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Smuggler Buffs


Spice Effects Duration
Booster Blue Action +400, Quickness +400 10m
Crash n' Burn Action -200, Quickness -200, Mind +400, Focus +200 10m
Giggledust Action +300, Quickness +300, Focus -100 10m
Grey Gabaki Focus +500 8m 20s
Gunjack Strength +500, Quickness -200, Focus -100 10m
Muon Gold Mind +500, Focus +500, Willpower +500 10m
Neutron Pixie Health +1000, Str +200, Const +200, Action +500, Quick +50, Stamina +50 13m 20s
Pyrepenol Strength +300, Quickness -100, Focus -50 10m
Scramjet Strength +300 11m 40s
Sedative H4b Health +400, Constitution +300, Mind -100, Focus -100 10m
Shadowpaw Strength -100, Action +250, Quickness +250 10m
Sweetblossom Health +100, Constitution +600, Action -100, Quickness -100, Focus -200 10m
Thruster Head Mind +600, Focus +200 6m 40s
Yarrock Mind +200, Focus +100, Willpower +100 10m
Zypolene Droid Lubricant Health +250, Strength +250, Constitution +250 10m

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