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Why your post got locked, and when to use the Report To Moderator link:   [ Edited ]
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Many people ask "Why was my thread locked/moved/deleted/edited?" Hopefully this will clear it up and prevent many of the "why did you lock my post.. posts".

If your post was locked or removed then one or more of the following applies:
  • It was a flamewar (meaning that it had devolved into a useless argument with little purpose beyond self-perpetuating).
  • It was redundant (meaning that it's a duplicate thread, or a question that's been answered a million times already).
  • It is inappropriate (meaning that it references political, sexual, illegal or otherwise not-ok subject matter).
If your post or thread magically disappears, It was removed (not usually deleted) by a moderator who found the content of the thread or the post to be so patently offensive that s/he didn't even want to leave it there for the other posters to scoff at. Personal threats, racially disparaging remarks, blatant spamming or harassing and extreme vulgarity all fall into this category. Also keep in mind that the rating system is on and sometimes if you have your filter set above 1 it will hide post that have 10 or more one star ratings.

Lastly... if you wish to say goodbye to your friends email them ingame or send them a tell. There are ALWAYS people coming and going from mmo's and we are always sorry to see you go if you find that its time to leave. However making a post about it opens up the opportunity for people in many cases start arguments over the game or the state of the game and its just unnecessary. These types of post will be removed.

If your post was moved:
It was offtopic. Sometimes this can be pretty borderline since some threads don't really fit anywhere and that can cause some confusion, but once moved, the topic stays moved. If you're not sure, throw it in the General Any Topic forum.
If your post was edited:
As a rule when a post it edited, the reason for editing will be posted as an edit note in the edited post. However, sometimes this is not the case as different mods have different ways of going about things. In the cases where there is no explanation, you can rest assured that it was due one of the following reasons:
  • To remove a text that was too large and messing up the forum tables.
  • To edit out an inappropriate/vulgar/harassive comment without deleting or locking the entire thread.
  • To remove copyrighted material or other material that is not suitable for posting under the Rules of Conduct.
  • Keep in mind that there are more than one person with moderator powers on these forums

Also please keep in mind that the moderators will generally not respond to PMs on any of the following subjects (there are exceptions where a mod will tell you to pm but these rules are pretty clear and this post should eliminate questions about it):

  • Asking about possible employment at SOE, how we got our jobs, or asking for suggestions on how to get into the gaming industry.
  • Asking why a post/thread was locked/deleted. Please refer to this thread if you have questions!
  • Asking that we comment on a particular thread - we are very busy and are not always the right person to respond to a particular thread.
  • Asking us gameplay questions
  • Asking us to help you with problems related to your account, e.g. changing your handle, password/email problems and the like. We have no access to your account - only Customer Service can help you with that.
Now - and this is important - When do you report a thread?
  • Abuse reporting is something that we rely on heavily to keep the forums clean and hospitable for posters. You are our eyes and ears and you all see far more than any one moderator ever could and you do a great job of it. All the same, please refrain from reporting threads that have already been locked or otherwise already dealt with by the moderators. These threads need no further attention. Reporting them serves no purpose but to clutter up our inbox.
  • Also, do NOT report a thread just to ask us a question. It's guaranteed to be ignored and deleted if you do.

IMPORTANT: Due to the large amount of spammers, post-count-padders and thread bumpers, the following rules are in effect:

  • Those who spam uselessly in threads will be banned if they ignore a warning from the Mods.
  • Post count padders will have their post count reset to zero and/or their history deleted.
  • Threads that are bumped will be locked regardless of the threads content. Frequent bumpers may be banned from posting on the forums. (Bumping has ALWAYS been against the community policies, there are specific forums where this is more "overlooked" [eg: the trade forums] but if it is abused it will be locked also)
  • Posts in which there is flaming, swearing, name-calling or personal attacks will be locked or removed as well. Exceptions will be made when the community self-moderates and quells the flamewar on its own.\


While we understand the desire to form casual relationships with your community, please do not post "nonsense threads".  An example of this is a post started just to state something that has nothing at all to do with the game or has no valid point.  Hijacking other threads with nonsense also counts in this category.  Nonsense posts clutter up the forum and make it more difficult for posters to find answers to their game related questions.  Deliberately posting nonsense is considered forum griefing and may result in disciplinary action even if the post it self was not vulgar or a flame.  Acting like a victim when you get attacked in retaliation for doing this and then continuing to purposely irritate other posters isn't going to fool anyone, least of all the moderators.
The Moderators of this forum can, at our discretion, take disciplinary action towards any account that we deem does not contribute to this forum in a positive manner.  Disciplinary action may include any or all of the following:
  • The removal of your ability to rate other's posts.
  • Resetting your post count to zero and your rank back to Newbie. 
  • Removing your posting privelages for a certain amount of time so that you will still be able to read the forums, but won't be able to post.  This is generally used to quell flame wars. 

Extremely bad conduct where we feel that a warning is insufficient or was ignored will result in a permanent banning of your account so that you cannot post on this forum.  This includes making physical threats, joking about the abuse of animals or people, calling SOE staff vulgar names, deliberately spreading lies and misinformation, advertising the illegal sale of items and money related to SWG, purposely advertising other games in lieu of SWG and purposely trying to spread dissent or trying to get others to quit the game, among other things that will be decided upon on a case-by-case basis by the Community Relations department.  Repeating bad behavior after being warned will also result in a permanent ban.

Note that WE DO NOT DO TEMPORARY BANS.  A ban is permanent save in some cases where the banned party makes an apology and the Mod on duty feels that the poster has a good chance of adjusting their behavior and that removal of the ban is justified.  A repeat of poor behavior after a reprieve like this will always result in a ban with no questions asked and no possibility of parole and in some cases a banning from the game.

Please keep in mind that posting here is a privelage and is not a part of your Star Wars Galaxies subscription, so play nice and respect your fellow posters (as well as your friendly neighborhood mods). 
We [the moderators] hope these clarifies some things. Please refer other posters to this thread if they have questions!


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