaging slightly less than one meter). Wookiees possess vicious-looking retractable claws, but a cultural code of honor prohibits using them for anything but climbing trees. Wookiees who use their claws in a fight are called "madclaws" and exiled from Wookiee society. Exiled Wookiees either banished to the very depths of Kashyyyk or are forced to leave the planet altogether. Female Wookiees have six breasts. Female Wookiees give birth to "live-born" litters and their gestation period is nearly a year long. Reportedly, Wookiees have a strong bond with the Force.

Kashyyyk is a world enveloped in immense forests. Inland, the trees are so tall and dense that a layered ecoystem has evolved within its branches. The closer one approaches to the forest floor, the more dangerous and primeval the environment becomes. Wookiees inhabit the upper levels of the forest, having built their massive cities within the interwoven canopy of the massive Wroshyr trees covering the planet.

During the time of the Galactic Republic, the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk was represented in the Galactic Senate by a number of Wookiee potentates. Loyal to the Republic, Kashyyyk was of prime strategic importance, serving as a major navigational point for the entire southwestern quadrant of the galaxy. This made it a target of the Confederacy, who invaded Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars. Republic forces, under the command of Yoda, were dispatched to protect the Wookiee homeworld. Yoda had fostered a good relationship with the Wookiees over his many years, and they trusted his leadership. Jedi, clones and Wookiee forces fought fiercely to protect the tree cities of Kashyyyk.

Despite their proven intelligence, Wookiees were enslaved by the Empire and exploited for their brute strength because of their aid to Yoda's escape. Their homeworld was blockaded, and a free Wookiee was a rare sight in the galaxy.

Wookiees have a primitive patriarchy with a complicated lineage structure, initiation rites, and a religion that rejects materialism. One of the most important Wookiee customs is Life Day, wherein extended Wookiee families gather and celebrate a day of joy and harmony, as promised by the Tree of Life. Even the Imperial blockade could not keep Wookiees from recognizing this most important day.

Wookiees greatly value morality, courage, compassion and loyalty. A sacred and ancient Wookiee tradition is that of the honor family. An honor family comprises a Wookiee's closest friends and companions. These family members pledge a commitment to lay down their lives for one another, as well as members of any honor families these individuals may have. Like the similarly sacred Wookiee life debt, Wookiees extend this tradition to members outside their species.


Height: 1.8m

Lifespan: Child 1-8, Young Adult 9-14, Adult 15-44, Middle Age 45-55, Old 56-69, Venerable 70+

Home: Iridonia

SWG StatsHP range 1100 - 3100, Defense vs. Dizzy/Stun/Intimidate +10, Anti-Shock +5, Equilibrium +1 (currently broken), Vitalize +1, starting languages Basic & Zabrak

Imperial Faction Penalty: 2x

Basic Info/Stereotype: The Zabrak are humanoids whose most distinctive feature is the array of small horns on top of their heads. Their homeworld of Iridonia is a frighteningly harsh planet, which has led many Zabrak to settle on other worlds, including Talus and Corellia . The Zabrak also maintain eight colonies throughout the Mid Rim region of space, and most Zabrak actually identify themselves by their colony first and foremost. It is believed that they are among the galaxy's first space-faring people. They have strong willpower and are a stubborn, proud people. By nature,they tend to be independant and fearless, hence have never been a successful venture in the slave trade.

Zabrak are noted for having a crown of horns on their skulls. These horns grow in at puberty, and are considered secondary sexual characteristics. The pattern in which these horns grow differs between Zabrak races, analogous to skin color in humans. Zabrak's skin can range from pure white to pure black, and every shade of cream, peach, tan, and brown in between. Their eye colors are often similar to the eye colors of humans, with blues and browns being the most common. Yellow, purple, red, green, and orange eyes are not uncommon. It is not unusual for Zabrak to have two-toned eyes, similar to Darth Maul. It should be noted however, that Maul's red-yellow eye color was apparently the result of corruption by the Dark Side.

Zabrak also traditionally have facial tattoos, typically composed of a pattern of thin lines - which is considered the most traditional of Iridonian tattoos. In certain cases these tattoos can be quite elaborate (Darth Maul's red-and-black tattoo was actually a Sith tattoo, not a traditional Zabrak tattoo), but most Zabrak tend to be conservative with their designs. It is unclear what these designs signify. They may indicate which family the Zabrak belongs to, where they grew up, or they may well be just a matter of personal preference on the part of the Zabrak. The tattoos are obtained during a young Zabrak's rite of passage. As fitting their pioneer spirit, Zabrak are viewed as independent and strong-willed. Iridonia and the major colonies have steadfastly resisted Imperial control, although some individual Zabrak have become servants of the Empire. In response to general Zabrak defiance, the Empire is in the process of garrisoning the Zabrak colony worlds and Imperializing the species' companies. This has forced many Zabrak back into the spacelanes. Zabrak are proud, strong, and confident beings. They believe that nothing is truly impossible and will strive to prove skeptics wrong at every turn. Some Zabrak carry themselves with an air of superiority, and they frequently discuss the achievements of their species and home colonies with a pride that can border on arrogance. As warriors or adventures, Zabrak tend to be dedicated, intense, and extremely focused. Zabrak are still considered among the galaxy's most prominent explorers, but their personalities, survival instincts, and incredible willpower also make Zabrak well-suited to nearly any adventuring profession.


(Updated with age information from Ultimate Alien Anthology sourcebook for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game from Wizards of the Coast, April 2003 - 9/27/05)

(Updated with new Trandoshan info link 10/05/05)

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Re: A Guide to the Species
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very cool ^-^

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Re: A Guide to the Species
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- I support the imrovement of the following: Kashyyyk, Squad Leader, Commando, Bothans, Sullustans, Entertainers, the Jedi system, The language system, the GCW, the interverence of Hutts, Felucia (new), Dug (new), Geisha, Model (new) and more. - You can too!
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Re: A Guide to the Species
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Nicely done.

Just a correction, though.  Ithorians can learn all comprehensions, but can only learn to speak Basic and Ithorian (which, of course, they start with).  There may be another language they can learn to speak, I can't remember.  I'll check next time I'm online.

09-25-2005 12:26 PM  

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Re: A Guide to the Species
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Oooo i get a copy of the guide here too

*tacks it up*

09-25-2005 12:37 PM  

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Re: A Guide to the Species
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So if they implemented Quarren as a player species, would they also offer a new proffession called Squid Leader?



09-26-2005 03:56 PM  

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Re: A Guide to the Species
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That was bad lol

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Re: A Guide to the Species
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Very well done

-Iwici Kujo

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Re: A Guide to the Species
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This is from the "Ultimate Alien Anthology" guide book.


Bothan: Child 1-11, Young Adult 12-16, Adult 17-45, Middle Age 46-65, Old 66-84, Venerable 85-.

so according to this, 200 years is a wee bit much.


Ithorian: Child 1-13, Young Adult 14-17, Adult 18-44, Middle Age 45-69, Old 70-84, Venerable 85-.

Not that old for a specie that really looks like they are old goons.


Mon Calamari: Child 1-11, Young Adult 12-16, Adult 17-40, Middle Age 41-57, Old 58-79, Venerable 85-.

So 90, is within reach of one that lives a healthy life.


Rodian: Child 1-12, Young Adult 13-15, Adult 16-35, Middle Age 36-49, Old 50-59, Venerable 60-.

Maybe related to their lifestyle? *grins*


Sullustan: Child 1-9, Young Adult 10-14, Adult 15-39, Middle Age 40-55, Old 56-69, Venerable 70-.

Not too bad for a sullustan.


Trandoshan: Child 1-11, Young Adult 12-14, Adult 15-34, Middle Age 35-49, Old 50-59, Venerable 60-.

And to think these younglings enslave the old wookiees. No respect for the elderly I say!


Twi'Lek: Child 1-12, Young Adult 13-15, Adult 16-44, Middle Age 45-59, Old 60-79, Venerable 80-.

Hmm, far from the 200 years again...Seems there's some differences around..


Wookiee: Child 1-12, Young Adult 13-17, Adult 18-300, Middle Age 301-350, Old 351-399, Venerable 400-.

Seems they live even longer...


Zabrak: Child 1-8, Young Adult 9-14, Adult 15-44, Middle Age 45-55, Old 56-69, Venerable 70-.

Kinda like humans, but they aint humans or mutations, evolved or decendants of the early colonizers.


For show:

Chiss: Child 1-10, Young Adult 11-13, Adult 14-50, Middle Age 51-62, Old 63-79, Venerable 80-.

Real close to humans, wich due to the only difference from humans, skin color and eyes, strenghtens the belief they are decendants from colonizers before lightspeed was developed.




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Re: A Guide to the Species
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Thanks - I'll be trying to find where the data was on the other ages for Bothans and Twi'leks that had those skewed so far from what you're saying. That's in the RPG series, so maybe these are from novels. I don't know, but it wouldn't be the first time there were discrepancies heheh

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Re: A Guide to the Species
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At Celebration III, during the press release for the new post-NJO book series, the Lucasfilm continiuty department declared that in SW, Humans lived to about 130 years of age. Since Twi'leks and Zabraks age approximately the same as humans, those ages need to be changed.

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Re: A Guide to the Species
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Nice guide, lots of useful info there

As for the age thing...I'd look at the printed ranges as a guide to the average for that species. As with anything there will be exceptions, especially when in SW there are inter-species, many coming from different planets all together. It's hard to pin down any accurate information when the powers that be are constantly changing their minds. For most of these species there are no official writings behind any of them, so there will always be discrepancies.

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